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    articles/problem-reports: Improve Mailing Lists phrase and fix its link
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@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ When a problem report has not received attention after several weeks, it is wort
 There are a few ways to do so, ideally in the following order, with a few days between attempting each communication channel:
-* Find the relevant FreeBSD mailing list for the problem report from the extref:{handbook}[list in the Handbook, eresources-mail] and send a message to that list asking about assistance or comments on the problem report.
+* Send an e-mail to extref:{handbook}eresources/[the relevant list, eresources-summary] seeking comments on the report.
 * Join the relevant IRC channels. A partial listing is here:[]. Inform the people in that channel about the problem report and ask for assistance. Be patient and stay in the channel after posting, so that the people from different time zones around the world have a chance to catch up.
 * Find committers interested in the problem that was reported. If the problem was in a particular tool, binary, port, document, or source file, check the[Git Repository]. Locate the last few committers who made substantive changes to the file, and try to reach them via IRC or email. A list of committers and their emails can be found in the extref:{contributors}[Contributors to FreeBSD] article.