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    13.1 relnotes: Add sections derived from 13.1 RELNOTES file.
    Incorporate portions of the 13.1 RELNOTES file not in 13.0, rephrase
    without the imperative "Add ..." first lines, and add markdown.
    NFS section reviewed by Rick Macklem; One True Awk reviewed by Warner
    Reviewed by:    gjb,
    Differential Revision:
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@@ -97,11 +97,26 @@ Add a new `zfskeys` man:rc[8] service script, which allows for automatic decrypt
 See the man:rc.conf[5] manual page for more information.
 gitref:33ff39796ffe[repository=src], gitref:8719e8a951b7[repository=src] (Sponsored by Modirum and Klara Inc.)
+The NVMe emulation in man:bhyve[8] has been upgraded to version 1.4 of the NVMe specification. gitref:b7a2cf0d9102[repository=src] - gitref:eae02d959363[repository=src]
 === Contributed Software
 Enable building LLDB on all powerpc architectures. gitref:cb1bee9bd34[repository=src]
+One True Awk has been updated to the latest from upstream
+(20210215). All the FreeBSD patches but one have now been
+either upstreamed or discarded.  Notable changes include:
+* Locale is no longer used for ranges
+* Various bugs fixed
+* Better compatibility with `gawk` and `mawk`
+The one remaining FreeBSD change, likely to be removed in FreeBSD 14, is that
+we still allow hex numbers, prefixed with `0x`, to be parsed and
+interpreted as hex numbers, while all other awks (now including One
+True Awk) interpret them as `0`, in line with awk's historic behavior.
 === Runtime Libraries and API
@@ -145,6 +160,11 @@ Add big-endian support to man:mpr[4]. gitref:7d45bf699dc[repository=src], gitref
 Reduce max I/O size to avoid DMA issues in man:aacraid[4]. gitref:572e3575dba[repository=src]
+=== Supported Platforms
+Support has been added for the HiFive Unmatched RISC-V board.
 == Storage
@@ -153,6 +173,47 @@ This section covers changes and additions to file systems and other storage subs
 === General Storage
+=== NFS Changes
+Two new daemons, man:rpc.tlsclntd[8] and man:rpc.tlsservd[8], are now
+built by default on amd64 and arm64.
+They provide support for NFS-over-TLS as described in the Internet Draft
+entitled "Towards Remote Procedure Call Encryption By Default".
+These daemons are built when WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS is specified.
+They use KTLS to encrypt/decrypt all NFS RPC message traffic, and provide
+optional verification of machine identity via X.509 certificates.
+gitref:2c76eebca71b[repository=src] gitref:59f6f5e23c1a[repository=src]
+The default minor version used for an NFSv4 mount has been changed
+to the highest minor version supported by the NFSv4 server.
+This default can be overridden by using the `minorversion`
+mount option.
+A new NFSv4.1/4.2 mount option `nconnect` has been added that can
+be used to specify the number of TCP connections that
+will be used for the mount, up to a maximum of 16.
+The first (default) TCP connection will be used for
+all RPCs that consist of small RPC messages.
+The RPCs that can consist of large RPC messages
+(Read/Readdir/ReaddirPlus/Write) will be sent on the
+additional TCP connections in a round-robin fashion.
+If either the NFS client or NFS server have multiple
+network interfaces aggregated together, or a network
+interface that uses multiple queues, this can increase
+NFS performance for the mount.
+A sysctl called `vfs.nfsd.srvmaxio` has been added that can be used to
+increase the NFS server's maximum I/O size from 128Kbytes
+to any power of 2 up to 1Mbyte.  It can only be set when
+the nfsd threads are not running, and will normally require
+an increase in `kern.ipc.maxsockbuf` to at least the value
+recommended by the console log message generated when
+setting `vfs.nfsd.srvmaxio` is first attempted.
 == Boot Loader Changes
@@ -174,6 +235,9 @@ This section describes changes that affect networking in FreeBSD.
 The handling of the lowest address on an IPv4 (sub)net (host 0) has been changed so that packets are not sent as a broadcast unless this address has been set as the broadcast address. This makes the lowest address usable for a host. The old behavior can be restored with the `net.inet.ip.broadcast_lowest` sysctl. See[] for background information. gitref:3ee882bf21af[repository=src]
+WiFi 6 support has been added. gitref:0a6760a1de32[repository=src] gitref:3f3676a71266[repository=src] gitref:580c04df4db6[repository=src]
 == General Notes Regarding Future FreeBSD Releases