FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24434 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2023 21:41:43 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24434 (71cfd330fc008187ff41db795ae5e6372bf802ab) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

7fabea328fed60d5207b262d2372e85a7f731eef by rmacklem:
param.h: Bump __FreeBSD_version to 1500004 for commit f5f277728ade

a4b19cf5c76ac66d02a3ef8a549115ba865d630c by mhorne:
hptmv: remove vestigial EVENTHANDLER_DEREGISTER()

f3dc172763aee039c917fdba03f1e27095f5a7a9 by mhorne:
geom: sort includes for some files

66d9c2f38d2db9e50c0dbf56dca4a2f3e6c3107c by mhorne:
pst-raid.c: sort #includes

4eb861d362d6a9493df7f77eab8e28f9c826702a by mhorne:
shutdown: audit shutdown_post_sync event callbacks

428ebb7cd9f51afb6809bf81cf21a05e0fd93ff4 by mhorne:
pst: improve shutdown_post_sync handler

41e26e8288f1743c8584e5f9c461d36dce1cccc6 by mhorne:
powerpc: better handling of shutdown flags

d79a9edb5ce162c1ba49e12e5c93b894e6a25ad2 by mhorne:
alq, siftr: add panic/debugger checks to shutdown hooks

9d61fd08499609a2c95d1c66f97587932b446f06 by mhorne:
ctl_ha: don't shutdown threads if scheduler is stopped

2ce1c45b3411410a5d0a4d08198a3b0010d493b7 by mhorne:
iscsi: adjust shutdown_pre_sync handler

9e0b0f5de67fd46bddf0e12ef7b71d76a7ec1667 by mhorne:
xen: improve shutdown hook

960612a19f009df602a4cb008fa90a45a6e869bb by mhorne:
shutdown: tweak kproc/kthread shutdown check

4e78a766f607192698514d970ff4e9fa91d0482d by mhorne:
kern_reboot(): don't clear kdb_active

ae9437671a1569bb90305996416d3a40e77c2f05 by mhorne:
kern_reboot(9): belatedly bump .Dd

a3ceeef26bc880b86f4e181bddd9924a2b5e0691 by kevans:
arm64: lop off another 24MB of KVA for early device mappings

8c4ee0b22c98fc1e208dd133f617bd329cd10728 by mav:
Use xpt_path_sbuf() in few drivers

19f073c612afa0111d216e5ccab9525bfc97ec32 by jhb:
new-bus: Add resource_validate_map_request function

b887b665ebc044f246d261e8af543765b846ed38 by jhb:
nexus: Use resource_validate_map_request

71cfd330fc008187ff41db795ae5e6372bf802ab by jhb:
arm64/riscv nexus: Implement bus_unmap_resource