FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24457 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 09:39:01 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24457 (272a406042608da9bc3e67e41c6b7fc31d4166b8) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

0964743013fdb71f1810cda1a85dab206e7f2a13 by kib:
sys/sys: Remove some more vestiges of the $FreeBSD$

b411372b7d17ae7e5d6c944732d41b979bde2ac4 by imp:
mpi3mr: Don't hold fwevt_lock over call to taskqueue_drain

a2b046620c54db977196128b3c53da2704b9fd20 by imp:
mpi3mr: Remove unused fields in struct mpi3mr_cmd

7c4913093a759adf2e4c7d65535aee04aadee4df by imp:
mpi3mr: Reduce the scope of the reset_mutext

e2b27df9eb324fa6e72e29d3185dcd6b390efa9d by imp:
mpi3mr: Minor style fix

1cfd01111eb6a28ca5043e928aa8e9099064177a by imp:
mpi3mr: Only set callout_owned when we create a timeout

cf8c23230aabd30aa9251975dbe705da559a2d02 by imp:
mpi3mr: Cleaup setting of status in processing scsiio requests

3208a189c1e2c4ef35daa432fe45629a043d7047 by imp:
mpi3mr: Fix EINPROGRESS errors hanging the card

91d961356d03465635c4784fab48acdd1304e1e0 by imp:
mpi3mr: Honor the dma mask from IOCFacts

ee7c431c4991febefcd15f16caa0e2b17c73b7b6 by imp:
mpi3mr: Trivial trailing white space reduction

28a274342ea0b0666b56704477d2d1c17564942e by imp:
mpi3mr: Add firmware version

4e6d128bd823e5b5d0b058f918c7036978a0e8bf by imp:
mpi3mr: Fix MAXPHYS usage

39a3e6a812ad9c089bd2c4935193f1b3c4c5c35a by imp:
mpi3mr: Make these bus_dmamap_load calls synchronous

489eee0d41dce317678adb0dae8d509a5f1d6d93 by imp:
mpi3mr: Use template for main busdma tag.

2361a0056fc16b5e11df2aa948aaa633ac01d685 by imp:
mpi3mr: Replace can't happen DataLength == 0 with an assert

1ec7c672bc2854a1efb1d50f189d4881163c16c6 by imp:
mpi3mr: Assume dma_hiaddr is BUS_SPACE_MAXADDR

272a406042608da9bc3e67e41c6b7fc31d4166b8 by imp:
mpi3mr: Minor tweak to task queue pausing