FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22976 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 02:08:27 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22976 (3a3450eda6d4616df51a30f84a872d9d43669d78) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

a82a8a5e193587d819288c3c27f1c9472178e10e by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `backlight_get_brightness()` and `backlight_is_blank()`

cf5416908658ed0e4f2ae72916dfe1a84d7fd61c by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Declare missing `DMI_*` enum entries

1c6d8146fdec8267712615c261bf6c8800f8ecfe by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Update `vga_client_register()` and add

5542309ec6eba3af9e26c50acd654de462181b8e by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `xa_is_err()`, `xa_{store,erase}_irq()` and

83276e1f952d720c23092ea17e95c03fef8476b7 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Add `i2c_adapter_quirks` support

bf6f6650813959ecf3469854ad266c5a5590c754 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `FIELD_FIT()`

54606590dffcd23136af1c26da38206f4d3a6269 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Move definition of `struct list_head` to <linux/types.h>

b82bcfb66fa5ef30939f3f5169a07bf4bc139e71 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `lockdep_assert{,_once}()`

210e756d4b32f43e8cc5f748456158757892a46a by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `IRQ_NOTCONNECTED`

d91cf060205cfe479675d7fb4ec95d2ed6a9b76c by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Add <linux/stdarg.h> + include it from <linux/string.h>

f3490083b731700f2aa7c17ac6fe159826dc59a5 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Add `sg_alloc_table_from_pages_segment()`

a27902c1838836b3fb00cd660ce37a4f20bd7991 by dumbbell:
linuxkpi: Define `cpu_data(cpu)`

3dfd18a769dfee663cd3d5e6eba05bfe8c1d0e2e by jhb:
Remove support for the base/* toolchain ports.

18bb97b76b269f38407b5c48d53ceaf6447450f1 by jhb:
arm64 pmap: Fix a buffer overrun initializing per-superpage locks.

775da7f8a9248d148ffd50635cf043c015146225 by markj:
tcp: Remove a redundant net_epoch entry in tcp6_connect()

c7ea65ec69dde90253bd1872fecaeb7c07337f97 by markj:
inpcb: refcount_release() returns a bool

d0991948182a1a149ee84f1b9c4d3e30450c8f0b by markj:
vm_fault: Fix a race in vm_fault_soft_fast()

020e8a4d0609d56cb49a9f35258ff07815d5e478 by kib:
allocbuf(): convert direct panic() calls to KASSERT()s

e59180ea09a1d1d1463f2a269e94efa0f0b677c5 by kib:
msdosfs: correct handling of vnode pager size on file extension error

67dc1e7b0457ec014a1291c5874decdefe7bffdd by kib:
msdosfs deextend(): memoize DETOV(dep)

0152d453a08fa2bad694dc04a8184fce2b7faa10 by kib:
msdosfs deextend: validate pages of the partial buffer

9d329bbc9aea6b8f47df251072bc65403ac3e43e by rmacklem:
nfsd: Continue adding macros so nfsd can run in a vnet prison

889f07460151ad20d3171cb37c608aaee112e408 by kib:
tmpfs_access(): style fixes and remove redundand assertions

adc3506d56d76981a0e251080b186c26edb843b4 by kib:
Extract tmpfs-specific part of tmpfs_access() into a helper

3a3450eda6d4616df51a30f84a872d9d43669d78 by kib:
tmpfs_rename(): use tmpfs_access_locked instead of VOP_ACCESS()