FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22125 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:37:01 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22125 (c7046f76c2c027b00c0e6ba57cfd28f1a78f5e23) - Fixed

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9f346abbe8645c58d8adb778c419bb5422c83cf4 by noreply:
Revert "Avoid panic with recordsize > 128k, raw sending and no

5bc0318047d9fbd6b740299df1cd3188285d9004 by noreply:
ZTS: zvol_stress: fix race condition with zinject usage

2d5622f5be15e9e977a4c8fe5d24baaf487b0432 by noreply:
Importing from cachefile can trip assertion

58e8054bce3f493cc1f38f7177cfdb942fa4deb9 by noreply:
Alloc zdb_cd_t to fix stack issue

0b30dc484f7e70bc8bfe53fefc8581d181044efa by noreply:
FreeBSD: Cleanup dead code from VFS

f933b3fd4dda8b37aa37aeae05951b76f51ddae7 by noreply:
Apply arc_shrink_shift to ARC above arc_c_min

899355d293830f250e46d6b651db5afed08b91ea by noreply:
Add zilstat script to report zil kstats in a user friendly manner

4723eba8c0af10fc25d9203ffa0cd4499b4a875d by behlendorf1:

7bb707ffafbea79c5b2f9ea24959825a3c4b8802 by behlendorf1:
FreeBSD: Organize sysctls

ee9f3bca5574192589d7c7734fdc81b361aa77db by noreply:
Add zfs.sync.snapshot_rename

59767479acb6edb12335460c9e5f7cfd9a3823cc by noreply:
Add DD_FIELD string for snapshots_changed property

7c0e3941cdd4692d46c9171b791fa689f6bb1bfd by noreply:
Fix column width in 'zpool iostat -v' and 'zpool list -v'

11df48ab8ba374de944cd0483c55ddaaad46b91d by noreply:
Cleanup Raid-Z Typo fixes

9d0887402ba505fa7f82ffeb1e22c34fb07c83ed by behlendorf1:
FreeBSD: add knlist_init_sx() for exclusive locks

983096a1b46982a86d25fda2ccdf08079c3e51b9 by behlendorf1:
FreeBSD: add kqfilter support for zvol cdev

238cd4b863ba5c1e1d56215d9bbd77be466f7845 by noreply:
Add xattr_handler support for Android kernels

5724073517d41cf0a3cc8cc0992274a8dab601da by noreply:

dff541f698d616ed9f9b1ad3afa44e450efdad7a by noreply:
Fix build on FreeBSD/powerpc64*

380b08098edf152b1d98e4f48b9577ce44d39166 by noreply:
Linux SPL module init: Handle memory allocation failures correctly

320f0c6022e1c9bdc9063f849c6b2e4fa3b93995 by noreply:
Add Linux posix_fadvise support

37f6845c6f86b1d04593e55d94318326006f4b5d by noreply:
Improve too large physical ashift handling

e27e692bcc2c3e5b79f60ef16a2183f2231ff012 by noreply:
zed: Fix config_sync autoexpand flood

60d995727a19104a2832d475f5c0861ffbae2c97 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Replace legacy make_dev() interface usage

ede037cda73675f42b1452187e8dd3438fafc220 by noreply:
Make zfs-share service resilient to stale exports

0e4c830bc19766e860e760e10e0d59250f12cced by noreply:
Cleanup: Use OpenSolaris functions to call scheduler

13f2b8fb92c23090b9f6e701c8471aef6b8e917b by noreply:
Fix use-after-free in btree code

7195c04d986ecd26c25c13e3c180790a2e85a723 by noreply:
Fix file descriptor handling in zdb_copy_object()

e5327e7f9790ed7e884a7f8d9fa412632506b826 by noreply:
vdev_draid_lookup_map() should not iterate outside draid_maps

710fd1ded68491a164d85aedc69ffd4675ec5c59 by noreply:
zpool_load_compat() should create strings of length ZFS_MAXPROPLEN

d5d10f2aef98e86d4873c435cdbd9b3ced447caf by noreply:
Cleanup dead spa_boot code

8fdc229a9cb6c7f5ba6cd8dc3b40a3c1355f66c5 by noreply:
Fix memory leak in ztest

cf66e7e594fc7063db8050f2b7c718ae3f94641b by noreply:
Cleanup: Make memory barrier definitions consistent across kernels

fcd7293d4e7852a99c5c57443d6799895e10bc9f by noreply:
Remove incorrect free() in zfs_get_pci_slots_sys_path()

d954ca19ba8b0c505e88a74a9681c4c81e7cfc57 by noreply:
Fix theoretical "use-after-free" in dbuf_prefetch_indirect_done()

4a6e8b99f5171705466b5a9542b47a935cad793d by noreply:
Add assertion to dsl_dataset_set_compression_sync

ccec88f11a44746f78f88aac90f5172a52e04506 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Fix integer conversion for vnlru_free{,_vfsops}()

6f8602a5ede2c156f41630ba687701262f1350d6 by noreply:
CI: revert `--with-config=dist` to hotfix Ubuntu 20.04

fd8c3012b3eedc6eed3dda67bf71cfb243400128 by noreply:
Fix use-after-free bugs in icp code

621a7ebe5818033527d67564e538f1dc0caf5e22 by noreply:
Add coverity model to repository

dc2fe24ca22392a589fbafdf15e4c32f42442006 by noreply:
ZTS: parameter expansion in zfs_unshare_006_pos

e949d36040e5e79fe0dfda6a33451111cc5a0476 by noreply:
Fix assertions in crypto reference helpers

fa22ec569c093d5583a7f406ba0a9bb223eae436 by noreply:
Use correct mdoc macros for arguments

ddb1fd91c0dbf64847235ee65e50e87c43257b05 by noreply:
Fix incorrect size given to bqueue_enqueue() call in dmu_redact.c

b24d1c77f7fc53d26ee915b5203a139f13fd9791 by noreply:
Add zfs_btree_verify_intensity kernel module parameter

768eacedef54922962562e601ca2c3366c4bcc4b by noreply:
zfs_enter rework

1b6f3368dd5b416753178da06cb19c32798671e6 by noreply:
Fix unable to export zpool without nfs-utils

8da218a7a2ee0d0c0a0741f1007ebce0bf22584a by noreply:
Update coverity model

577d41d3b2e4b37f51270c399c85b2708e21238a by noreply:
zfs recv hangs if max recordsize is less than received recordsize

6c8e9f09c22446cb8a1415ed1db05231cd659f69 by noreply:
Handle ECKSUM as new EZFS_CKSUM ‒ "insufficient replicas"

4df8ccc83dc59c6921a4b8df4cd01f08ead3114a by noreply:
Fix null pointer dereferences in PAM

7dee043af5d9fce99611bca5863bf6ca28b741ba by behlendorf1:
zfs_enter rework followup

75e8b5ad847ed7fd9e40ffdf33989b6578469903 by behlendorf1:
Fix BLAKE3 tuneable and module loading on Linux and FreeBSD

eeca9d27d7f6936f433fedd7a1d37233bdd670cd by behlendorf1:
Add zfs_blake3_impl to zfs.4

48cf170d5a9f6610db0f576238e054e727239e82 by behlendorf1:
Add PPC cpu feature tests for FreeBSD and Linux

9a671fe7ecbc5f6ca07d96869207720a37b088e4 by noreply:
FreeBSD: stop passing LK_INTERLOCK to VOP_LOCK

042d43a1ddf114ea72d83fd45cc926724f74f5fc by noreply:
FreeBSD: fix static module build broken in 7bb707ffa

891ac937beb959cad94a2ba267e4b56dee930a5e by noreply:
Linux: Fix use-after-free in zfsvfs_create()

f272960d52bdc5689078d3cb7cd9e0233cd1a8cd by noreply:
Fix usage of zed_log_msg() and zfs_panic_recover()

e8bdc74528c2d0a97e324051e74aeda2e501d1d0 by noreply:
Cleanup: Remove unused uu_pname code

9276e202eba330baf253ff7b0f7a631d5915c116 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Fix uninitialized pointer read in spa_import_rootpool()

3f400b0f5851e3e5e4f90dd8f5fe083acdeb7ea6 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Cleanup zfs_readdir()

c50b3f14d33cd469af47e16f0c6c76f2b4b5158e by noreply:
Delay ZFS_PROP_SHARESMB property to handle it for encrypted raw receive

de6c0d3d8cb279e0dd6a4831d85a9c45047908ba by noreply:
Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in zfsdle_vdev_online()

7c6d94728c9f5deef7e7cc0bf4320385345de5bd by noreply:
Call va_end() before return in zpool_standard_error_fmt()

3e5caef4c5b0cca3a892b92217955178ae8652bc by noreply:
FreeBSD: catch up to 1400068

fbf874a4acd86a118a695fb695fe934e68fc6b6f by noreply:
FreeBSD: handle V_PCATCH

62e2a2881f6b441c136fb4ccb66ab491a5e6101f by noreply:
Fix minor issues in namespace delegation support

402426c7d81f410fa088c3bd893d4941a97d8332 by noreply:
Add membar_sync

c629f0bf62e351355716f9870d6c2e377584b016 by noreply: