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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:25:33 UTC
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    [website][books]: Remove Fultus reference
    We reference several FreeBSD books in
    However does not seem to contain FreeBSD related material anymore.
    PR:     259023
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@@ -53,16 +53,6 @@ Japanese version: 2001, Pearson Education Japan. ISBN 4-89471-464-7
 |[image:../gifs/fbsd-ososfypc.jpg[book cover,width=150,height=188]] |"FreeBSD, An Open-Source Operating System for Your Personal Computer", Annelise Anderson. +
 An introduction to FreeBSD for users new to both FreeBSD and UNIX. This book includes a 4.4 installation CD-ROM and covers everything you need to know about installation of the system and third-party software; getting sound, X Window, your network, and printing working; building your own kernel; and upgrading. Second Edition. December 2001, The Bit Tree Press. ISBN 0-9712045-1-9
 |[image:../gifs/abs_bsd_cov.gif[Absolute BSD book cover,width=165,height=207]] |Absolute BSD. This book discusses management of FreeBSD-based servers in high-performance enterprise environments. June 2002,[No Starch Press.] ISBN 1-886411-74-3
-|[image:../gifs/fultus-cover.gif[FreeBSD Open Documentation Library,width=150,height=211]] a|
-[Fultus] presents *FreeBSD Open Documentation Library*. This is the *full up-to-date* FreeBSD documentation collection available[online] in the Technical Literature section of the Fultus[eLibrary] and Fultus Online Book[Superstore] in the following formats:
-* Online Web Help (searchable through all documents) (Mozilla, Netscape Navigator & IE compatible);
-* Searchable Adobe PDF format with Bookmark link page (for desktop and PDA);
-* Compiled HTML format (chm) (for Windows).
-Interested? +
-Read about FreeBSD eBooks and download examples on the[FreeBSD Documentation] page of the[Fultus] web site.
 |link:../gifs/building_internet_servers.jpg[image:../gifs/building_internet_servers_small.jpg[book cover,width=150,height=226]] |"Building an Internet Server with FreeBSD 6" is a step-by-step guide for helping new and experienced users to FreeBSD install and configure the latest Internet server applications in a minimum of time. The guide includes descriptions of many of the Internet's most popular and widely deployed open source projects, detailed instructions on implementing each, and maintenance tasks important to an Internet server. May 2006, Lulu Press, ISBN 1411695747, 228 pages.
 |link:../gifs/kapak.jpg[image:../gifs/kapak_sml.jpg[book cover,width=140,height=212]] |Written by the professionals of EnderUNIX and Huseyin Yuce this book is the first Turkish FreeBSD book. The book is published by[acikkod] publications. Book is available for sale on[this] page. Details of the book: +