FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #325 - Still unstable

From: <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2024 17:49:45 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #325 (f027083b906abb67120974d9c23570c4bd46d156) - Still unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

c4e6ee658b9444d5fc56b768a6a254c9c9b66aa6 by marius:
e1000(4): Remove disconnected SYSCTL

6d150c4c3f0258b7d0fbaf0375b328b6ae84a169 by marius:
igb(4): Remove disconnected SYSCTL

8595e76a9f1a5bcf057afe6d28846099287a26b7 by marius:
uart(4): Honor hardware state of NS8250-class for tsw_busy

d6ec20a3091924793576ba3fd71f42d4fcd3371f by marius:
geom_map(4): Garbage collect disconnected driver

13673bca2f8271881bb958e2437935fbdfb25df0 by marius:
geom_redboot(4): Garbage collect disconnected driver

cc02fa8da105294e9315546507c8216221dafbc1 by olce:
libthr: thr_attr.c: Clarity, whitespace and style

6ae07a0424c328148e63b46fc7d5eaeeeaa6e28a by olce:
libthr: thr_attr.c: EINVAL, not ENOTSUP, on invalid arguments

17244789c2fd5d3d758a524d98c2b6f887af7905 by olce:
cr_bsd_visible(): Style fixes

e676886a9031f1e60dde4745ff38ebb1b7c7e82e by jhb:
kldxref: Refactor PNP entry parsing, no functional change

01aec6e1fd68511b6e0a204b74afac86c3d4edf5 by jhb:
kldxref: Make use of libelf to be a portable cross tool

92222d8aee57f8c2f77261f716140dbb912964d4 by jhb:
kldxref: fix build on 32 bits arches

ccb683c60335d68c8d387bfdfdd36b83df1e815e by jhb:
kldxref: Cast rtype to int in ef_aarch64.c in warning

cf0810ba25061962ba5f5e4012e7b089ed936fc0 by jhb:
kldxref: Fix for 32-bit powerpc

02f82a3f0e9276a5fe799c2a22b71f9960169219 by jhb:
kldxref: Put each ef_CPUARCH.c on its own line to prepare for ef_arm.c

84410c7bb737d2d4b1ff22605f7bd24841f3b3f6 by jhb:
kldxref: Add arm support

f935fd713d15ea6a8e1572a95876e359a7531fb1 by jhb:
kldxref: Fix MIPS Elf_Rel addend computation

156b0d23dcd57cd7bba7d0544133e8f32559a2ac by jhb:
kldxref: Implement aarch64 R_AARCH64_AB64 relocation

7ea7498f6406bec488957e3ec23ec4c89fa3c436 by jhb:
kldxref: Reduce divergence between per-architecture files

6de6c4211bddab4c6359244684cdc3cd74b3117e by jhb:
kldxref: Tidy error handling for invalid addresses

38effbdd2d8a033e1221d309517c4d4418018ec3 by jhb:
kldxref: Simplify elf_read_raw_data

214c8da28028760b5a3c0c1c264c4d4aa42128f7 by jhb:
kldxref: Simplify handling of ELF object files

8ac6f5e3941796195ae1e78602523499a20b68b7 by jhb:
kldxref: Appease a Coverity warning

cfab4620f8a1b59ae81c067638f7964f4b8e6b9a by jhb:
kldxref: fix bootstrapping on Linux with Clang 16

b1a3aa4eec580596cee6ff3a1f626c31a7696732 by jhb:
kldxref: Correct contract number in license ACK

cec0bae09eaedff61b4e296e662a1c87757b8af9 by jhb:
kldxref: Workaround incorrect PT_DYNAMIC in existing powerpc kernels

d735315d4dbf3007a46f9069baad8056f2187b50 by jhb:
tools/build: Provide sys/linker_set.h when cross-building

509a5d9314d1f4af64d9f7c8a5e93f6efc50dca8 by jhb:
Makefile.inc1: Forward on METALOG and DISTBASE for kernel targets

2fbed5e9ea843c6747fba6d3cd209c3d5860617a by jhb:
Make kldxref a bootstrap tool and use unconditionally

8ae27e114b28153c0bf2884c8f7bfcdeb81494f9 by jhb:
acpi: Only reserve resources enumerated via _CRS

58836703dc30889c1526cdb9dd482f795ae4508b by jhb:
mbuf.9: Document mtodo

e000bd2551a34ae1513e90ebf258f523048584d1 by jhb:
sys: Style fix for M_EXT | M_EXTPG

2bc7fdc3a8d0d9b86c219714d93145eececfa622 by jhb:
net80211 amdpu: Simplify a few loops that drain an mbufq

68fd49e8f56a1a5c52590626b72e8faa1d395ffb by jhb:
mbuf: Add mbufq_empty

9c50c9b776e3023d4b24cce0a5a587a7813c6c54 by jhb:
sys: Use mbufq_empty instead of comparing mbufq_len against 0

0469f7ab3c7e460d581ba37569598e4c90395a6c by jhb:
ctl: Always return errno values from ctl_port_register

99f93a33aed443194b0f30035f4883b72aa55e4c by jhb:
ctl_frontend.h: Note that ctl_port.frontend is set by the FETD

873bef94a2f284406be3109e9d6d0557658ac04f by jhb:
ctl: Add missing comma after CTL_FLAG_ALREADY_DONE

e467a320e3d90802b78fa185f2795bee2d2b29f3 by jhb:
cltadm.8: Correct documentation of -r arg to port command

f55f4ef13e06c2815861edc305e6139bd04cfbc4 by jhb:
ctladm: Fix a typo and add a FALLTHROUGH annotation

49413aa308fce38b25d70af33b156191b1d6753c by jhb:
ctladm: Only autoload cfiscsi.ko for iSCSI-specific commands

98b822fccd8350f59eb2deb842c52c35b145c2cb by jhb:
pci_cfgreg: Add a PCI domain argument to the low-level register API

b5d2a06b2c4f50fd20774928602a3b5f0f27b127 by jhb:
pci_cfgreg: Add shims to preserve ABI of pci_cfgreg(read|write)

1fc6f25daf301a876a543ff86842e23fc1cc9830 by jhb:
x86: Refactor pcie_cfgregopen

4b5f64408804384809e2e8954f6d5e7e95b8dbaa by jhb:
x86: Support multiple PCI MCFG regions

6a75d3b3fbe4c66bf9b8c18db55bba19ffb492e4 by jhb:
x86: Adjust base addr for PCI MCFG regions

f2ad8d3a1397660127f22ba9c0785ef4122a8ba5 by markj:
mail: add volatile in grabh()

f027083b906abb67120974d9c23570c4bd46d156 by mm:
ktls: fix vnet-related panic in ktls_reset_receive_tag()

The failed test cases:

5 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.netinet.arp.arp_add_success

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.netinet.forward.fwd_ip_icmp_iface_slow_success

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.netpfil.common.tos.ipfw_tos

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
Test program did not exit cleanly