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 == FreeBSD as a Guest on Parallels Desktop for macOS(R)
-Parallels Desktop for Mac(R) is a commercial software product available for Intel(R) based Apple(R) Mac(R) computers running macOS(R) 10.4.6 or higher.
+Parallels Desktop for Mac(R) is a commercial software product available for Intel(R) based Apple(R) Mac(R) computers running macOS(R) 10.14.6 or higher.
 FreeBSD is a fully supported guest operating system.
 Once Parallels has been installed on macOS(R), the user must configure a virtual machine and then install the desired guest operating system.
@@ -82,54 +82,41 @@ Once Parallels has been installed on macOS(R), the user must configure a virtual
 === Installing FreeBSD on Parallels Desktop on Mac(R)
 The first step in installing FreeBSD on Parallels is to create a new virtual machine for installing FreeBSD.
-Select [.guimenuitem]#FreeBSD# as the menu:Guest OS Type[] when prompted:
-image::parallels-freebsd1.png[Parallels setup wizard showing FreeBSD as chosen OS]
+Choose menu:Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file[] and proceed.
-Choose a reasonable amount of disk and memory depending on the plans for this virtual FreeBSD instance.
-4GB of disk space and 512MB of RAM work well for most uses of FreeBSD under Parallels:
+image::parallels-freebsd1.png[Parallels setup wizard showing Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file chosen]
-image::parallels-freebsd2.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the amount of RAM allocated]
+Select the FreeBSD image file.
-image::parallels-freebsd3.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the disk menu]
+image::parallels-freebsd2.png[Parallels setup wizard showing FreeBSD image file selected]
-image::parallels-freebsd4.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the menu for setting the disk size and type]
+Choose menu:Other as operating system[].
-image::parallels-freebsd5.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the menu for setting the disk location]
-Select the type of networking and a network interface:
-image::parallels-freebsd6.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the network menu]
-image::parallels-freebsd7.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the menu with the network type options]
-Save and finish the configuration:
-image::parallels-freebsd8.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the menu to configure the name of the machine and the directory where to save the configuration]
+Choosing FreeBSD will cause boot error on startup.
-image::parallels-freebsd9.png[Parallels setup wizard indicating that the configuration is complete and asking the user if he wants to start guest OS installation]
+image::parallels-freebsd3.png[Parallels setup wizard showing Other selected as operating system]
-After the FreeBSD virtual machine has been created, FreeBSD can be installed on it.
-This is best done with an official FreeBSD CD/DVD or with an ISO image downloaded from an official FTP site.
-Copy the appropriate ISO image to the local Mac(R) filesystem or insert a CD/DVD in the Mac(R)'s CD-ROM drive.
-Click on the disc icon in the bottom right corner of the FreeBSD Parallels window.
-This will bring up a window that can be used to associate the CD-ROM drive in the virtual machine with the ISO file on disk or with the real CD-ROM drive.
+Name the virtual machine and check menu:Customize settings before installation[]
-image::parallels-freebsd11.png[Parallels showing a summary of the newly created machine with information and actions to execute on the machine]
+image::parallels-freebsd4.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the checkbox checked for customizing settings before installation]
-Once this association with the CD-ROM source has been made, reboot the FreeBSD virtual machine by clicking the reboot icon.
-Parallels will reboot with a special BIOS that first checks if there is a CD-ROM.
+When the configuration window pops up, go to menu:Hardware[] tab, choose menu:Boot order[], and click menu:Advanced[].
+Then, choose *EFI 64-bit* as menu:BIOS[].
-image::parallels-freebsd10.png[Parallels showing the BIOS running]
+image::parallels-freebsd5.png[Parallels setup wizard showing EFI 64-bit chosen as BIOS]
-In this case it will find the FreeBSD installation media and begin a normal FreeBSD installation.
-Perform the installation, but do not attempt to configure Xorg at this time.
+Click menu:OK[], close the configuration window, and click menu:Continue[].
-image::parallels-freebsd12.png[Parallels showing a snippet of the FreeBSD installation process]
+image::parallels-freebsd6.png[Parallels setup wizard showing the summary of the new virtual machine]
-When the installation is finished, reboot into the newly installed FreeBSD virtual machine.
+The virtual machine will automatically boot.
+Install FreeBSD following the general steps.
-image::parallels-freebsd13.png[Parallels showing the boot of FreeBSD]
+image::parallels-freebsd7.png[FreeBSD booted on Parallels]
 === Configuring FreeBSD on Parallels
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