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+=== Cluster Administration Team
+Links: +
+link:[Cluster Administration Team members] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Cluster Administration Team <>
+FreeBSD Cluster Administration Team members are responsible for managing the machines the Project relies on to synchronise its distributed work and communications.
+In this quarter, the team has worked on the following:
+* Regular support for user accounts
+* Regular disk and parts support (and replacement) for all physical hosts and mirrors
+* Improve the PowerPC package builders +
+With new parts obtained through the FreeBSD Foundation, the builders now have new NVMEs with heatsinks and more memory.
+It helped seize the heat issue, and they are building packages faster now.
+* Decouple dynamic resources from the main websites +
+Work in coordination with doceng and webmaster to decouple dynamic resources from the websites,, and
+Work in progress:
+* Large-scale network upgrade at our primary site +
+New link:[Juniper] switches arrived at our primary site to replace the former ones.
+We thank link:[Juniper] for the donation.
+* Replace old servers in our primary site and a few mirrors +
+Besides the broken CI servers, we have a few old servers with broken disks and faulty PSUs.
+This task is in conjunction with the FreeBSD Foundation and donors/sponsors.
+* Deploy infrastructure to mirror the websites +
+Since the FreeBSD website is now mostly static, we have begun deploying infrastructure to mirror and around the world in FreeBSD project-managed mirrors.
+* Create a new search database engine for internal searching needs like mailing list and docs
+FreeBSD Official Mirrors Overview:
+Current locations are Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan (two full mirror sites), Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom (full mirror site), United States of America (California, New Jersey [the primary site], and Washington).
+The hardware and network connection have been generously provided by:
+*[Bytemark Hosting]
+*[Cloud and SDN Laboratory at BroadBand Tower, Inc]
+*[Department of Computer Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University]
+*[Internet Association of Australia]
+*[Internet Systems Consortium]
+*[KDDI Web Communications Inc]
+*[Malaysian Research & Education Network]
+*[New York Internet]
+The Frankfurt single server mirror is the primary Europe mirror in bandwidth and usage.
+We are still looking for an additional full mirror site (five servers) in Europe to replace old servers in the United Kingdom full mirror site.
+We see a good pattern in having single mirrors in Internet Exchange Points worldwide (Australia, Brazil, and South Africa); if you know or work for some of them that could sponsor a single mirror server, please get in touch.
+United States (West Coast) and Europe (anywhere) are preferable places.
+See link:[generic mirrored layout] for full mirror site specs and link:[tiny-mirror] for a single mirror site.