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    Status/2023Q1/frdp.adoc: Add report
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+=== The FreeBSD Russian Documentation Project
+Links: +
+link:[FAQ] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Web] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Andrey Zakhvatov <>
+The FreeBSD Russian Documentation Project current goal is to provide up-to-date Russian translations of the most significant parts of FreeBSD documentation (FAQ, Handbook, Web).
+It is important to support Russian-speaking persons with high-quality official technical materials and increase acceptance of the operating system around the globe.
+We hope that this activity will receive some support within the Russian-speaking FreeBSD community and lead to an increased number of translated materials.
+FAQ translation was updated and synched with the latest original version.
+There is also a very slight progress with web pages updates.
+Check the link:[official translation guide] in case you are willing to help.
+We will appreciate your help with translation of the following materials:
+* Web pages (easy)
+* Handbook sections (only the X11 section is in progress right now)
+* Articles