FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24297 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2023 04:09:56 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24297 (aa7c028adbb48bfb5404c567d66cab313d471cfc) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

26ac295c050d0cdaf9cc5b7e2bd1038bfcbec08e by andrew:
arm64: Fix long lines in vm_machdep.c

271e669ed5e55c95075b0dafaa58fded5b7556d0 by andrew:
arm64: Teach bus_dma on arm64 about NUMA

0f8b2ba6c629237e4ddd7a72f7c22f687208060d by asiciliano:
bsdconfig: Revert bsddialog support

c36b3dbc99d1e6dfc658e9c20382abc75749af82 by asiciliano:
bsdconfig: Restore bsddialog

ae2ca32781a90abe987e128ca167ab400a87f369 by kp:
netlink: fix potential llentry lock leak in newneigh handler

ffbf25951e7b7f867989b621b2c07e9dad9441fb by kp:
pf: convert rule addition to netlink

044eef6ab9cf1730d21c5f5dffebb0cd35fb5bbf by kp:
pf: support basic filters for state listing

3115538908e9344f4c881d5f6d5182e16bcd4e7b by markj:
boot/zfs: Add some fields to dsl_dir_phys_t

96092bf9108c97b45d18fd26fbe91f2d1c7799b8 by markj:
makefs/zfs: Fill out dd_used_breakdown fields in DSL directories

9f9d18d61e74e2486d9dc0c0187eb72b02c66743 by markj:
makefs/zfs: Add a regression test which checks the 'used*' properties

ef067b579954c3c443b2a70566e24d94a7583d19 by markj:
makefs/zfs: Update dd_used_breakdown after writing the MOS

4f33755051c60c6f65ba9f6aaa33d11e72909618 by kp:
pf: allow states to be killed by their pre-NAT address

501b7fbd75cbc321227930d38a52394194170f5b by kp:
pf tests: add a test for killing states by NAT address

7b2ab18fbada2e61d0b3154b74bd0935c77ec786 by kib:
pf/netlink: explicitly include sys/ucred.h to provide struct ucred

c35f527ed115b792463d30c7d3c8904e435caead by mjg:
sx: unset td_wantedlock around going to sleep

8bd794531118c17b530eb51384439c46e72bb69d by mjg:
sx: fixup copy pasto in previous

bcde15f5f894ece1f507ae997d17d810efae9c76 by mhorne:
ofwdump(8): cross-reference openfirm(4)

0514f032c835baba81ae157cae68584e60ffe278 by mhorne:
devfs(8): Remove references to /usr/share/examples/etc/devfs.conf

428879dc9110240ad0940c7ac8cd69bcaf6e686e by rmacklem:
kgssapi: Add a new file with a function for a future commit

dd7d42a1fae5a4879b62689a165238082421f343 by rmacklem:
nfscl/kgssapi: Fix Kerberized NFS mounts to pNFS servers

934a24e55a785e27faf96979602ae1954f384d67 by kp:
ndp: improve -c and -d handling in ndp_netlink

afd74c400075d94e01dd3430844bb290834660ef by oshogbo:
cap_net: correct capability name from addr2name to name2addr

82ea0132c8b17a7a6067c8a36c6434e587ede6de by rmacklem:
gssd: Add support for the new upcall required by commit 428879dc9110

2cffb52514b070e716e700c7f58fdb8cd9b05335 by kp:
libpfctl: fix pfctl_do_ioctl()

4abc3b482e0d246cd3518622223795c8de102130 by kp:
libpfctl: fix Coverity issues

6869f90bf5bbb2f5ae5400e3a435b3680991321d by kp:
pf: update pf(4) man page to list DIOCGETSTATESV2

825caf7e12445fa4818413cc37c8b45bebb6c3a9 by emaste:
OpenSSL: Vendor import of OpenSSL 3.0.12

1798b44fda382c473c9fc7762e162613a39dc23c by kib:
user stack randomization: only enable by default for 64bit processes

d521abdff2367a5c72a773a815fc3d99403274f5 by emaste:
Update ASLR stack sysctl description in security.7 and mitigations.7

1e05cf5f97dee6d7139aa64f14264fb4c2333455 by andrew:
arm64: Add a missing MRS_HWCAP_END

876fddc886987ddbc89c412b15874749764167ac by markj:
tcp: Silence a -Wunused-function warning in tcp_ratelimit.h

575878a533823aa3e5bab715928d9cdffbc4dcbc by emaste:
OpenSSL: regenerate asm files for 3.0.12

d3a36e4b7459b2d62c4cd50de7a8e3195d7241c7 by mckusick:
Delete snapshot after opening it when running fsck_ffs(9) in background.

f407a72a506d2630d60d9096c42058f12dff874e by glebius:
bhyve: fix arguments to ioctl(VMIO_SIOCSIFFLAGS)

d7c9de2d68ca81c557e069c2b431529cf597886c by kp:
pf tests: Add option to send fragmented packets

ede5d4ff5b39ccbc193c30fb6c093c7c4de9a464 by kp:
pf: Fix packet reassembly

5e50df6dc026853d578b295af7891b34c59adfe9 by imp:
devd: Restore WARNS=6

860b8fec5374e3d88950ff4160cd04c53c9d571c by imp:
ttys: Document insecure flag

5c9f0f72f47ea5315e5147185e47c2efca2e8c85 by imp:
gpart: Be less picky about GPT Tables in some cases

4894205482555447c6b3372598c7589a66596724 by brooks:
procctl.2: improve phrasing for ASLR disable

326bf5089ca788d5ff1951eed7a9067281a2b65e by brooks:
auxv: make AT_BSDFLAGS unsigned

99c20ec65706a2ee15326763732e5d333bdd1b41 by imp:
ttys: bump date

2152c4e2db88b9264c6400f2510440465d39c7b8 by kib:
pthread_mutexattr_init(3): describe pthread_mutexattr_{set,get}pshared

4f03a2cae8ae96446064da4e8a533ab24172bdcb by kib:
pthread_mutexattr(3), _condattr(3): reference libthr(3)

34632ed1a49512f52968736abca66c0420bb576a by imp:
arm: Introduce MK_KERNEL_BIN to control generation of kernel.bin

93d4bad6453a2b32191428de69beb4766167db9d by kevans:
arm: prune imx5 support from the tree

98d2608a2a686a300fdaeb45e666ff1661244260 by imp:
efibootmgr: support '-b bootXXXX' as an alias for '-b XXXX'

731f91c0770be0d6666f483449878b60e5319924 by imp:
efibootmgr: -C isn't implemented

cb0259b6dfbacf437442856024fff48e44e94b96 by imp:
UPDATING: Document branch creation

070a4ff82a34652d533f9315ae9ad0aa8f1fdeb2 by andrew:
arm64: Use the Linux sigframe to restore registers

820fbcf25bb2c7f1c570c0d408b2ab7d05bd771c by bapt:
pkgbase: compress packages with zstandard

afd155c72bf65c056d19473569cc78c6e5807b3b by imp:
netinet: The tailq_hash code doesn't reference tcpoutflags

5e50a0f39ff7fce651a0d36ee686740b70ad9f0e by imp:
strlcpy/strlcat: Remove references to snprintf

314542de6d0a044640d349d68b2d1a1fe5f427ff by imp:
clock_gettime: Minor clarification

8c0955cbd902b8acea82838ab1b3b12422f207ff by imp:
netgraph: Fix obsolete comment

538f8bdc8bc4ebb868ab0ae12537815d27e310eb by imp:
otus: splnet isn't a thing, remove place holders

ca062b4d291f434f4eef02df59691d3dd50db5aa by imp:
mwl: Remove stale reference to splnet/splvm.

f42bb99ad5f0b04b96c929276b5fbbdf13925285 by imp:
udbp: Remove stale splnet comment

dbf203548b6b6188c290f4ef9b70c5b7c65fefea by imp:
devd: Remove obsolete / wrong nomatch examples

aa7c028adbb48bfb5404c567d66cab313d471cfc by imp:
devd: Improve devmatch support

The failed test cases:

2 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.netinet6.lpm6.lpm6_test1_success

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.netinet6.frag6.frag6_19.frag6_19

Error Message:
Global IPv6 statistics do not match: 19 != 20