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    Handbook - Virtualization: Remove width from vmware images
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@@ -172,48 +172,48 @@ Once VMware Fusion has been installed on macOS(R), the user can configure a virt
 The first step is to start VMware Fusion which will load the Virtual Machine Library.
 Click [.guimenuitem]#+->New# to create the virtual machine:
 This will load the New Virtual Machine Assistant.
 Choose [.guimenuitem]#Create a custom virtual machine# and click [.guimenuitem]#Continue# to proceed:
 Select [.guimenuitem]#Other# as the [.guimenuitem]#Operating System# and either [.guimenuitem]#FreeBSD X# or [.guimenuitem]#FreeBSD X 64-bit#, as the menu:Version[] when prompted:
 Choose the firmware(UEFI is recommended):
 Choose [.guimenuitem]#Create a new virtual disk# and click [.guimenuitem]#Continue#:
 Check the configuration and click [.guimenuitem]#Finish#:
 Choose the name of the virtual machine and the directory where it should be saved:
 Press command+E to open virtual machine settings and click [.guimenuitem]#CD/DVD#:
 Choose FreeBSD ISO image or from a CD/DVD:
 Start the virtual machine:
 Install FreeBSD as usual:
 Once the install is complete, the settings of the virtual machine can be modified, such as memory usage and the number of CPUs the virtual machine will have access to:
@@ -222,18 +222,18 @@ Once the install is complete, the settings of the virtual machine can be modifie
 The System Hardware settings of the virtual machine cannot be modified while the virtual machine is running.
 The status of the CD-ROM device.
 Normally the CD/DVD/ISO is disconnected from the virtual machine when it is no longer needed.
 The last thing to change is how the virtual machine will connect to the network.
 To allow connections to the virtual machine from other machines besides the host, choose [.guimenuitem]#Connect directly to the physical network (Bridged)#.
 Otherwise, [.guimenuitem]#Share the host's internet connection (NAT)# is preferred so that the virtual machine can have access to the Internet, but the network cannot access the virtual machine.
 After modifying the settings, boot the newly installed FreeBSD virtual machine.