FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #25118 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 02:00:59 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #25118 (e0919a4bac2b57a086688ae8ec58058b91f61d86) - Still Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

b12738182cff269456e7737241415356c08b5d2e by noreply:
Improve dbuf_read() error reporting

a9a4290173dfdfd25aabd623bc3ccd994126794a by noreply:
xdr: header cleanup

917ff75e9510d19968ef3cc5c80b1cd0ef48f84d by noreply:
vdev_disk: don't touch vbio after its handed off to the kernel

e3120f73d0481a5e0779e45da83518373d60dcff by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.9 compat: bdev handles are now struct file

6097a7ba8b49c9b263809d2d1092fdca86182bd3 by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.9 compat: blk_alloc_disk() now takes two args

ca678bc0bc8347610d34c39a5a2322be45b11093 by noreply:
Makefile.bsd: sort and cleanup source file list

fa480fe5bacceae940608860bd06d94be104cbb4 by behlendorf1:
zinject: show more device fault fields

756e10b0a1f1f1fc4974e9d1736e1173d649cb8c by behlendorf1:
tests: simple zinject disk fault arg check

b6bbaa837271698f238a9264c4070416077fb67b by noreply:
Give a better message from 'zpool get' with invalid pool name

b21b967bd5095d431b71ef63f09e0d31c0ef0b08 by noreply:
zap_leaf: make l_hash[] variable length to silence UBSAN

ea2862cdda1009a98a6f7b390e34b705bb7d90ae by noreply:
vdev props comment and manpage should include zfsd and FreeBSD mentions

66929f6829985b9d90dcc0828291e5353e6b3fc9 by noreply:
man: move zfs_prepare_disk.8 to nodist_man_MANS

30c4eba4eaaef92cbc1b8d2eed6689600a342386 by noreply:
Fix panics when truncating/deleting files

99741bde59d1d1df0963009bb624ddc105f7d8dc by noreply:
zvol: use multiple taskq

c13400c9a26985fe817bc777fc0bbb5459bedeaf by noreply:
zvol_os: fix build on Linux <3.13

03987f71e39c47d2f16c3006d690c50a9fec2ca5 by noreply:
zvol_os: fix compile with blk-mq on Linux 4.x

ba9f587a77e6893390c752491dfacb6ee5d52023 by noreply:
vdev_disk: ensure trim errors are returned immediately

76d1dde94ca9cac03fa641b4cf9259d98a706e12 by noreply:
zinject: inject device errors into ioctls

eeca9a91d6866879f4d57b4d0644e5da951f3daa by noreply:
Fix read errors race after block cloning

5e5fd0a1785aa65d5c2259f2d43459437ae209eb by noreply:
Speculative prefetch for reordered requests

aa5445c28ba6199a15790459290bcd16cef4422d by noreply:
Remove db_state DB_NOFILL checks from syncing context

f07389d3ad48ba21480dedcd79b75fe0a31e27bc by noreply:
Fix locale-specific time

162cc80b8144698b44b5b168dc1853341277de10 by noreply:
etc/init.d: decide which variant to use at build time.

9e63631dea553fb81fe10710e626fae26ff5c14f by noreply:
Small fix to prefetch ranges aggregation

997f85b4d3123286a584bbd3aaac3077a8067abb by noreply:
L2ARC: Relax locking during write

d98973dbdd5a85b6c8a8556d5bd5c9903e2d2ee6 by noreply:
config/ restrict to the dedicated list.

e5e2a5a3b872e618af585f1a8cec4782c6f2cfe1 by noreply:
Add custom debug printing for your asserts

e5ddecd1a7e33bc341e7b5e8dd25d2fe478de8f2 by noreply:
return NULL at end of send_progress_thread

44f337be30e1502b32c8d381344044f15dd34674 by noreply:
Illumos#16463 zfs_ioc_recv leaks nvlist

bc27c494049e5282f90b103ee45d0fe12310aac4 by behlendorf1:
tests: add test for vdev_disk page alignment check

1bf649cb0a1cc6e48dce848611ba327eb283000e by behlendorf1:
vdev_disk: fix alignment check when buffer has non-zero starting offset

e2035cdbf70e2d4e6f819ce6d5f6a286a152d264 by noreply:
AUTHORS: refresh with recent new contributors

a100a195fa490e4a816492be2efa216a6880909f by noreply:
Add support for zfs mount -R <filesystem>

cac416f1062fdbd2ff84ff2b40835d4853cbf190 by behlendorf1:
zio: remove zio_ioctl()

c9c838aa1fca9aef84d74db1d99872c5efa9a25d by behlendorf1:
zio: remove io_cmd and DKIOCFLUSHWRITECACHE

b613709c46bcc0d190c0d67c739ef3f8722d76b2 by behlendorf1:
dkio: remove kernel dkio.h compatibility header

d7605ae77b7ad176e8dbd5649fe4d14f5f4e8b9f by behlendorf1:

b181b2e604de3f36feab1092c702cdec5e78c693 by noreply:
bdev_discard_supported: understand discard_granularity=0

f22b110f60d83f62b75d20fabb0968ab74324778 by noreply:
zts: allow running a single test by name only

4725e543be32f74d3a0a46ce3bb5c8e89280b471 by noreply:
zinject: "no-op" error injection

c6da985e28d7071b187bd928e7fd41ba9e9f6aa7 by noreply:
Add the BTI elf note to the AArch64 SHA2 assembly

90ba19eb7b81f0225e63bedfb902000d23383921 by noreply:
Do no use .cfi_negate_ra_state within the assembly on Arm64

e4a0c92e7aea50654290e3082668932cea16b64f by stevek:
iflib: Correct indentation according to style(9)

0dd2f4a0cca9332784d6a233dee8d211517fe7ba by brooks:
libc: only export hesiod symbols when enabled

1b10a30539c5b3e1a73352e661e7abfd2f53fead by brooks:
libc: don't try to export mpool_stat

4d6722ec693e5561f2cb3bd84f082b23efc2c15e by brooks:
libc: don't try to export mexitcount

88fcb6179985613500e5b5a4183f575ced06e414 by brooks:
libc: don't try to export _nsdbtdump

63b179b68d21d551a296d48a51ba24c80d2f1b0b by brooks:
libc: don't try to export __sF

35b3504ee63e387455fef968377b84f8262bc64a by brooks:
librpcsec_gss: don't export non-existant symbols

b8df8b0c2e64b25885f82bd1ba9483ec9b8f497a by brooks:
libgcc_s: only export 128-bit long double when available

3f82d8345b17eb1c5a7ae40f3c71e9f42f2ea487 by brooks:
libgcc_s: only export 128-bit int APIs when available

b457144ceaf71be9de20f1879bb376162197cd9b by brooks:
libgcc_s: exclude symbols not present on some arches

da77a1b4f0dffcafee3675375ec71e9ab8319daa by brooks:
libcxxrt: don't export nonexistant symbols

e0919a4bac2b57a086688ae8ec58058b91f61d86 by brooks:
libc/arm: export __signalcontext not _signalcontext

The failed test cases:

4 tests failed.

Error Message:
/usr/local/lib/python3.9/multiprocessing/ EOFError

FAILED:  sys.netpfil.common.dummynet.ipfw_pls_gilbert

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.kern.unix_seqpacket_test.random_eor_and_waitall

Error Message:
/usr/src/tests/sys/kern/unix_seqpacket_test.c:1182: send(params->sock, &params->sendbuf[off], len, flags) == len not met

FAILED:  sys.netinet6.divert.ipdivert_ip6_output_remote_success

Error Message:
1 != 0 (1 != 0)