FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #113 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 07:04:45 UTC
FreeBSD-stable-14-amd64-test - Build #113 (c8ca21cc94df97ec5b85c8aa6dcc71f75e99ecfe) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

9dad3ed1d15c95c3eedb49c59e55bb25a7071250 by mhorne:
cr_canseejailproc(): New privilege, no direct check for UID 0

3ad322db8902da1c3d3669471e4e5738f980a849 by mhorne:
New cr_bsd_visible(): Whether BSD policies deny seeing subjects/objects

e1153205a719c6cb792cb2213a3737ee6b53d59c by mhorne:
Fix 'security.bsd.see_jail_proc' by using cr_bsd_visible()

f173bbdbc1f8701d55db52be30b738395ab3c925 by mhorne:
cr_canseeotheruids(), cr_canseeothergids(): Man pages: Impacts of rename

ce4c78b612b1d933320ae794b50f85f60db2e1a0 by mhorne:
cr_canseejailproc(9): New man page

d9181d86c6aed243927620b414a7c37b1ae613d7 by mhorne:
cr_bsd_visible(9): New man page

ad1486b625edbf190ba0d9c77d695560e75037cb by mhorne:
cr_canseeothergids(9): Revamp, mark as internal

60cc4f16d4e91d9d37a4619d708cfe88ff093526 by mhorne:
groupmember(9): Detail which groups are considered, simplify

e04b81f8b76ceb31abec1c739b42e70433047d3d by mhorne:
cr_canseeotheruids(9): Revamp, mark as internal

2ecbfdaecbd009d32b2453c7b2bd6c33656b92ef by mhorne:
cr_cansee(9): cr_bsd_visible() impacts, simplifications

fea4e20afb76b900bfc6a733487470e3ec6f13a2 by mhorne:
p_cansee(9): Bring up-to-date, misc fixes

76781950658cc95a0820af5f0fb013f2ef9eb3a9 by mhorne:
p_candebug(9): cr_bsd_visible() impacts, misc fixes

8d935c419fdafa0cb6fe9e1a3ed6dd92fd76d776 by mhorne:
prison_check(9): Bring up-to-date with hierarchical jails

f3de805ace484db4a3bf9191a150ef4843ae92f3 by mhorne:
groupmember(): Extract the supplementary group search in a separate

d1fde7841f3f3dd86b932ae1f9bb285cbe16634c by mhorne:
New realgroupmember()

f482bc958437e90cf8eb3a9e45e92efeb0b2556e by mhorne:
cr_canseeothergids(): Use real instead of effective group membership

b6b76c1c09a44dbf9ef1ef8e6b0c3e8204baae7a by mhorne:
groupmember(), realgroupmember(): Return a bool instead of an int

4a8585251944e1d8f0242ee7937204e4fbcd3e8f by mhorne:
security(7): security.bsd.see*: Be more accurate

b0186790020f1a3eecd6b1d86fe79841d90e3438 by mhorne:
ptrace(2): Disabling: Describe influence of security.bsd.see_jail_proc

c8ca21cc94df97ec5b85c8aa6dcc71f75e99ecfe by mhorne:
sysctl(8): Mention more security.bsd knobs; Refer to security(7)

The failed test cases:

5 tests failed.

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details


Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  usr.bin.file.file_test.contrib_file_tests

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.fs.tmpfs.times_test.empty

Error Message:
Incorrect atime


Error Message:
Test program did not exit cleanly