FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #327 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2024 08:37:45 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #327 (62f890cfbc358160ef42f11de78ad2015a6885cb) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

e23813c0fe03e2949c425e6f60066b1cd048f535 by kib:
vm/vm_object.c: minor cleanup

d34f4baaf13802759869d5ad341a4ca806b2f0fe by rmacklem:
nfscl: Only update atime for Copy when noatime is not specified

946afb62aba5c45bc5d14a97ffacd12dc9cb1f93 by asomers:
zfsd: fault disks that generate too many I/O delay events

f9f7404cd5c7a1394dd18525fea67233fb62c8e5 by asomers:
sigaction.2: clarify that fork isn't async-signal-safe, but _Fork is

e016face1e2667611063b57a0e914603820bbf82 by asomers:
cap_net.3: remove a copypasta

0125d6a23ba93efc2587f9935600f9a607c80cb7 by asomers:
libcasper: document that most libcasper functions are not thread-safe

5b4873c5b8613061995a4675b53d3263b8c9d637 by asomers:
Remove _POSIX_PRIORITIZED_IO references from man pages

5a2767d20325d5065ae4bc04d954530150551016 by asomers:
Fix multiple bugs with ctld's UCL parsing

be908114fd62a0ac4e42dffae3c5fbfa0db58e43 by asomers:
nfsstat: update option strings in docs

d741d23133be4770f4b870bd6d056080f1857c89 by asomers:
nfsstat: make -q work without -e/-E

d9041710958227194c5e34b169ae73d7ad411017 by rmacklem:
param.h: Bump __FreeBSD_version to 1400506 for d34f4baaf138

15c21f325ea4dfb69f2f52d582bdf43c1ded8242 by rmacklem:
UPDATING: Add an entry for commit d34f4baaf138

62f890cfbc358160ef42f11de78ad2015a6885cb by asomers:
Add a regression test for PR 276191.

The failed test cases:

4 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.netinet6.frag6.frag6_15.frag6_15

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
Test case body returned a non-ok exit code, but this is not allowed


Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
Test program did not exit cleanly