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+=== OpenStack on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[OpenStack] URL: link:[] +
+link:[OpenStack on FreeBSD] URL: link:[] +
+Contact: Chih-Hsin Chang <> +
+Contact: Li-Wen Hsu <>
+This project aims to port key OpenStack components so that FreeBSD can function as an OpenStack host.
+In 2023 Q1, the big news is that we're able to spawn FreeBSD instances with man:bhyve[8] on the OpenStack platform.
+But there are still some major limitations regarding the capabilities of the spawned instances that need to be resolved:
+* No self-service networks (only support the flat network)
+* No network connectivity inside the instance
+* Only support FreeBSD raw images (`FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64.raw` tested)
+* No disk resize
+* No console integration (need to use man:cu[1] command manually)
+The step-by-step documents for constructing a POC site can be found link:[in the `docs` repository].
+The patched version of each OpenStack component is under the same GitHub organization.
+Also, we attended AsiaBSDCon 2023 at the end of March and gave a short talk about the current project status at the developer summit.
+We got precious feedback at the event and will focus on the following for the next quarter:
+* Resolve the Open vSwitch networking issue
+* Convert each OpenStack component into FreeBSD ports
+People interested in helping with the project can first help check the documentation by following the installation guide.
+And here is an open task for the project:
+* FreeBSD-specific implementation for the oslo.privsep library
+Feedback and helps are always welcome.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation