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From: Fernando Apesteguía <>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 18:01:29 UTC
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    12.4 Release notes: Add some general network changes
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@@ -272,6 +272,11 @@ This section describes changes that affect networking in FreeBSD.
 === General Network
+The man:dummynet[4] system facility had an out-of-bounds bug fixed as well as a bug regarding he validation of the length of socket options.
+The man:ipfilter[4] packet filter added the `SDT` and `DT5` man:dtrace[1] probes. It has grown the capacity of dumping a copy of ippool in ippool.conf format. From now on, man:ipfilter[4] only allow jails to manipulate ipfilter rules, NAT tables and ippools if the jail has its own VNET to improve security. A number of other improvements have been implemented.
+The man:netmap[4] framework had a fix for a TOCTOU vulnerability as well as a bug regarding an integer overflow.
 == General Notes Regarding Future FreeBSD Releases