FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #509 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2024 01:37:46 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #509 (d1fb333f35fb34692abe6d681df7bf2ef287468a) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

ae8398452bd3196c0ff1a11039167bd002369eb8 by imp:
flua: Add hash module

656183c21b58cf6fe9b8c8ee78d2a9245b11fedd by imp:
share/mk: Don't install only differing in case files on case insensitive

3e69ab88a032ac43d433f787b715466a87e72817 by imp:
periodic/daily/801.trim-zfs: Add a daily zfs trim script

f20b349448f1522fffccd80a4d1f46bfd7c3f28a by imp:
kboot: Move to kboot/kboot

93fa71ab2499dcd8460d472d4b9911de120e2577 by imp:
kboot: Move _start out of kboot and into libkboot

edf8a9a42d3057f701228f37e73c0c551a47225e by imp:
kboot: Cleanup libkern reference

78f3a2d48ebd004d209f395ac84bc5c5e081b228 by imp:
kboot: Move syscall stubs to libkboot

29f9f6b9800d721330d8326a60780077b1d3779e by imp:
kboot: Move system calls to libkboot

df6ae1140005f9ac821d85f9ef6c6895e69c6b0b by imp:
kboot: Move termios to libkboot

fcd477ea594f8eeb528641c7a91db7da86c4ec4b by imp:
stand: Use modern function definitions

b5fa90e2e20f20b93a26591fb4b9cc60e7fd7fe4 by imp:
kboot: Assert copyright here

a975ee493d896774c8901bdd6b869fa0ea1e8a71 by imp:
kboot: update copyright on these files.

3eb3a802a31ba84d70e1be50c793ec34bec3614f by imp:
stand/lua: per-product conf if requested via product_vars

a25531db0fc22a82f87f6166553e9b1623c83837 by imp:
stand/lua: always allow overriding with local config files

6d41d985fdbf713adb204840aabfea551d4f8b47 by imp:
libsa: Move include file creation to the end of the Makefile

12138b85bb0f5fa7fc72d99f17ae34e94dfae26e by imp:
libsa: Move hash functions up a level

639574132b9582d1193aac5ba79a6244743d579e by imp:
loader: Move build_font_module to gfx_fb.c

03de11635be102d0ccfe7e81b550873d319e5a87 by imp:
loader: Font module is EFI dependent

cfe4f061a78af28bc9a63617766697b154c3a829 by imp:
loader: Document the lua loader table.

16d49d0e4fe7061832c2c23ff9e91e7abdc272ac by imp:
libsecureboot do not report expected unverified files

3601f439783a711c3860e9770cb654670b8e4ed1 by imp:
loader: export the CMD_ constants in loader table

8ea26f3280f7df1aad1c34d5bad1472a02c18fdf by imp:
loader: Fetch initial script from loader_lua env

4b559231c468a0361e3f520ecbbe2d65fb389f45 by imp:
loader: Make vidc_biosputchar static

c54653978ebd2ad8f6cea4b8220bb620b1f3db40 by imp:
loader: Simplify the loader.has_command

5bbe8ec08417dbfc0ef7761e28764fe01047311a by imp:
loader: Register the gfx stuff separately.

8929f8454fffcae33e65689b806e236c16c6761b by imp:
loader: Separate gfx to a new file.

73fac51c572655a3d0e55af410f42dc15713ef31 by imp:
loader: Create new gfx table

ab3aa90b70db580adbc73ac62ca2c3ea4ff5c596 by imp:
loader: Add prototype for gfx_interp_md

254adb82599945e635252c17cf522da540c23aac by imp:
loader: Only create gfx 4th bindings when gfx is available

e55748d65b746a4ae14e20cdf471398581d3b08a by imp:
loader: Remove gfx_fb_stub.c, it's no longer needed

94e1374b55c7c3ac484bbe0631591545a5536c8d by imp:
loader: Move to using linker sets to bring in optional bits

32c08f492557b8159f0017412eb8b3b7183d5754 by imp:
loader: Move gfx functions to gfx.lua.8

19388dd2ad91c087ca65fd3fbad4ca69ffdd0912 by imp:
loader: Move drawer.lua over to gfx table.

78f5850093c5afe2a710903b2422dfc9857e401d by imp:
kboot: Add our own lua bindings

c34c7f78c751fc594fedaeab85368bd8fd91e405 by imp:
loader: Simplify build a little

151ff218eb7a25ecbe2770d3b0b84c1ce83e4e79 by imp:
loader: line line per src file in libi386

795edc4ac23e050c57a5ee0aab70d6bea62dc49a by imp:
loader: Bump the limit to 560,000 bytes for BIOS loader

fcfd7396ae8a93ecfe880bbfa6bc3461b98eb6d6 by imp:
loader: Add new option WITH_LOADER_BIOS_TEXTONLY

7816528ccf9ceb2c79efa99231dad9c3de0e36d3 by imp:
loader: bring back old text-only video console

82d4e9b248b608f72838e6266b17bc99a459e5d7 by imp:
loader: Add textvidc to build

57ca2848c0aad6dbef66dbac5c0b0f0a6eb798c1 by imp:

d6a4e4842943fb525061cfee34bc37a098cb7433 by imp:
loader/libofw: Fix disk size truncation

67d21468bfafc489194ee2b88180baefd2b83a2a by imp:
loader: For the mini-stdio we have for lua, #define them to something

c3f5ae85ceda88473c1b8fc671284e467bd37ce8 by imp:
kboot: Fix zfs bootonce protocol

e9620c27f176ef66abe128bcb17df37eac46c6e6 by imp:
loader: Retire CTASSERT

92f8c2f636e0ade6a5986c0be449ccf819f8b2be by imp:
loader/efi: Make gcc friendlier by move md_dev

7209dd3eba787f07484570edaac5aa0b8db96f18 by imp:
kboot: Implement write support for hostdisk

1ad22bbc04c7094644135b2e22386e20b899b3ff by imp:
loader: return errors from writing ZFS labels

c05fe06acbc6e1ec82d5f610ced1dd9550c68305 by imp:
libsa: Remove redundant sys/cdefs.h

bcb0e17d35fb475128d9ad1840c85b188ab0ed5e by imp:
loader: These files have no copyrightable material

204a5c85ab2af888ed852dedc9b4c9aae93dfd13 by imp:
loader: rename gfx_interp_md to gfx_interp_ref

5f4d3f8e88354c97b1153998e728f132548886b3 by imp:
loader: Move ldscripts to match more standard practices

95497a6215e81ac3515bd034dfa5db4346147ba1 by imp:
kboot: Centralize ldscript addition

36653c3faa5dc7dc1efee62301e8c354cc3f9e61 by imp:
loader/powerpc: Share ldscript

295ed2786bb162dafabc80685935d9f0e8bf224c by imp:
loader/uboot: Move to foo.ldconfig

851c8f5707acb22e200c4839c20f4644f018b4cf by imp:
loader/kboot: simplify linker set inclusion a little

6cad882b7eeced9c268cdd0f848b03cfde5722ce by imp:
loader/efi: Linker sets not needed.

88ec6ce7d15915d53f68b9930b7f2cbb791d227f by imp:
loader/efi: Use unique linker set for lua

36d49fb2d58501facfd219f0b5bb260c9986b53d by imp:
loader/ficl: Rename the ficl compile set to X4th_compile_set

7cc0ac56660095543aa2a71c787f4277f64d9c00 by imp:
loader/efi: Only include interpreter's linker script

5e8509073162d52e13dd49a3c2fe112df2675935 by imp:
loader: Add loader.exit

a552d4047e6cb5b14ddc1fa273bf318395ec289a by imp:
stand: Remove dangling mips references

d9288e8fcccddfd230c8b3d5eec74f95910d04e4 by imp:
loader/efi: Small diff reduction

71969b965b6051c1af4989efb7665c1e04d89f15 by imp:
loader/lua: Remove pager shim

216c56ff1df63ae61431b20aab722e9f8a5f2b44 by imp:
loader/lua: Remove compat shim for loader.lua_path

64355a9cb3dca2157062c279aa60cab4e19d4366 by imp:
loader/lua: Remove workaround for command_error

649cc3598192b6c03a5165010a97a3778dd3f0e1 by imp:
kboot: Create function for error checking.

d18377cbb7233ca9a468728596718884c64d6cb1 by imp:
kboot: Avoid UB in signed shift

519aef9045d00e0e2082d3096abef139b24623e9 by imp:
kboot: hostfs -- check for llseek failure correctly

0bca0de6b676e952a8871a51b8e6880f8f3a5af8 by imp:
kboot: Print UEFI memory map

cb9ef3a7034a05fd09241867b092ebe6097097f1 by imp:
kboot: Use is_linux_error to check mmap return error

d55ddce0c8e957c5285d28a5bfdbf3774c04bc56 by imp:
kboot: kbootfdt: fix error handling

83bae397799c4480e9712f03aff62d6f4fa447fe by imp:
uboot/Makefile move BINDIR

41883f55a8f9f7755ac7f0c321694eeee2b765e8 by imp:
loader.4th dictthreshold too small

e40703a705e598ab0faa8f43c0f75607a269c0db by imp:
stand/efi: Changes to efichar to allow it to be used in the kernel

33d1ce86abcb072bb0a9fb366aa91e888ea573f8 by imp:
userboot: allow for overriding the version file location

d1fb333f35fb34692abe6d681df7bf2ef287468a by imp:
stand: Install gptboot.efi(8)

The failed test cases:

4 tests failed.

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atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


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atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

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