FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #579 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2024 21:30:59 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #579 (5dd6fb108dd9f5abbacbdc73197ef8468b93b958) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

3c414a8c2fb37ca37de454aaa145e7bcaefcaa05 by rmacklem:
nfsd: Fix Link conformance with RFC8881 for delegations

426e07d791641e80e90af89d52008635a35e4794 by dim:
Merge commit 5300a6731e98 from llvm-project (by Jonathan Peyton):

91df7d335dd44fa3cf506b35987d791502613ed4 by dim:
Merge commit 73bb8d9d92f6 from llvm-project (by Jonathan Peyton):

24268f262b41cd82ed492b4b0776214e549a56e7 by markj:
sysctl: Make sysctl_ctx_free() a bit safer

d8ccaa995f4539081f79e9b31ff0ac75173e1004 by markj:
bhyve: Do not define GDB_LOG

147ea7d4092f4b08411724bd501283a281ffa34e by tijl:
linuxkpi: Fix set_memory_*

2d97bd0639cd0af43b7beb6f45ef15bcf110db57 by tijl:
linuxkpi: Make arch_io_*_memtype_wc amd64-only

9da71e6353a24aed8bffb04e45931215806b16fd by jfree:
ktrace: Record detailed ECAPMODE violations

85a4df5f2a6bae3e2ecdf311150f17f6063600d2 by jfree:
ktrace: Record cpuset violations with KTR_CAPFAIL

fa92eaede40bce557c44e4f1b599cd6e443607b5 by jfree:
ktrace: Record syscall violations with KTR_CAPFAIL

109b7712c3cbf2746b75f334abc75c39c32bc0b0 by jfree:
ktrace: Record signal violations with KTR_CAPFAIL

6d2a673f7ec5d337c5af253f54a614ac6176f89f by jfree:
ktrace: Record namei violations with KTR_CAPFAIL

c3ee50b705b8809a38516de5de3fd564f5ee32e0 by jfree:
ktrace: Record socket violations with KTR_CAPFAIL

44952722a00b92ae42752428f0d6a673b1af8f82 by jfree:
tests: Add ktrace capability violation test cases

39664f1b7b56332a6a68ac072aaca68f4fd4697b by jfree:
capsicum.h: Include ktrace.h only in kernel

d0ca50b414beebe5e61154541c9a2fb085df37f0 by jfree:
uipc_shm: Copyin userpath for ktrace(2)

dee055d1b1e602da77016fd14cb003896586f864 by jfree:
uipc_shm: Fix a free() of an uninitialized variable

a94eacb139772114a68030ca8987d6bd8e67a4ab by jfree:
tests: Add ktrace regression test for shm_open

5757a523dc349ba85ad909a2f340f34845405fb9 by jfree:
ktrace: Describe CAPFAIL trace point in man page

ba501a551776bd101cd38ac2892bc900cf29da0a by jfree:
ktrace: Remove CAPFAIL from default trace points

eabd8043e0a316153f0f91371f1c8049e4a25b77 by jfree:
bitset: Add ORNOT macros

9a8a26aefb366ef6f497d48547a1562a1de566c1 by kp:
if: guard against if_ioctl being NULL

ddabe1d3c51556c84f830b0203204c55b495e57b by kib:
mlx5en: add diagnostic in one more case of failed eeprom read

f2109683ce37927d02965fc97e5757761caf89ed by emaste:
dlopen(3): mention fdlopen for capsicum(4)

14c2c7913c908e4c446cb809e1d7a620cedc16b6 by kp:
libpfctl: fix incorrect pcounters array size

8f0bd08e9869ac1e6ad1f0f9c3964a76457cbce1 by karels:
lld: work around elftoolchain bug which causes bloated RISCV binaries

166432191c5a46f60155a6cb14ce4c918c82be4d by cperciva:
release: Use qemu when cross-building vm images

c5342be39c1ab37ca41e74aabdd7f507a6c6e036 by cperciva:
release: Rework vm_extra_pre_umount

e306ad1c194d464708b4b12277d577d931e6eae9 by cperciva:
release: make dependencies, not recursive make

c58d78f4fa9919d63a2d7dfd29772152727bfa43 by cperciva:
New sysctl to disable NOMATCH until devmatch runs

cd7dc8deefbce5dc3b5aaab611bbee7af6eccf62 by des:
Add man page for nfslockd.

afd1256257f524f764627eaabb4d887ddecc6557 by des:
cat: Check for lack of success rather than a specific failure.

626ee3cac8458b355d4330c2099240d3ca881589 by des:
tftpd: Add missing `-S` option to synopsis.

e9a7be7def4c55fb5476c5d9540137f0ae6f9206 by emaste:
ip17x: fix non-debug build

7309d72e140b8d13698c0e88168228f8877aaaad by emaste:
ukswitch: fix non-debug build

f4b6272a26da7b1cf577d13c74c9f146412bad56 by emaste:
.github: Update the path used for the homebrew LLVM install on macOS

e9927f4e6129271843985d994aab9edf7299aaa0 by zec:
fib_dxr: log malloc() failures.

64136682ba1681e56093f77b4cec8bdfa6375a72 by zec:
fib_dxr: free() does nothing if arg is NULL, so remove a redundant

df376a714af6b9aaec5a0366e27ef42985b4220b by zec:
fib_dxr: update comment.

e474704b9c49dda12e2afff2ae05f972207e21d7 by zec:
fib_dxr: move the bulko of malloc() failure logging into dxr_build()

52075e4cfabc30d08605ec296b2b374d61e2e2bb by zec:
fib_dxr: KASSERTs for chasing NULL ptr and runaway refcount suspects

1261fc325c3cb96eeaddf3ed5a6b1c7c6a08d064 by zec:
fib_dxr: s/KASSERT/MPASS/

0418d7a0903725ade71ae77c4ff900010a93a185 by zec:
fib_dxr: set fib_data field in struct dxr_aux early enough

6adfee18effba91ff56341549a4e28473738316a by kib:
sys/namei.h: move NI_CAP_VIOLATION() macro from namei.h to vfs_lookup.c

00cf2f3092e462b8840b8cb9c3d86c471da065e5 by kib:
vfs_lookup.c: only call ktrcapfail() if KTRACE is enabled

3e627553bbd791a4f73eaeea2c2d795fd4e0ee70 by karels:
Revert "intrng: switch from MAXCPU to mp_ncpus"

0d230c89f5b39b06730bb43aa6e0cd0482dbd64a by des:
expand: Fix markup for the `-t` option.

db5aefb1cae14e31263ddb146f5952ca64bf6865 by des:
adduser: Additional variable fixes.

18119e711f1c844bd6eacf5afc8d4cdec3ac8085 by emaste:
Increase IOAPIC_MAX_ID to 255 (from 254)

3e5219458fed7c559ba157cca65a99e41e14aadc by gbe:
ipfw: Fix a typo in a source code comment

7465f9fc06467e57d3bbf2430031fe51d8182c30 by mckusick:
Enable soft updates by default for UFS2 filesystems.

e73147fc7ca6632c7b2499c52f134c93fe664cc6 by kp:
pf: always mark states as unlinked before detaching them

1652c9e29f5b12688c49f02b6ecef550e5650bfe by zlei:
boottrace: Use NULL for SYSINIT's last arg, which is a pointer type

8771127d75a1295dd32abd0022ff3750bc564706 by christos:
sound: Be more verbose with virtual channel descriptions

69707d9f509175e4b79ef046798226f79c3787f4 by christos:
sound: Call device_get_name() and device_get_unit() only once in

d27972ec911d09379bfbd400a7e7e7ebd4a595ec by christos:
sound: Get rid of snddev_info->devcount

decc224ab8993797473a5d37d60588a021965d2f by christos:
sound: Remove PCMMINOR()

98157281725b3eed5612753d8150b3edfd01c1b5 by christos:
sound: Simplify unit fetching in dsp_oss_audioinfo()

41dee63555560f06175dfd80ef25c8ef7cc5199c by christos:
sound: Remove obsolete DV_F_* flags

ad677fb457bbd8556c3efe1f7f682e61e2d54431 by christos:
sound: Retire unit.*

532b1efd2d2e659a488bf147ca817ceabb5d8997 by christos:
sound: Merge pcm_chn_destroy() and chn_kill()

930b5a3c07f23c8eafbd9ad73d45cc216841e7d3 by christos:
sound: Move pcm_chnref() and pcm_chnrelease() to pcm/channel.c

0baaaf8543d5d88bbfe1a537e6fb7d0773fa9261 by christos:
sound: Remove chn_timeout check from chn_init()

13ee4d7f332ee1948f2886aeec70e97a4cf5457e by christos:
sound: Merge pcm_chn_create() and chn_init()

e6e7bf7087fb50a404f684092bd522ece2533d34 by christos:
sound: Add __assert_unreachable() to default cases in pcm_chn_add() and

2c53a4bbcb17bbe3beddb2b56cd18d1fd3045df0 by christos:
sound: Convert pcm_chn_add() to void

d1eaefde3bca383abd419fd30796bffde242d385 by christos:
sound: Remove hw.snd.version and SND_DRV_VERSION

e14f7d11cb2f30324b8af06ffdbd7af03c27f473 by christos:
sound: Move chip.h contents to pcm/sound.h

6f6cc9324131a1db629336d93d0ccf6e68609b48 by christos:
sound: Remove unused dsp_cdevs[] fields and devices

00b0cbf98bb79298446f469d81b4d2eefe06be46 by christos:
sound: Use nitems() where possible

ab7c01f9e82cbf63d3b51d392ebfa1112bea14ef by christos:
sound: Move vchan-related code to pcm/vchan.*

99e372420df4a8f1905b43c0f905de4a56795037 by christos:
sound: Rename pcm_getparentchannel() to vchan_getparentchannel()

17a50abe0e195671bd5079537fcc22c0231572f0 by christos:
sound: Remove unused "num" argument from chn_init() and related callers

00f9d84ee2077b53325ed52bdaa11f21eab7abf9 by christos:
sound: Update pcm/vchan.c LICENSE header

71b9b8d34bb7c50179035be0297725210862e43c by christos:
arm: Remove stray references to dev/sound/chip.h

8b4e2ba31d1b171f688cb630f1827ec397ecaacb by christos:
sound: Remove nmix variable from mixer_oss_mixerinfo()

2b3698288771f6d236212f80b1a259aa86e09fa8 by christos:
sound: Fix oss_sysinfo->numcards

8bd14f511efa8c2d40c538cff915bb3a822d724f by christos:
sound: Add missing oss_mixerinfo devnode and legacy_device fields

15aa8688d036a3ad769cd818ea5c93455c76fafa by christos:
sound: Rename oss_audioinfo->real_device to oss_audioinfo->legacy_device

9a620018afb2da062fce11e866a2154765886983 by christos:
snd_hda: Add patch for Lenovo Ideapad 3

7814ed2bd321dff2bbec8408c5b64cb7f4f2dfc5 by christos:
snd_hda: Rename LENOVO_I* to LENOVO_IDEAPAD*

a19d42b08a40cda6af119f14236e166e178bd2cd by christos:
sound: Remove ncards variable from sound_oss_card_info()

4018bcdea8e1934eedba4b800e6feb2099b1091d by kib:
cdev_pager_allocate(): ensure that the cdev_pager_ops ctr is called only

9ccd5394123bf429b09b4404fa6cb8543b617331 by kib:
devfs_allocv(): style

936aa8ec7cb57a32387e1f6e636d055d3397edcf by kib:
vfs_domount_update(): style, use space instead of tab

2ecfb14781cb28e359623ffe6e2421b1abe03231 by kib:
tmpfs: recalculate OBJ_TMPFS_VREF on reinstantiating node' vnode

f0d6377a3eab6d07f73d5b34922c2b3d9019554c by kib:
swap-like pagers: assert that writemapping decrease does not pass zero

ab135e19f70a517c41de30e89f18441c0134af22 by kib:
tmpfs_destroy_vobject(): clear v_object under the object lock

18c38eda39bb8162ddce9acc4de4d6e4bbf48ef0 by kp:
if_ovpn: cope with loops

14efb9bb710486a6fba349ec1b4b1b94a9a5a089 by dim:
Merge commit 87f3407856e6 from llvm-project (by Phoebe Wang):

dd1a16c9e2c1c95d9ac7ad0b082248e60ede0e99 by des:
ifconfig: Add format shortcuts.

745ee870031e3b35141fe720bdebe9baa234e942 by des:
atf: Guard against multiple evaluation.

7daf36028411c3a9c73e0c75732f9cbcbf66362e by des:
ldns: Ignore commented-out lines in resolv.conf.

2c5c85cbcfac0037aaafff130d9c4bdb5d341fe8 by bapt:
nuageinit: by default to not enable nuageinit

5b609bbf91a308bb7a17c2b2527e0a012d49de19 by bapt:
pci_vendors: update to 2024.05.14

b454ede7524dae95d13ed570db886ca81060a9f5 by bapt:
usb_vendors: update to 2024.03.18

d27c35123b92a656170ebfc44383162812d79cd3 by markj:
clang-format: Minor tweaks

160e7a4c16ebbec4211a941a706778daf8ea62bd by markj:
wg: Add netmap support

c39084799647c0c085c6e3433a232c668d9447a9 by markj:
wg tests: Add a simple regression test case for netmap support

5dd6fb108dd9f5abbacbdc73197ef8468b93b958 by dim:
stand: Spell LUA_COMPILE_SET correctly.

The failed test cases:

6 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.netinet.forward.fwd_ip_icmp_iface_fast_success

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.netinet6.frag6.frag6_14.frag6_14

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.netpfil.common.forward.ipfw_v4

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
Test program did not exit cleanly