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@@ -1075,6 +1075,30 @@ Specify `c7` to depend on CentOS 7 packages. The available packages are:
 * `ucl`
 * `xorglibs`
+== `llvm`
+Possible arguments: (none), `_XY_`, min=`_XY_`, max=`_XY_`, build, run, lib
+Adds a dependency on LLVM.
+By default this is a build dependency unless overridden by the `run` or `lib`
+The default version is the one set in `LLVM_DEFAULT`. A specific version can be
+specified as well. The minimum and maximum versions can be specified with the
+`min` and `max` parameters respectively.
+The ports framework export the following variables to the port:
+Version chosen from the arguments to
+Chosen llvm port
+llvm-config of the chosen port
+`LLVM_LIBLLVM`:: of the chosen port
+Installation prefix of the chosen port
 == `localbase`