FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #569 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Sat, 04 May 2024 02:17:03 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #569 (3a8e15354ec58abeec2ee2fe96cbabb46083d183) - Still Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

58211157bf866bbcdd8720e92c27297db3ba75d6 by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.8 compat: use splice_copy_file_range() for fallback

220bb7341eb4b41f017cec8f492e0daf18660d4e by behlendorf1:
linux 5.4 compat: page_size()

52a2af6fd16470dd4ba8f7a1def459b43081ae5b by behlendorf1:
abd: add page iterator

4820185031d674cba29e95792f4b0f2c4fa576ff by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: rename existing functions to vdev_classic_*

13b5348848b17aedc3c47017394ce3d7148be4b7 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: reorganise vdev_disk_io_start

03ff875e09c6578941607581e9f08658e191bbd9 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: make read/write IO function configurable

51c2bd0def6462b489f5d4e8ac1b9d6ab854f47b by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: rewrite BIO filling machinery to avoid split pages

af3a5bb40d89d6339ead886fbef96b24171962bd by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: add module parameter to select BIO submission method

cb599d27edf8788c53507c0a6588438fa0f120b8 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: use bio_chain() to submit multiple BIOs

d0b3be763f63bcc4ca05542eb9c2c635d93af03c by behlendorf1:
abd_iter_page: don't use compound heads on Linux <4.5

eebf00bee91de2c7b7d03a9c1e5e2f3e5fd66c9e by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: default to classic submission for 2.2.x

deb7a84231aff8d772bb4ce9fa486d1886f1a2b6 by behlendorf1:
Fix corruption caused by mmap flushing problems

28520cad2500b60ce8653e431990e33f77ff08f7 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: don't touch vbio after its handed off to the kernel

d0d9dccc61d2ea9776497d2372a1d43cf8fe3d24 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: ensure trim errors are returned immediately

7ad2616d378f31fb9b15507b7038e445b80a4842 by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: fix alignment check when buffer has non-zero starting offset

5fc134ff2ff55811a34c4653f4435468f58eeca5 by hutter2:
zvol: use multiple taskq

5c0fe099ec743c979c08964a8ae68322a79ab9bb by hutter2:
zvol_os: fix build on Linux <3.13

3c5f354a8c3af6b1f23dcb6b998d82ac64d0e1fe by hutter2:
zvol_os: fix compile with blk-mq on Linux 4.x

7ea83310096bc3dc0e73fc7d23d4ba981aa23e4b by behlendorf1:
ZIL: Detect single-threaded workloads

8b1a132de74978dda5035f070320feede5d38512 by behlendorf1:
ZIO: Optimize zio_flush()

25ea8ce94bf23873f21ea84a7c460253e66366a3 by behlendorf1:
ZIL: Improve next log block size prediction

3b8817db9607a875428d1a3bceb015de9709ae65 by behlendorf1:
ZIL: Update Linux tracing after #15635

fdd97e00934b9a1af7f953333ddf4f7c196907f0 by behlendorf1:
Refactor dmu_prefetch().

793a2cff2a0cfa97c409ae22ae2dd7399f0f0bdb by behlendorf1:
Linux: Cleanup taskq threads spawn/exit

fa5de0c5cd4061b3b70d5e9eb2d67a4a7c594a63 by behlendorf1:
Update resume token at object receive.

f7c1db6366947d879d0103a0970d22d9663ef20e by behlendorf1:
BRT: Change brt_pending_tree sorting order

dced953b62f255a209c93b32797e8aa1260c4edc by behlendorf1:
ZAP: Some cleanups/micro-optimizations

fdd8c0aea1cf2b924b6c9c505437ffd30492d035 by behlendorf1:
BRT: Skip duplicate BRT prefetches

19bf54b76414b70866df28c6a66e521c7fef349f by behlendorf1:
ZAP: Massively switch to _by_dnode() interfaces

457e62d7ca0e809412ca7fba184fd9190530cf1d by behlendorf1:
BRT: Relax brt_pending_apply() locking

c94f73007855f8a6b36ad6f0c0c48b93a1577e1d by behlendorf1:
BRT: Make BRT block sizes configurable

3e91a9c525f57e695a756cae2e6e1a7caa607a64 by behlendorf1:
BRT: Skip getting length in brt_entry_lookup()

2ea370a4e3fe55ee9fa7d8cffb14ae73eac6c576 by behlendorf1:
BRT: Fix holes cloning.

e3c1c9153f764db8fa7af778395be9bc403126ff by behlendorf1:
BRT: Fix tests to work on non-empty pools

39993c3dfee3580d0ef40e0c523a52f76552d870 by behlendorf1:
BRT: Check pool clone stats in more tests

d5fb6abd36401388e73ba7513697cb152fb11369 by behlendorf1:
Improve dbuf_read() error reporting

602b5dca7b0c9326768dfa38836b62497230be52 by behlendorf1:
Fix read errors race after block cloning

026fe796465e3da7b27d06ef5338634ee6dd30d8 by behlendorf1:
Speculative prefetch for reordered requests

97d7228f427218cb701b4149c3f8f9d77e8c64e4 by behlendorf1:
Remove db_state DB_NOFILL checks from syncing context

f4ce02ae42ab084306ebcfb6ec615acb9dc98db2 by behlendorf1:
Small fix to prefetch ranges aggregation

575872cc37a744928223dae2c24964d06f670e2d by behlendorf1:
L2ARC: Relax locking during write

72e4996a54fe54b93bf1e667a5e60099375fe08f by behlendorf1:
bdev_discard_supported: understand discard_granularity=0

bb9542a2a027cfe58b3e8a402eed75da530c060f by hutter2:
Linux 6.8 compat: META (#16099)

fa2cbd40078f36ac17af6c2eafd0aa15c3f9b37b by hutter2:
zvols: prevent overflow of minor device numbers

3fb0942cc5fb216ac733da94930e11a64e589d38 by hutter2:
udev: correctly handle partition #16 and later

5dbed504295ef4c8dbde54ef712812cd485a81e6 by hutter2:
Linux 5.18+ compat: Detect filemap_range_has_page

b9c3040b10b60350ece42aed8c29972031fb14a0 by hutter2:
vdev_disk: clean up spa/bdev mode conversion

3bd7cd06b711339d170b4caf7a72a46b166fbd8a by hutter2:
Linux 6.9 compat: bdev handles are now struct file

9a7ef02f4dcda27cf77283e4ef497603d20bf00d by hutter2:
Linux 6.9 compat: blk_alloc_disk() now takes two args

8a56047135b12d406d81c30051a1a2bbd9d3a983 by hutter2:
Add support for zfs mount -R <filesystem>

b0b0d07b13aebc4c200d635aab53e021b7ac95b3 by hutter2:
man: move zfs_prepare_disk.8 to nodist_man_MANS

baaac316554273f84c8bec06bddb7c5a09967c09 by hutter2:
config/ restrict to the dedicated list.

6732e223bf700bd8bb45d6af6221f5a9418b1493 by hutter2:
etc/init.d: decide which variant to use at build time.

d6da6cbd74f3de98de0e734fa2e00094bc0fc487 by hutter2:
Clean up existing VERIFY*() macros.

5dda8c09102606449bffc42c3013a0500cf02578 by hutter2:
Add VERIFY0P() and ASSERT0P() macros.

9f1d3db73035665b51270925d24974d9e34e3cb3 by hutter2:
Check for minimum partition size

2ff09e8fed114834185805998fce1a11db93ce4d by hutter2:
freebsd: fix missing headers in distribution tarball

67995229a865642f6669dea0d4bd41d34bed2046 by hutter2:
Fix option string, adding -e and fixing order

d088fb7d24083988f38e4224a6ef9cc71c12a6a3 by hutter2:
ZTS: fix flakiness in cp_files_002_pos

e0cfa1592da065fb0e0ba7579ea4d152ce099323 by hutter2:
Fix buffer underflow if sysfs file is empty

5d859a2e22f8d2ff347803c4c8d025f7c6fd2ea9 by hutter2:
xdr: header cleanup

889152ce4a8d82e5818384c3f95ef2446bea2621 by hutter2:
Give a better message from 'zpool get' with invalid pool name

da88fc4ac9dcc21429d48d3e95d64186bb37d7fb by hutter2:
zap_leaf: make l_hash[] variable length to silence UBSAN

db65272aef3d380d2bd1c94907826f2b9ec9205e by hutter2:
[2.2.4-only] Stub RAIDZ enums to prevent conflicts

c1c26a77ff38770b80ed1c97aea867d3ad9bf6ee by hutter2:
Add slow disk diagnosis to ZED

74101f7e2ade81d50d79ebec1b8b2a903eab432f by hutter2:
vdev props comment and manpage should include zfsd and FreeBSD mentions

531572b5906a0a4d042b7dcfd09b3ea947bd442e by hutter2:
Fix panics when truncating/deleting files

86b39b41a0311d109f3558b65a203a7aeb568472 by hutter2:
Fix locale-specific time

97889c037a8aae683f911c60ca81983105e32533 by hutter2:
return NULL at end of send_progress_thread

3f817debb431fbc87247cedf0c8d1f51ea552dba by hutter2:
AUTHORS: refresh with recent new contributors

7aaf6ce9d8633a6748648bfbb0c39137500a5751 by hutter2:
Add the BTI elf note to the AArch64 SHA2 assembly

16c223eec9b4cee1c9c5996d9d08be47dbffb855 by hutter2:
Do no use .cfi_negate_ra_state within the assembly on Arm64

51d3c23150d3eaeb3ef66410b94edff13cffa0ed by hutter2:
Add newline to two zpool messages

6581b17842164dc882b00e5a6a0e468e9eadd8ed by hutter2:
ZTS: user_namespace_004.ksh avoid error in cleanup if unsupported

284489893bdd53004fdbc976106cac54a4069250 by hutter2:
zfs-kmod: fix empty rpm requires/conflicts

71216b91d281e7e58f5e29ca4d4553945e080fe9 by hutter2:
Python 3.12 deprecated python3-distutils

ef3fea63eb22ed07d941625d6893967d59fe179c by hutter2:
GCC: Fixes for gcc 14 on Fedora 40

5972bb856c1e84be582c54dd0ff1559ee4dfa068 by hutter2:
Use ASSERT0P() to check that a pointer is NULL.

4d17e200dde13ab747311bc824a53fc8071c77d7 by hutter2:
Add zfetch stats in arcstats

b3b37b84e8336b47c4cbbeae2d4f21ba5c266144 by hutter2:
Fix arcstats for FreeBSD after zfetch support

6f323353d280d5e1e318500d05522acd4ae6f894 by hutter2:
Add ashift validation when adding devices to a pool

ea3f7c12a9c566c362d0039fb8ac5baa0baa8cbd by hutter2:
Extend import_progress kstat with a notes field

706307445e66b63f6f4fd828dc331bb0a010c59f by hutter2:
vdev probe to slow disk can stall mmp write checker

61f3638a3463b58168b9c2b0d1f8605fde1349d9 by hutter2:
Add prefetch property

3d4d61988ad20e88d704647f3c86f42176b460e0 by hutter2:
Fix updating the zvol_htable when renaming a zvol

2566592045780e7be7afc899c2496b1ae3af4f4d by hutter2:
Tag zfs-2.2.4

3a8e15354ec58abeec2ee2fe96cbabb46083d183 by cperciva:
Enable kernel reproducible builds on stable branch

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4 tests failed.

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atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


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