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    12.4 Release notes: add device drivers changes
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 == Devices and Drivers
 === Device Drivers
+The man:aesni[4] driver for the AES and SHA accelerator on x86 CPUs had a bug fixed about a potential out-of-bounds.
+The man:aw_spi[4] driver for the SPI controller in Allwinner SoC has improved I/O stability regarding TX FIFO underruns and RX FIFO overflows.
+The man:carp[4] protocol now gracefully deals with negative values of `net.inet.carp.demotion`.
+The man:ena[4] kernel driver as been updated to 2.6.1.
+The man:if_epair[4] driver now  allows multiple cores to be used to process traffic to improve performance.
+The man:if_gif[4] tunnel interfaze had a panic on shutdown fixed.
+The man:if_pflog[4] device had a bug fixed regarding packet length.
+The man:if_vlan[4] network interface had a bug fixed that avoids hash table thrashing when adding and removing entries.
+The man:igc[4] Ethernet controller had a bug that prevented to correctly update RCTL when changing filters.
+The man:ixl[4] driver had some fixes for VLAN HW filtering and fixed some panics.
+The man:mpr[4] and man:mps[4] drivers had some panic fixed and a more robust device mapping has been implemented.
+The man:ocs_fc[4] device driver had a user-after-free bug fixed along with some memory leaks.
+The man:random[4] device had some improvements that now make entroypy sources deregistration-safe. On x86 prefer RDSEED over RDRAND when available as per Intel documentation.
+The man:rk_i2c[4] driver had a number of improvements including the increasing of the number of bytes that can be sent to 32.
+The man:snd_uaudio[4] USB audio and MIDI driver has some string computations for iFeature fixed.
+The man:vt[4] virtual terminal console driver had a bug fixed about colour in pixel blocks with more than 4 colours and another bug fixed regarding double-click word selection for first/last word on line.
 == Storage