FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24530 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2023 16:50:54 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #24530 (4c9e6ad3205a770a029cedc3056790258791e6ba) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

3c7650491b9ac2d1c7610c9421aa1d2d2db8c74b by noreply:
zed: fix typo in variable ZED_POWER_OFF_ENCLO*US*RE_SLOT_ON_FAULT

5ff43969e7bf64c21d91afbc121a5e2ea9b307d3 by behlendorf1:
ZTS: block_cloning: Use numeric sort for get_same_blocks

2ebb9a4811ce14dc624cd085d959d74bf2da8e4e by behlendorf1:
ZTS: Add test cases for block cloning replay

e53e60c0bda6ee5ae9524361d8210ccaf5d5d45e by noreply:
DMU: Fix lock leak on dbuf_hold() error

8ad73bf4497e8c8d71ad3aa93459b70c6a2050c0 by noreply:
ZTS: Disable io_uring test on CentOS 9

9f6ad4dcb6aea0b798cec6be034c70548aef12e9 by noreply:
ZTS: Add zpool_import_status.ksh to

b1748eaee0dd9331c3ab1c7e9d548203a4d70176 by noreply:
ZTS: Add dirty dnode stress test

a9b937e066644c767e43aeeb46783e3139378b47 by noreply:
For db_marker inherit the db pointer for AVL comparision.

f4b97c1e009006bce43de5ccaf9326f572bf8b7a by noreply:
ZTS: Update raidz_expand_005_pos.ksh

86063d90319ac8a785d81ba7e3f8037a7f5389f3 by noreply:
dbuf: Handle arcbuf assignment after block cloning

86e115e21e5bdeee73c88c5a1a73a29d9637380a by noreply:
dbuf: Set dr_data when unoverriding after clone

93b7818226cf5270646725805b4a8c17a1ad3761 by cc:
libexec/rc/rc.initdiskless: make tar's path flexible

40e1d9d45f0f6798e404eb7d63afb3976e85cc02 by royger:
xen: add SPDX license tags to Xen headers

ea9a9b122d949141fe9e5a49d2d01ca6b48fb1d0 by royger:
sys/conf: make xen_acpi_cpu.c depend on acpi

ed917e0faea8453551b0ee9728c5d328e2e3e412 by royger:
xen/intr: correct type of evtchn_enabled

4c9e6ad3205a770a029cedc3056790258791e6ba by royger:
xen: add atomic #defines to accomodate differing xen_ulong_t sizes