FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24168 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2023 22:00:17 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24168 (673d62fc359b0cb7a70af42c36d2fa54fb29452a) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

cd0b1b947d7afe02b6deaa176ae6767f25818f1b by emaste:
Vendor import of libfido2 1.11.0

fdfa06d7d381e83be6a8c5e39a5bd7af714ac656 by emaste:
Vendor import of libfido2 0.12.0

00db45a65823dc224f3630bc8185e789064fef6a by emaste:
Vendor import of libfido2 0.13.0

4d1b70175cf9bdf927351b1188215604d455f669 by noreply:
Remove implication that child `disk`s aren't vdevs in zpoolconcepts(7)

8af8d2abb1ee928beea16e12390dd7b8cf76244f by noreply:
Linux 6.5 compat: META (#15265)

72d97e1dd9cc72a2acb96e35e56db6f3f51bca7d by kib:
rtld: output rtld errors into the dbg channel

7e0a7ef95fac1183854cab662bd9afa4647422d6 by des:
tcpdump: Initialize tzcode early.

953b93cf24d8871c62416c9bcfca935f1f1853b6 by fuz:
lib/libc/amd64/string/memcmp.S: harden against phony buffer lengths

2a689cadf092a3319d7619c3f4aa242011c20c8e by mjg:
vfs: retire kern.minvnodes

d3e6478912431309aad36211b6c39b0d741312dc by mjg:
vfs: group vnode-related sysctls under vfs.vnode

cadbf320b352b3691cdfa90ad8ba818efca4ea68 by dim:
ObsoleteFiles: cleanup old libclang_rt files for powerpc64le

509d843a982b39a531a558c65794ffffcdf93ae8 by mjg:
vfs: s/u_long vstir/bool vstir/

f44102411e1b16363e91a074c9c403069c550e4d by markj:
sockets: re-check socket state after call to pr_rcvd()

38426b32e106cf251520259b29779372eda7a5f8 by markj:
socket tests: Add a regression test for MSG_WAITALL

d643925a79caab5c6de62b066e374935b60bcaf1 by markj:
unix tests: Use the right type for sendmsg(2) return values

49874af3eca6fbbeb3967c737baa3478d6a4e967 by mjg:
zfs: retire z_nr_znodes

d3a9d605a8963b7833936fd9679b734871facab4 by emaste:

ef89b78bb1f60484cc743fa590d623ad896ca8e9 by mjg:
vfs: stabilize freevnodes_old

1a18383a52bc373e316d224cef1298debf6f7e25 by emaste:
libcrypto: link engines and the legacy provider to libcrypto

9080190b970c7026695571f90b95fdcf7056ec67 by mjg:
vfs: count how many times vnlru got woken up due to vnode shortage

601fd768cfd599518f7f9d30592763d1279d336d by fuz:
lib/libc/tests/string/strcspn_test.c: extend tests to catch previous bug

aa3bcaad51076ceb346fa0c64ab69a35e5241b20 by markj:
amd64: Add a leaf PTP when pmap_enter(psind=1) creates a wired mapping

8f26ed01bd74aab21309ac04ae1d1368a6346c90 by markj:
mlock tests: Add a regression test

f7c733e4fe5d55fd78cd2b0c27483eeaff3f79a3 by markj:
amd64: Convert a cheap DIAGNOSTIC check to a KASSERT

479d224efcbf0115f8cd84314fcc46cbac146a1d by dim:
Fix geom build with clang 17 and KTR enabled

4ff9d270893af757b4348398c887e630d71edf6e by dfr:
pkgbase: Add instructions for upgrading past 78847e1

d95431624f934fe4740211738fc787808005b14e by imp:
nvme: Give up when we've failed

5d51862412a8ad246f414c7071999b6815080884 by imp:
Restrict the glibc compat cookie open functions to __BSD_VISIBLE

c2909b0c9a29cd6fa0019ed9998dde9e054bdad2 by imp:
cam(4): Fix device hints documentation

576b06d7ad3d8cb1e853c39865993d4ef37a2a4e by imp:
cam(4): Remove redundant words

6a47fa697ace42851b44498a53446b29b2593316 by jhibbits:
powerpc: Implement fpu_kern_enter/fpu_kern_leave

1012cf15f75d1e9048779abd07270a37cdba590a by sjg:
Import bmake-20230909

67a27733d1f49f338ef2c7db9d8f6e40ba2f8b11 by jhibbits:
Revert "powerpc: Implement fpu_kern_enter/fpu_kern_leave"

a6662c37b6ffee46e18be5f7570149edc64c1d0b by jhibbits:
powerpc: Implement fpu_kern_enter/fpu_kern_leave

b15f6400376a90d3b00aa3ac00666f683f975376 by emaste:
swapon.2: correct FreeBSD release that introduced swapoff

8ee97b1928e75f7f81a870ffb063010778e0a129 by emaste:
freebsd-update: do not restart sshd when updating jail/basedir

501edb1cc76bcdefa1032ea5f28655b115bb2560 by emaste:
Fix typo in RELNOTES (objump -> objdump)

8dc9b10e388da19d63b3dd718a8243e8e969091d by fernape:
save-entropy: Add manual page

9e88711f28dc9afa7d68ae8dd027d2399a2a290b by manu:
arm64: zynqmp: Add firmware driver

4e579ad047720775ab580b74192c7de8a3386fea by manu:
arm64: zynqmp: Add clock driver

8c7e747491ad636d6ee4069a74ddb24814870540 by manu:
sdhci: fdt: Remove sdhci_generic compatible string

9377d7049c846d1e35c8fc8809c23e6413909fca by manu:
sdhci: fdt: Always enable clock for ZynqMP and RK3399

0ee5d6fcfc63be48fd7c1b461917dfb880dc7f72 by manu:
sdhci: fdt: Always try to get the phy and the syscon

81a4fe38a6ce818bb7cba548bb2c697429fa9479 by manu:
sdhci: fdt: Correctly export clock per the binding

bdbbbbb32104569fccd786d9cc07d17f6231a713 by manu:
if_cgem: Cleanup compatible and add new ones

4c52dde5bda099936d43820da84e569dccc6f475 by manu:
if_cgem: Rewrite clock part

794328fbc174360a09b6ad341624e9bce46f0d2e by dchagin:
linux(4): Staticize lsiginfo_to_siginfo

227d01c1bc7caf2e838ee6eef1e6a3cc81d79d1b by dchagin:
linux(4): On Linux SIGKILL can not be reset to default

9192ab7777fb23458e0f83fbc911d0fcc2fbba9d by noreply:
check-zstd-symbols: also ignore __pfx_ symbols

b57df6fbcc484f1941bf306cb60a3adaf538df69 by kp:
ndp: cope with unresolved neighbours

40b9b2995f0f4b09cbdc9aa88f1f21f05bd1cc88 by sjg:
Update to leverage -jC

401770e05c71ecb5ae61a59d316069b4b78bf622 by cy:
unbound: Vendor import 1.18.0

ccb576a83cc959070de59454d4dcd6395f7ae91a by cognet:
virtio: use bool for boolean functions

180c02405b12e08bbb69bb693a38077db0c85e9b by cognet:
virtio: remove virtio_alloc_virtqueues' flags arg

c9130a46bca272492b4f29429ed340504b8eced7 by mjg:
drm2: whack set-but-not-used warns

a8f5c9d3305feb8e846e2ebb6511e350c2702eca by 0mp:
bsdinstall.8: Set Bl's -width correctly

fea2cffb8659da1590401e04ce8cbf823c9da66c by 0mp:
bsdinstall.8: Document BSDINSTALL_SKIP_* variables

735637f7d68777d0befa4b9a9291f3fc02b5ed00 by 0mp:
daemon.8: Use Dv for signal names

a5bc8e8a5863c4aea5ed7ebe2ebc2332c287545c by 0mp:
daemon.8: Use Cm where appropriate

ee23e1e49666e2c6edd0e5d749d3562587dcb9a7 by 0mp:
daemon.8: Sort options in DESCRIPTION

c1207678f7ebd546a0705dabc3218e49abe06a99 by 0mp:
daemon.8: Document -u sets HOME, USER, and SHELL

b7961dba30e60fb0d1a5383cf03e5ea2fd2ff607 by 0mp:
rc.conf.5: Pet mdoc linters

5e3a8a4a035e6ff779cf54217870a259eb593d97 by 0mp:
rc.conf.5: Document <name>_setup

d13b8b3e7255ad01b25ab512983af88d78fc1e53 by 0mp: Fix mdoc(7) macro usage

cd056e3cd4e421fd50245bb2aa6f989b23e861bc by 0mp: Move examples to the EXAMPLES section

adbc93c4cc862b6fc6e7992f6e8c78745d0d36eb by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Fix the use of Bl

0789d988a95eba5bd45fbe82a4ebd4dc7e957797 by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Keep the style of option descriptions consistent

e69a5788273b4f531a49054e0238424826375633 by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Sort option descriptions

fade2298889d588c15705b44e336ff02cc96f956 by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Document option pgread

942cc861f2cb5af287f15aa9b1bd56527f113032 by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Document option nosymfollow

6a1de1912d5216512a73dd97c4ee454d44b8fffb by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Document option nomtime

1d225179fd5d7eb932486a94abb8b76be7e44241 by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Document option union

b2bd87bb01a97b5b025614a6bfccb8e109c201cd by 0mp:
tmpfs.5: Document option export

529bec7d7ba7ed0799476d0e9678d070b1b73be4 by noreply:
zed: Allow autoreplace and fault LEDs for removed vdevs

ee720ad7bca88997dd92370c295723a0f1aca3b2 by noreply:
Retire z_nr_znodes

e923bcd16c33d6a83712b08c7854f0c3edb62172 by noreply:
Update the MOS directory on spa_upgrade_errlog()

a2d1360142f609485c9301df08cc99140743ef2b by des:
ping: The -C option is also supported for IPv6.

8a99263e9da1f04ede967cfa1ea6d52d258dcbe5 by dim:
ObsoleteFiles: cleanup more old libclang_rt files for powerpc64le

75556db552c993dd4948c8e0ae83cc386c350451 by emaste:
dummynet: fix comment typo

fa2bb1440e13602676feec708ac7a9a3bb5ce5c8 by cy:
sqlite3: Vendor import of sqlite3 3.43.1

a687910fc4352117413b8e0275383e4c687d4c4c by vangyzen:
Cleanup pthread locks in ofed RDMA verbs

6cb933c56ea6e865adfa37c394a77e3866f41dfb by noreply:
tests: install missing PAM tests

741c215bab32a0a823572769c3560729c78390ea by noreply:
Fix l2arc_apply_transforms ztest crash

2076011e0c4c2d8ad6a59534a4784a6aa5f4f3df by noreply:
Fix incorrect expected error in ztest

7228ba1114024bb3564e272dded995cf1dd3efb4 by noreply:
cmd: add 'help' subcommand to zpool and zfs

2bcef59d428a672a9144c574b4b4f42f5f0e5b2a by glebius:
psm: recognize post-IBM trackpoints on Thinkpads

1843dfb05ed80149f5a412180af882e3cb8f451b by emaste:
libfido2: backport hidraw(4) support

2a78083fc2a14af863afb098925b0682698a2838 by kp:
route(8): fix `route not found` exit code and warn with netlink

bbac1d2977ec245ec063313c97ffc2356be07c20 by behlendorf1:
Update the behavior of mountpoint property

c63aabaf1c548248c8a5081f6014a472dc7c4570 by behlendorf1:
Improve the handling of sharesmb,sharenfs properties

01d9283af35498202acee9e6cd17dba1cb1fe87b by behlendorf1:
Clean up existing VERIFY*() macros.

506fe78c4843cd1f17e2aa183adce8e9717069c4 by behlendorf1:
Add VERIFY0P() and ASSERT0P() macros.

5f1479d92f66f87b88750c0fdbaba0238b751d33 by behlendorf1:
Use ASSERT0P() to check that a pointer is NULL.

8ee478dfd46dd972715a65134cef96fa5ef57dd0 by emaste:
release: stop generating mergemaster databases

d5ef73a71f0e2fbc4dc9b907a6e59a15599c50b3 by emaste:
Add deprecation notices to publickey(5) tools

84696cf10c7391651198294676e9227ec01440bb by emaste:
makefs: remove ISO9660 Archimedes extension support

948e11aaf420cd7d493cc2e118cacc06d18653fe by cy:
local-unbound: remove stray backup

8789e3b0214e1bea8452d62b41ac2e32547686a4 by stevek:
rpcbind: Add flag for foreground mode

c643e82dba0b17b2716de4c9d44a3c9c547cbbd5 by andrew:
arm64: Fix errata workarounds that depend on smccc

8a723e2bd8683b0e046ed9d03178082f84c8cf26 by andrew:
Check SMCCC is ready before using

39f4633b3d2354c01a290d5f422dce7874061769 by otis:
freebsd-update: Allow for upper/lowercase y/n

e39e6bef6725bde54f94aac7f0cda47c2170dc48 by manu:
arm/allwinner: fix variables initialization in clkng

90149552b1ee50c2915305f869cbf09da271e186 by noreply:
ZIL: Fix potential race on flush deferring.

febba4622b605bfda0f44ae3c943ccdaa914cdeb by emaste: add author identity info

6d9bc3ec9f177a278110ab004aba3e40ad421a0c by noreply:
Fix occasional rsend test crashes

4647353c8b2b5ca506da45bb9b01e1f3ef521847 by noreply:
status: report pool suspension state under failmode=continue

c584bb9cac16bc200ac45cc8b709e7e7e99e24bb by kib:
vfs_remount_ro(): mnt_lockref should be only accessed after

cf7974fd9e554552989237c3d6bc736d672ac7c6 by zlei:
sysctl: Update 'master' copy of vnet SYSCTLs on kernel environment

c0e249d32c780ee8240fe8b3b8144078a8eec41f by corvink:
bsdinstall: avoid conflicts with fd 3

843bea18711d726cd2f0a3c3f9144b218e4de3e8 by andrew:
arm64: Move all BP hardening quirks later

4386935191c576fa62a52d52734e264fe8329a67 by andrew:
vtgpu: Fix the physical memory size

159599c4a2bbd8fcc4bb7f845afe3e0ea232ab9e by yuripv:
msgdef: fix NO and SI locales

fb619c94c679e939496fe0cf94b8d2cba95e6e63 by asomers:
fusefs: fix some bugs updating atime during close

7d154c4dc64e61af7ca536c4e9927fa07c675a83 by asomers:
mprutil: "fix user reply buffer (64)..." warnings

b15b39521644ebffdcc091bd283ed410b0ae9274 by emaste:
libcrypto: complete the support for the 0.9.8 API

b53077a9e75133e245344f5d6f5805b16f4512d1 by noreply:
Add zfs_prepare_disk script for disk firmware install

8f37b3a142f2f7197896cd283c44c7e4fb64aaf3 by emaste:
libcrypto: fix the FIPS provider on amd64

e5236d25f2c0709acf3547e6af45f4bb4eec4f02 by asomers:
fusefs: fix unused variables from fb619c94c67

8ae54db63970e9370d3d88f6eb57c102e085a128 by manu:
arm64: rockchip: clk: Define PLIST macro in rk_cru.h

7b6ae431cf70cd8683270b3e315a14e61d666522 by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk3568_pmucru: Rewrite

50a0f1ce28b7f04fc23915fb06124242632a013c by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk3568_cru: Rewrite

7c6c426f29831799d1eae1ca5d4036a219b52fca by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk3328_cru: Use GATE macro

3d2ccc352db54b9fb11c4c1373a577e3e9d25114 by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk3399_pmucru: Use GATE macro

5b7fe78032a0d07995c1c1c005d82c3a1fe8a056 by manu:
arm64: rockchip: Remove CRU_GATE macro

829b06ad8f6f3317777c2395a090a898fdcd550c by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk3399_pmucru: Finish exporting all clocks

db34f02028f30bbf099bf1bce7ce66184f51b332 by manu:
arm64: rockchip: rk_clk_composite: Remove gate code

2303980cfcb1e709c17b108ce66a25a8e7eea337 by manu:
arm64: dtb: Add rk3566-quartz64-a.dts to the build

d26c1a0f8bceb6748436fe3fc57bac3ef8179dd3 by emaste:
makefs: Handle missing link keyword in mtree spec

67864268da53b792836f13be10299de8cd62997e by jah:
devfs: add integrity asserts for cdevp_list

b75d1ce6c10652fc4bfbf509deeae0e05c3d1356 by bz:
iwlwifi: temporary disable build for updates

3e1f5cc9a81a6065ddc371eea5755b4e207d72f8 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: prepare for iwlwifi driver updates

9af1bba44e1ce9b0296ae56760b564d67ab7a1cf by bz:
iwlwifi: update driver from upstream

027768a21217499dd85aba8608715a5bf66a7857 by bz:
iwlwifi firmware: update up-to -83 / updated -77 for others

6854154638a2c04ab59da43aedbe2c0ee8ef71a5 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: pass non-0/NULL arguments to MO functions

727f88f2617acaff4ada0f3dda6ca23c6679310d by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: mac80211 ops: distinguish between

616e13301bcf274b007f84ef99ea857a55bef46d by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: adjust code to new structure layout

8d58a0578635dc7dd1025ab08b0479f2b383e1a4 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: change ic_parent() to not call mo_stop()/mo_start()

a6042e17c8999c4965bd4d762c4564b322f1ae7b by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: inialize tx queue params

6ffb7bd469b26f2ff6cc62cedca6ffe884076196 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: setup a default link[0] and adjust related needs

af6aaa90057d75644c41527acc903082104e4114 by bz:
iwlwifi: re-attach to build after updates

3f382eb23b9fee75d05276a44feb5351d956238e by bz:
net80211: introduce two extra ieee80211_notify_scan_done()

da51e0f586389de0063650343e264ae58116e3c0 by emaste:
Add .mailmap to normalize some author data

7431b9928946eaab57819c939bcc273823b984b7 by yuripv:
.mailmap: normalize Mina's name in correct email case as well

242f314842767c36eaaacca9f433c80d34def39c by bz:
iwlwifi: Update iwlwifi.4 and iwlwififw.4 device list

0a22677bce28bc9ad39f219b726b5791852d84ba by bz:
iwlwifi: local namespace change for sysctl

ba793728a840041e93e38bcbff4a7233dc63b722 by emaste:
rc.subr: don't require service to be enabled for `status`

7a0e9e3f8f3a9379df793284f719f1a7ee5734c2 by mm:
zfs: update share/zfs/compatibility.d to match current ZFS code

2dc89b922bd12f86db193b7cd8d87159dee93bc6 by noreply:
tests/block_cloning: try harder to stay on same txg in fallback test

b37f29341b9aec1b6e45d55b6f7a1bc5b2723f7a by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.6 compat: use inode_get/set_ctime*(...)

01d00dfa9e47dba025522790736fc34d65baf2f1 by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.6 compat: generic_fillattr has a new u32 request_mask added at

7ac56b86cd69487fa018b6c92cb2cfb2f82fefba by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.6 compat: fsync_bdev() has been removed in favor of

e5d70f4677afb567151c9396b5ab1e8e3549e2ee by noreply:
ZIL: Avoid dbuf_read() in ztest_get_data()

633094c27f0ac1b1001d5bd24a883240b4bce1dc by emaste:
libprocstat: use elf_getphdrnum rather than deprecated elf_getphnum

b653faaa19c47a4a7e488e5ead738b7ae44ffe8b by des:
Remove mention of defunct mailing list from acl / mac man pages.

c34fce8a039935e06ed84db1395d7d2c551e5a7c by des:
Fix typos in acl_get_entry(3) manual page.

95a4709b2cca726c6b76c6743ba2d665c1730666 by yuripv:
Create namespace for the symbols added during 15-CURRENT cycle

36468371ce9565bf8989ad8e561e041bfe9cb80f by manu:
pkgbase: Fix ucl for libcompiler_rt

c531c1d1462c45f7ce5de4f9913226801f3073bd by zlei:
pf: Convert PF_DEFAULT_TO_DROP into a vnet loader tunable

366ef17bb6ce008f79a283ff5dc5e87ab13dbdb3 by zlei:
UPDATING: add entry for the new loader tunnable

4bdf7f695184fb4312462ad475f3302c9da40f13 by emaste:
netlink: add unregister call in cleanup

6f4ce7e89ba4fa52566704533920352aa65c7f9b by emaste:
lastcomm: improve timestamp display

66946511380bf088c96a7517ba9b018c943655c6 by manu:
iicbus: pmic: rk8xx: Fix logic in clock-output-names detection

f9e26e7853399e7b80ea033fa7fd72e8afe6d061 by manu:
arm64: dtb: Add rk3568-nanopi-r5s.dts to the build

c97a82d4a4a0288ed2a456f4ce41d57483724f17 by andrew:
libcrypto: Copy the arm64 header when building asm

2f198d313b4894c1fc3649aa1e5ccfba2b6a2ef5 by andrew:
ossl: Update arm_arch.h from OpenSSL 1.1.1 to 3.0

d61f9bfb0e5c119c97a559f187b1e9c73077307b by andrew:
arm64: Export HWCAP_CPUID

450f731b7f2351d475b43bbc6234eea28adfd2b0 by andrew:
Add BTI exceptions

f079ef5b6a3c6d8800724286675199f79b553ccb by emaste:
lastcomm: update amd64 tests for additional timestamp resolution

407e2d7cf1b6762c9768eaff60500b8d007cd81c by emaste:
lastcomm: update i386 tests for additional timestamp resolution

02cbc029dac936b4ddbc38cef969c4b30c9a7d1f by mjg:
vfs: fix reference counting/locking on LK_UPGRADE error

02ef039c284b8a7b1ea40f5f9a851a3cb6af5b31 by mjg:
vfs cache: Drop known argument of internal cache_recalc_neg_min()

33fdf1afaea931eaa5dd14e6c097d7ffafe2fb1a by mjg:
vfs cache: mark vfs.cache.param.size as read-only

2e2a46e0a597b3ee606ea7dc5bc527459077322f by noreply:
Invoke zdb by guid to avoid import errors

bb124a0f611a1288c8496e3b33494f23ba929ca1 by mjg:
vfs cache: retire dothits and dotdothits counters

f9df609750876be2c054dfac953316f513ccffce by sjg:
Add support for host32 for DIRDEPS_BUILD

03ef737c544d3dd90a0000c18382db99ccf2ee9a by zec:
ng_eiface: switch VNETs when injecting mbufs into netgraph

f80babf906b7be51b2a031ef26525893c7bf4e31 by mav:
kern_sysctl: Make name2oid() non-destructive to the name

a675eaec5aef0089b6838aca8fd432fea0bd883b by pstef:
sh: implement PS1 \D to print current time

701468baa415c7d563d1ad28d3133d0a976908e6 by jhb:
ifconfig/ifvlan.c: Whitespace fix

f2f73fa7bd4b24c22ced0ff4566e03115dc9cb5f by jhb:
factor: Remove an empty #ifdef __FBSDID clause

f174619c38c309e172344f5d21b324d47819f5fd by sjg:
Guard CROSS_TARGET_FLAGS from buildworld

855e0457396c7addb1df6fc1d14200cc8de286c0 by lwhsu:
ports(7): Update the default setting of MASTER_SITE_INDEX

2373e704aa1a5dcb7609badfdb0be4ceb4966d74 by mav:
Untie strchrnul() from gdb.

da8324a9258f1791cd10423103c1746646e33104 by imp:
nvme: Fix locking protocol violation to fix suspend / resume

0a5d2802b41fd216d9a345f749af1a6ccbe9f382 by emaste:
vge: correct pause_frames sysctl description

5e29272bf57e24a16f3a17f037f9a5e7cf25ed90 by emaste:
syscalls.master: Fix SAL annotation for getdirentires basep argument

a2440348eed75bb7682579af0905b652747fd016 by jamie:
jail: avoid a clash with /etc/jail.conf.d between rc and jail(8)

0a16d3d14db67c89ee08f954c670ec4f447a7ab5 by dchagin:
linux(4): Update syscalls.master to 6.5

28035f675b8590a24fddb418083788609ef75cc8 by dchagin:
linux(4): Regen

21a722d9593eb477f4ccdad011a2b4df0727fc62 by zlei:
rtsock: Add sysctl flag CTLFLAG_TUN to loader tunable

03dac3e37993801dab4418087bfedacce0526e66 by zlei:
netinet6: Add sysctl flag CTLFLAG_TUN to loader tunables

49197c391b3d49a33bcd08471bf64d533cd10f9d by zlei:
ipfw: Add sysctl flag CTLFLAG_TUN to loader tunables

82ddab0e8f9d5d0e4e8fdd2a7a17cd87e464f55b by andrew:
arm: Don't advertise the virtual timer on arm

97232e04ca07dffeef629c1628f1cc95f062b41a by jhb:
make_* Don't include $FreeBSD$ in generated files

7736786b08e8c9edb07088db3229695d0afed600 by jhb:
Retire old diskless setup scripts

bd524e2ddb77e1c691f308359ab917414ecb8bed by jhb:
videomode/devlist2h.awk: Don't include $FreeBSD$ in generated files

fc3cc652e500bd8e33b4b77449d167f1df073acb by jhb:
videomode: Regenerate files

16837d353cdde87672d08112610e51e4121c4e50 by jhb:
Remove a few more stray __FBSDID uses

99159b076a278d1feb0e18ae99fd866c90443893 by jhb:
Update a couple of tools to not embed __FBSDID in generated files

e4c68414d0854b5e43dfd1b2b0cfbc295702e831 by jhb:
lpr: Remove now unused fallback definition for __FBSDID

eba230afba4932f02a1ca44efc797cf7499a5cb0 by jhb:
Purge more stray embedded $FreeBSD$ strings

5919ab299160e6d330bfd8bacf7bd1c5ad8cabb9 by jhb:
powerpc/ Don't include $FreeBSD$ in prefix to uuencoded

c4e2333cb2a59e44004d824a1093d9bf1d9fe273 by jhb:
Update a few tools to not embed $FreeBSD$ in generated files

3aaa7724d68fb001ca3c7e75950edcb617aaeb65 by jhb:
sendmail: Drop $FreeBSD$ from .mc files

6a770c04986b01a95fbbdadc621e25cdfffbf7a9 by emaste:
openssl: document the update process

c989957f28ef5b03f594265612e3437c1e826ed4 by asomers:
printenv: Add test for printenv.

fb3c249ed93c834d70f8361215bc40a9e9004d3b by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: avoid symbol clash on UP to AC mapping

c5e257985085bd987b1dddffd0455c2230df2d1d by bz:
LiunxKPI: 802.11: move ieee80211_chanctx_conf into lkpi private struct

673d62fc359b0cb7a70af42c36d2fa54fb29452a by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: fill regulatory_hint() with some life

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