FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #23286 - Unstable

From: <>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2023 19:20:43 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #23286 (04bab189b8a54974fcd9530140e4eed6ad137f48) - Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

dc72c60ec11ec48a3c325bd4249afbf3ba1876c7 by noreply:
zfs redact fails when dnodesize=auto

9f08b6e31f7ea0d174ba1d19a7f2d1cb48385b93 by noreply:
Sync thread should avoid holding the spa config write lock when possible

0f32b1f7289f224691e48d6998ad28d5b3a589c3 by noreply:
Partially revert eee9362a7

1d56c6d0174c709b7db2e44a90bbec21d4da72b5 by noreply:
Fix per-jail zfs.mount_snapshot setting

28251d81d723292a6813f93495f2c6c132938945 by noreply:
FreeBSD: don't verify recycled vnode for zfs control directory

d9e64a4030d141580af2e8b75e8982637818145a by noreply:
Improve error message of zfs redact

c9e39da9a42a863141fd41c031ac7cee0253635b by noreply:
Use rw_tryupgrade() in dmu_bonus_hold_by_dnode()

7cb67d627c0c258a5dedb5b0d1f979469e51c91a by noreply:
Fix NULL pointer dereference in zio_ready()

89cd2197b94986d315b9b1be707b645baf59af4f by noreply:
Fix buffered/direct/mmap I/O race

6109d83df86321a21a0f7ef543d71bdc62f075a6 by noreply:
ZTS: Minor fixes

d816bc5ec76b050ab5319112320e1676d538161c by noreply:
Move dmu_buf_rele() after dsl_dataset_sync_done()

bf1bec394e715de9f7ac4a54b5b1b884d7e41a32 by noreply:
Use .section .rodata instead of .rodata on FreeBSD

000985fc15ecd71e9d3360867df5d19e0a00a373 by noreply:
Workaround GitHub Action failure

3b9309aabe46fff4d2781251abfeacc8e2b170c8 by noreply:
Move zap_attribute_t to the heap in dsl_deadlist_merge

f58e513f7408f353bf0151fdaf235d4e062e8950 by noreply:
ICP: AES-GCM: Refactor gcm_clear_ctx()

bff26b022066c92dfdb405c3c67d841269b5a2a3 by noreply:
Skip memory allocation when compressing holes

4b9bc6345eb059d37f3fd01843c062fc46633d33 by noreply:
Add vdevprops.7 to the Makefile

73c383f541485d60af70367196869cda999231c1 by noreply:
Prevent incorrect datasets being mounted

727339b11833fead1f8f86235817722c9fe21caf by noreply:
Fix github build failures because of vdevprops.7

13ff72ba0af1ea52d8d67bb802c66b9f214af42c by noreply:
Revert zfeature_active() to static

2f76797ad9b630751fad9b10aa7aa4a1737c4300 by noreply:
Linux: Assert mutex is held in mutex_exit()

d634d20d1be31dfa8cf06ef2dc96285baf81a2fb by noreply:
icp: Prevent compilers from optimizing away memset() in gcm_clear_ctx()

4d9bb5514c5ab1b025384db3f3c42eca550ff944 by behlendorf1:
Suppress static analyzer warnings in zio_checksum_error_impl()

7fc48f8378c608bde79e815f8a3e95a4f2045314 by behlendorf1:
Suppress static analyzer warning in sa_attr_iter()

9a14ce43c3d6a9939804215bbbe66de5115ace42 by behlendorf1:
Statically allocate first node of zfsdev_state_list

5cc49509013db4aa23f8e21eafdbde8403d5dffa by behlendorf1:
Suppress static analyzer warning in dbuf_hold_copy()

ae7e7006500ca37c471dd625cd5cbfc590b49885 by behlendorf1:
Suppress static analyzer warning in dmu_objset_create_impl_dnstats()

cbd76b4032d6d2c3870eec59eb5d0fec319b23eb by noreply:
Makefile.bsd: cleanup and sync with FreeBSD

4fe9cc54374479652aed431f54c44bb209f6635f by noreply:
man: note that zdb operates directly on pool storage

25c4d1f0321532e33f979b810b0535059122e8b7 by noreply:
mancheck: exclude dotfiles in man dir

3a7c35119e5456b5d2eb54db18c331e201ef776c by noreply:
Handle unexpected errors in zil_lwb_commit() without ASSERT()

0f9ed58f432a3eee2459b415be388a37280b885e by noreply:
Update reclaim disk space script

dd108f5d73e241a7a3fa836e5c3322a10d135a5c by noreply:
Linux: zfs_fillpage() should handle partial pages from end of file

9fd5fedc677f79ce79ecff6595a9360bbfe0ffb1 by noreply:
Remove bad kmem_free() oversight from previous zfsdev_state_list patch

4c856fb333ac57d9b4a6ddd44407fd022a702f00 by noreply:
Fix data race between zil_commit() and zil_suspend()

cd560c447407cdd73bf94170125351b204567d48 by noreply:
Accommodate debug-kernel stack frame size

5f42d1dbf2854d0224f2f5853aab8153f78bdcc3 by noreply:
System-wide speculative prefetch limit.

163f3d3a1fc144f1b9b358cec616d4cba4e87d67 by noreply:
zdb: add decryption support

3e254aaad0faa91137fc56cbc0b6f9dabb96bb1a by behlendorf1:
Remove old or redundant SHA2 files

6723d1110f6daf93be93db74d5ea9f6b64c9bce5 by behlendorf1:
Add ARM architecture to OpenZFS buildsystem

589143c225c7bca1ef99148c6eae1291174ca584 by behlendorf1:
Add SHA2 SIMD feature tests for FreeBSD

cef125313548787f3cdce26413e52bd6127bbc2d by behlendorf1:
Add SHA2 SIMD feature tests for Linux

ac678c8eee3384b54c364d54b323265037f408c0 by behlendorf1:
Add SHA2 SIMD feature tests for libspl

4c5fec01a48acc184614ab8735e6954961990235 by behlendorf1:
Add generic implementation handling and SHA2 impl

f9f9bef22f96eb3092d7466112f62f7ad4567d71 by behlendorf1:
Update BLAKE3 for using the new impl handling

620a977f22a656d4d0da395c4d8cc661e4b4ba8a by behlendorf1:
Use SECTION_STATIC macro for sha2 x86_64 assembly

47119d60eff666b7da4d230054cf8a113baf9b92 by noreply:
Restore ASMABI and other Unify work

8846139b45ff2ddd416f1a8b6227862e519898fc by behlendorf1:
SHA2Init() should use signed assertions when checking an enum

b79e7114bb95862ebe6d98f0ac9692cae7798d17 by behlendorf1:
Add missing increment to dsl_deadlist_move_bpobj()

bc4d210783686a0b6728546576e4465912f99afc by noreply:
Fix memory leak in ztest

ca9e32d3a7f47cf9b4c564f5b16beadc29647804 by noreply:
Optimize the is_l2cacheable functions

28bf26acb6735f95c47e3f1056cd1142607c0bcc by noreply:
[FreeBSD] zfs_znode_alloc: lock the vnode earlier

84a1c48c86775c21649ce42b3c512ca3070f8c2d by noreply:
Fix detection of IBM Power8 machines (ISA 2.07)

4628bb9c6059f997dcf9aba9478843aba1596026 by noreply:
initramfs: fix zpool get argument order

119138701222d9e999900e11f30b1d0816fc5dd9 by noreply:
spl: Add cmn_err_once() to log a message only on the first call

a55254be7a5cb67c45e2b8ab654d90147d06e1e1 by noreply:
[FreeBSD] fix false assert in cache_vop_rmdir when replaying ZIL

12a240ac0b3b89e9210b3a2a539c1f74488e927d by noreply:
Fix a typo in ac2038a

b988f32c701760da8793f83f22f2043578e11b67 by noreply:
Better handling for future crypto parameters

1f196e31079295320359bb04f3ee16a54563a330 by noreply:
Fix build for Linux/powerpc without CONFIG_ALTIVEC or CONFIG_VSX

7d638df09be7482935bcf6ec8e4ea2ac8a8be1a8 by noreply:
Do not hold spa_config in ZIL while blocked on IO

8d9752569b3d7308f3df1295316385f6cbbaac54 by noreply:
ICP: AES-GCM: Unify gcm_init_ctx() and gmac_init_ctx()

a8d83e2a24de6419dc58d2a7b8f38904985726cb by noreply:
More adaptive ARC eviction

9368b3877c06061a602cb6638ee64f173e9b90d3 by behlendorf1:
Fix TOCTOU race in zpool_do_labelclear()

8b72dfed11d0070c55361408bff9d60d873e437f by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer defect report in abd_get_size()

a4240a8ac7871f8de537edf799e37e0a4fd4be08 by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer false positive in the AVL tree code.

0b831cabc6e5f210445d90c89996abc88169f01f by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer warning about SNPRINTF_BLKPTR()

399bb816070500e7c784e14198a2209bf083b4e9 by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer warning in vdev_split()

f9e109223ba06690d3318ee352dc75d45ce88e2e by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer warning in dbuf_dnode_findbp()

5dd0f019cd1c579c42f6c3d06b0ac1b03be342ba by behlendorf1:
Linux cleanup: zvol_discard() should only call blk_queue_io_stat() once

17443e0b2044377f8cc7b9f4bc23b7fe6cbb3e3d by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Remove constant comparisons reported by CodeQL

45c446308a571c5b24f141b094b922cca7f2479d by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer warning in dsl_dir_rename_sync()

51f55742f6b8e2f8d5c34a4b01d6284a2f0aa67f by behlendorf1:
Suppress Clang Static Analyzer warning in bpobj_enqueue()

c2550a136ed578c20dc412ae427f3c9ca29e5e0c by behlendorf1:
Linux: Silence static analyzer warning in crypto_create_ctx_template()

66a38fd10ac5dd8734c9a024e8cb5745436e6f62 by behlendorf1:
Linux: Suppress clang static analyzer warning in zfs_remove()

703283fabd147e2147a93fc9d83d9ca57b3c0fdd by behlendorf1:
Linux: Fix octal detection in define_ddi_strtox()

08641d9007850fcd6dc43b4526b10db537f21d1f by behlendorf1:
Suppress static analyzer warning in dmu_objset_create_impl_dnstats()

37edc7ea9881a0fcd3df67fe1e29d22ee4deb7a9 by behlendorf1:
Refactor loop in dump_histogram()

950980b4c4f8b6441c0b6b3afe150437190a69b6 by behlendorf1:
Suppress clang static analyzer warning in vdev_stat_update()

7316fdd1c0c74074c4b48a499afe4e444aa42914 by noreply:
txg_sync should handle write errors in ZIL

589f59b52af86455cf71421e63c34557c7ee6f91 by noreply:
Workaround for Linux PowerPC GPL-only cpu_has_feature()

da19d919a853ad05ef300fe000e6c96c4db84bcf by noreply:
Fix incremental receive silently failing for recursive sends

67a1b0379159c46bcd60a462a2790248046c8804 by noreply:
Implementation of block cloning for ZFS

b15ab50c4d61729ae831ea76968b9fa4867d61cf by noreply:
ABI files: sync with new Ubuntu release in CI

78289b84589e632d87504df6a9c63b5ac694d2f9 by noreply:
zcommon: Refactor FPU state handling in fletcher4

519851122b1703b8445ec17bc89b347cea965bb9 by noreply:
ZFS_IOC_COUNT_FILLED does unnecessary txg_wait_synced()

1c212d1b7c4776a9639ce15e9c23af0f23c81f44 by behlendorf1:
Fix uninitialized scalar value read regression in dmu_recv_begin()

24e61911f0442e380d2bbe4a4d0ddf805bf6ca5b by behlendorf1:
Zero zio_prop_t in flush_write_batch_impl()

3a03c96381117c9fbb3bf842db106fc15326c781 by noreply:
Replace dead license links

3cb293a6f803fe9ef58a6b6d23d50ca5b688da97 by noreply:
Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in dbuf_verify()

47b994049fd105f54a887e19ec0669e9084b7cf2 by behlendorf1:
Silence clang static analyzer warnings about stored stack addresses

27ff18cd43aae787fc74780044d0e2189d6e3d33 by behlendorf1:
Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in nvlist_lookup_nvpair_ei_sep()

47a7062772766c8a532df157a7be681327c20ea6 by behlendorf1:
zpool_valid_proplist() should not corrupt nvpair name string on error

50f6934b9c1f4aa583592e8a969b934440a44c64 by behlendorf1:
discover_cached_paths() should not corrupt nvlist string value

d1807f168edd09ca26a5a0c6b570686b982808ad by behlendorf1:
nvpair: Constify string functions

dbfc622345f95e09ce36cbecf70715b7adcad661 by behlendorf1:
nvpair: Use flexible array member for nvpair name strings

fe6a7b787f9f94ad6c6ee281341e6e07e3dd976c by noreply:
Remove unused Edon-R variants

8b7342d2904dbcdbbf96279c06ae8cb10948fb8a by noreply:
Fix for mountpoint=legacy

f31b0d4e88f2609a39ad175b10505a11945d472a by behlendorf1:
Fix missing semicolons in commit 1f196e3

d74f123045bf3657f65c477b0bd874cb0215b439 by behlendorf1:
Refactor CONFIG_SPE check on Linux/powerpc

f55d6ee818763a78328345c5bee9f38d18b852a6 by noreply:
Improve tests and update man page for healing recv

b7bc334d135189354a39e099a7cb3ab7776a5b60 by noreply:
Split functional testings via github action matrix

c31bb934cd30050a23f7ad7a648ad29e6cd0ae5d by noreply:
Fix building for powerpc* targets with some compilers

5f3611121dd844f81a27d15ed2db770dea189d11 by noreply:
spl: cmn_err_once() should be usable in brace-less if else statements

c9c463a508bf11807dbf3b5919b9cb8c2778518d by noreply:
Add git repo checkout to testing workflow

480d809703c55f54f2ea8b69d22ea36346cfd5e2 by noreply:
Refine some details for the github actions update

60cfd3bbc22cd51a2e7e9c8341d9909cdb5dac85 by noreply:
QAT: Fix uninitialized seed in QAT compression

fa468025859f4d73ee74ece7f2f8c13ad6e5aa73 by noreply:
Fix possible bad bit shift in dnode_next_offset_level()

d520f6434247fcfe9e37a117267eefb71276e255 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Remove extra arc_reduce_target_size() call

0f9e7354145ca3196f77b18b3d02858121ece31c by noreply:
Remove unused constant EdonR256_BLOCK_BITSIZE

1eca40f3ade7ffc1847c66dd5cad67c94ba8fd35 by noreply:
Fix kmodtool for packaging mainline Linux

9fa007d35dd3ab231034e766f643510c5976ffc9 by noreply:
Fix build on FreeBSD

5b5f518687551b5e245d7515d0c81b174c47acfb by noreply:
man: add ZIO_STAGE_BRT_FREE to zpool-events

ce0e1cc402505493a890e7fc0819e582ae686b3b by noreply:
Fix cloning into already dirty dbufs.

d2d4f8554f62bd82fae873b68c2c122dfd959d3f by noreply:
Fix prefetching of indirect blocks while destroying

80f2cdcd67ccae69d26426063e6689278c45d147 by behlendorf1:
Add more ANSI colors to libzfs

7bde396aa236712ac3eab9867e703f4c79fb1ac4 by behlendorf1:
Colorize zpool iostat output

2bd0490fafe5ebb811dee9b0eb5d5c245c7a1cbf by behlendorf1:
Add colored output to zfs list

460d887c439079422b642da87a77dbb896f5e64a by noreply:
panic loop when removing slog device

0ad5f4344238b548e2240a405d418f7af9290623 by noreply:
Drop lying to the compiler in the fletcher4 code

a05263b7aa2ae38b50a159b3d2b22f3a454178ab by noreply:
Update vdev state for spare vdev

ae0b1f66c707cff09bfde54aade784a016559a34 by noreply:
linux 6.3 compat: add another bdev_io_acct case

aebd94cc8541e0ec3b1de57edbd57c4280213089 by noreply:
config: don't link libudev on FreeBSD

a604d3243b0f29ac0a93fc39ece8850f03419d22 by noreply:
Revert "Do not hold spa_config in ZIL while blocked on IO"

64bfa6bae3dd44bc93b1e9141b746231796a42de by noreply:
Additional limits on hole reporting

65d10bd87c408bfa13fa27bb6ad3ecc0e2e3775b by noreply:
Fix short-lived txg caused by autotrim

431083f75bdd3efaee992bdd672625ec7240d252 by noreply:
Fixes in persistent error log

04bab189b8a54974fcd9530140e4eed6ad137f48 by mjg:
llvm/lld: damage control threading

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.netinet6.lpm6.lpm6_test2_success

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details