FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24389 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2023 05:40:31 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24389 (24938f9311c9c9acc1ce747f4e6a088c2dbc967d) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

6f38d2e7b0599f9b61c04686eb9a7faf3264b8ec by gallatin:
acpi: Add workaround for Altra I2C memory resource

b2376a5f1e15abc6806a5ba6e7645e3be20bf620 by imp:
Revert "awk: Merge upstream 2nd Edition Awk Book"

e4f84168b3c8bf99297dda712b147906d463b20e by kib:
mlx5: Add modify header support

bb4645b95b0b3976decb4e68934b2e5cc002c53d by kib:
mlx5: Add packet reformat allocation support

cb054a493a95cbd5a4b00c693c3924622914c51a by kib:
mlx5: Refactor flow actions into a struct

847542c60c2b3d922d636cc36ce51714032f9825 by kib:
mlx5: Add modify header support to flow rules

45e2e55df665c9b5749c9f2269d1b804147917eb by kib:
mlx5: Add packet reformat support to flow rules

76ed99ed8ad259792fea752461e2cd1ed481e8e1 by kib:
mlx5: Use software enum in APIs instead of PRM

04db54fe4309e896c4c80baadbcc47b171722027 by kib:
net/mlx5: Fix auto group size calculation

0a5db6bb3a953bd22f53f3607ae6853487548532 by kib:
net/mlx5: Allow creating autogroups with reserved entries

6a6af22b6ec42eb0436381fae8dd1b86bc4c6327 by kib:
mlx5: Add a no-append flow insertion mode

35bbcf0916992d77fe1521962db42b3106a701fb by kib:
mlx5: add fs_counters

ad744541311bfddd74ea3c5d49d52a4c366b9762 by kib:
mlx5: add ability to attach flow counter to steering rule

b94ef2a3bcbb369d85b276a45504d42f2f2cd369 by kib:
mlx5ib: adjust for the mlx5_create_auto_grouped_flow_table() interface

7b959396ca6fae5635260131eedb9bc19f2726a3 by kib:
mlx5: Introduce new destination type TABLE_TYPE

97beac79edf450851474934199e504e6244a7116 by kib:
mlx5core: add linux/bitops.h include for mlx5_ifc.h use of BIT()

6eda49b7bfd3a5e013bef54262dddf9a54a3be07 by kib:
mlx5_core: add new files to the static files list

a5c2f4e939430f0048136c39fb9fa6093d401905 by asomers:
libc/libc/rpc: refactor some global variables

24938f9311c9c9acc1ce747f4e6a088c2dbc967d by asomers:
lib/libc/rpc: switch the per-fd structs in clnt_{dg,vc}.c to RB Trees