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+=== Status Team
+Links: +
+link:[FreeBSD status reports] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD Status Report Process] URL:[] +
+link:[Archived status reports GitHub repository] URL: link:[]
+Contact: <>
+==== The new workflow has started
+In the first quarter of this year, the link:[status team] has started implementing the new workflow that was announced at the end of 2022.
+Here are some details.
+==== New email addresses
+Last quarter we have announced the creation of new email addresses:
+- <>, for interacting with the _status_ team directly;
+- <, for sending reports submissions;
+- <>, a mailing list to which you can link:[subscribe] to get reminders about status report submission deadlines.
+Unfortunately, the mailing list does not work as expected at the moment.
+link:[The issue has been reported] but no solution could be found yet.
+However, a work around allowed to send the second and the last reminder to the link:[list].
+==== Automation
+Some automation has been introduced to ensure that no report submission is lost:
+- on Phabricator a link:[herald rule] automatically blocks any review touching the status reports directory: even if a report submitter forgets to add the _status_ team as reviewer, salvadore@ (member of the _status_ team) will block the patch anyway.
+The same rule will also block any review that includes the _status_ team as reviewer, to ensure that at least one member of _status_ has reviewed the patch before commit.
+- a link:[GitHub action] automatically adds the newly introduced link:[status report] label to any pull request touching the status reports directory.
+The GitHub action should be easily modifiable by anyone wanting to apply more labels automatically depending on the path of the modified files.
+More automation is planned.
+==== Documentation reorganization
+The status report link:[README] and link:[How To] have been updated and merged in one unique document: the link:[FreeBSD status report process].
+You can check it out to read details about reports submission and publication.
+It will be updated regularly as the status team proceeds with the implementation of its new workflow.
+In particular, new material about automation is coming soon.