FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24957 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2024 18:53:51 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24957 (dd7b86e2a010818b53f42200815f1858300045d7) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

9200ce3210fdc00706904d2eb2d8a481ed84eef3 by emaste:
Vendor import of OpenSSH 9.7p1

e819534f15308c92afd19166254604995766ce32 by des:
bectl: Use geopt() and drop mention of -?.

a46217ce7d161ce563374899df4d94b6d000138f by des:
bectl: Simplify command aliases.

ad99fea9045dd3daaeca3d2dd60fffecd2311826 by des:
libbe: Fix some markup issues.

f56e9a65cf81f67f90079c8ded4c088e8dd17f2e by dutra:
calendars: Add myself to the FreeBSD calendar

e600fc7295a7082041388113a5d677f6c4cf7ce7 by emaste:
ssh: remove deprecated client VersionAddendum

027fda80fe8b8f7f76c9e1799753601674954901 by glebius:
inpcb: remove unused KPIs to manipulate inpcbs

d62c4607e8a3613253d613c0d3417cccd02b2c57 by glebius:
sockets: remove unused KPIs to manipulate sockets

dd7b86e2a010818b53f42200815f1858300045d7 by glebius:
tcp: remove IS_FASTOPEN() macro

The failed test cases:

2 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.fs.tmpfs.times_test.empty

Error Message:
Test case was expecting a failure but none were raised

FAILED:  cddl.usr.sbin.zfsd.zfsd_unittest.main

Error Message:
Received signal 6