FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22214 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 03:26:33 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22214 (ab9293239c7def9b93e3892f60ec3e7212b29bab) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

4edff766cb91ef87e3181c64fa7b3adf1a8ca8bf by rscheff:
tcp: correct simultaneous SYN ECN reaction in RFC3168 mode.

85b715baae22ca12f2d24e1b2980f3d5b32937b8 by kib:
amd64/db_trace.c: remove stray prototype

56cdab3372690a28ef7daf6cdb1a2146cf3123f9 by jkim:
bpf: obtain timestamps from controller via pkthdr if available

a9fca3b987bcfa16d457b15cba2de46000f6bb86 by jhb:
Fix various places which cast a pointer to a vm_paddr_t or vice versa.

e0df0dce71d86796195502b923243bb6bacdcdc2 by jhb:
powerpc_nvram: Fix a bug in the adler32 checksum.

d74024a490c877c6b5c7a2de7a69dcfa9486162f by jhb:
pfctl: Fix mismatch in array bounds for pfr_next_token().

c41b161812101300570d48b1fdd17600765992dc by jhb:
ypldap: Fix mismatch in array bounds for ldapclient().

c3a3d1fd6c7007e7088936e14fd9b4944b3a3054 by jhb:
libirdma: Drop clang-specific -ferror-limit.

c2e561a38f739a4801d652f4b662cdc1903244f0 by jhb:
tail: Fix misleading indentation in ARG() macro.

5e4854cbf8d8a9b056472967d15e1021d36fcae1 by jhb:
rescue: Link libzutil after libzfs.

d81082a7ad25f26309a1466b9ad565f507bed275 by jhb:
nvmecontrol wdc: Remove unused but set variable.

db695788fc3d1eb3ff4cb258710f874953324208 by jhb:
fortune: Unindent a debug printf in get_fort().

3b887005b4bb215e0e052ae81fe31c2c0d5f4f35 by jhb:
rpc.lockd: Explicitly cast enum nlm_stats values to enum nlm4_stats.

67b0751249183749c302f37e114481f8b9550032 by jhb: Add NO_WUSE_AFTER_FREE helper variable.

e67b246734e37d1128fae0faecdd37806c5328ed by jhb:
libzpool: Disable -Wuse-after-free for dbuf.c.

996ee965976379f0455c5f59b1cf9c82bc2e5e1b by jhb:
libbegemot: Disable -Wuse-after-free.

7973f26ad6f98e6da3e2bb07a1015270c0d16c43 by jhb:
libedit: Disable -Wuse-after-free for chartype.c.

8f27c9d14a559f33aa7fc3245f841f7ce52fadd5 by jhb:
libiconv VIQR: Fix a use after free.

3736b2dd327050d2e6c925964b210eccbaac51ab by jhb:
diff: Fix a use after free as well as a memory leak in change().

611cf392672cf7aa52a593412fb2537546a7d6a4 by jhb:
libfetch: Use memcpy in place of an odd strncpy.

d30a1689f5b37e78ea189232a8b94a7011dc0dc8 by jhb:
libefivar: Fix a buffer overread.

1187e46d1b3833b9b54867a5587904c451369515 by jhb:
nvmecontrol wdc: Don't pass a bogus pointer to free().

2fb81691b02f27fa938f311835a8c6704c5cf80f by jhb:
bhyve: Don't free an invalid pointer.

ab9293239c7def9b93e3892f60ec3e7212b29bab by jhb:
qsort_b_test: Only build on clang.