FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #23414 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 17:17:43 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #23414 (02f3b17fa5967b15d3841d9f7df56264557d1bfb) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

6ed3b9ca25ba71e2420555dce015dc80192a2b4e by wulf:
hid: fix typo in hid_is_collection

1bf4991bbc2c2fb6c33ce1303eff9c5833538034 by andrew:
Remove unneeded masks from the arm64 KASAN shadow

fb421e96c03087ef9e02e64232763906b6da88ae by andrew:
Make arm64 pcb padding explicit

7029f2c887a16c823faf08e8a79dc0d3887989ab by andrew:
Allow pci_host_generic attachments to manage registers

c9a05c072270fc0140fccc0c6c0181c4c0b66c62 by andrew:
Add a PCI driver that follows the Arm DEN0115 spec

078a69abcbb8795f0e91d06ebcaef09236a11ceb by andrew:
Use a uint64_t to store the arm64 mpidr

8bc94f256e171bbd69e828ee587298348af82cdd by andrew:
Remove redundant data from pci host generic

117beba8a80e8dc17ba22b43687586964175dda0 by andrew:
arm64: Clean up smmu fdt xref handling

913d04deeddaeb3b2e4545657d688404835b2e1a by andrew:
Add PCI_ID_OFW_IOMMU to the pci ecam ACPI driver

49ee1a7ef0b164ce70408651621a0195c7c6930f by andrew:
Create a common function to get the SMMU sid

b97e94d91ed8489a90b7567861ca67e17730a103 by andrew:
Move to a SMMU specific struct for the smmu pmap

cdd34e0038e5b22c23cc6e343c8e9ad83f497adf by andrew:
Remove virtual addresses from smmu_pmap_remove_pages

c3785c3eb0e3971a366ff4ee1e264ab316eb191f by andrew:
Remove unneeded SMMU macros

97583aa2567589cb83540d2d9de1980b76db9a99 by jhibbits:
linuxkpi: Migrate to IfAPI

7814374b7cd5d905583d4159f5f28b9970fcf5cd by jhibbits:
IfAPI: Hide the macros that touch ifnet members

02f3b17fa5967b15d3841d9f7df56264557d1bfb by jhibbits:
Mechanically convert Xen netfront/netback(4) to IfAPI