FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22507 - Still unstable

From: <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2022 22:22:05 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22507 (71ebd117386cda6410ca65eb487b63e5dedf3245) - Still unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

8a744de27eef2a4266ce01b57267c42ff78ad488 by imp:
stand: Remove i386-only support fire firewire

1e9c9ab5957795acc0d436ce21ad07373081d990 by emaste:
pkgbase: do not record dependency on non-existent liby package

a7db532e3a6f83067b342f569b56076d011f8a1e by jhb:
vmm: Simplify saving of absolute TSC values in snapshots.

35abc6c238e98e313c5b1cb5ed18b8ed68615abc by jhb:
vmm: Use vm_get_maxcpus() instead of VM_MAXCPU in various places.

215d2fd53f6c254cb900e1775abae86d3fdada65 by jhb:
vmm svm: Refactor per-vCPU data.

0f00260c679f8d192f9d673fe4fb94b47a2ac6c5 by jhb:
vmm vmx: Refactor per-vCPU data.

19b9dd2e08eda491ab1c181ca5a3659f7e7628fc by jhb:
vmm svm: Mark all VMCB state caches dirty on vCPU restore.

39ec056e6dbd89e26ee21d2928dbd37335de0ebc by jhb:
vmm: Rework snapshotting of CPU-specific per-vCPU data.

73abae4493782e44a3382b15f5563c3f400bf51f by jhb:
vmm vmx: Add a global bool to indicate if the host has the TSC_AUX MSR.

1aa5150479bf35c90c6770e6ea90e8462cfb6bf9 by jhb:
vmm: Refactor storage of CPU-dependent per-vCPU data.

869c8d1946eb4feb8ad651abdf87af0e5c0111b4 by jhb:
vmm: Remove the per-vm cookie argument from vmmops taking a vcpu.

fca494dad06242aa45d3e722f0c16b405dc8039c by jhb:
vmm svm: Add SVM_CTR* wrapper macros.

57e0119ef3a95d7faa11c44b1acbb8193aadfb35 by jhb:
vmm vmx: Add VMX_CTR* wrapper macros.

d030f941e63f5b20efa14833912aae29ff737fcf by jhb:
vmm: Use VLAPIC_CTR* in more places.

950af9ffc616ee573a1ce6ef0c841e897b13dfc4 by jhb:
vmm: Expose struct vcpu as an opaque type.

3dc3d32ad67b38ab44ed4a7cf3020a0741b47ec1 by jhb:
vmm: Use struct vcpu with the vmm_stat API.

2b4fe856f44ded02f3450bac1782bb49b60b7dd5 by jhb:
bhyve: Remove unused vm and vcpu arguments from vm_copy routines.

0f435e647645afc68076ff5b005f9366c44413eb by jhb:
vmm: Add _KERNEL guards for io headers shared with userspace.

28b561ad9d03617418aed33b9b8c1311e940f0c8 by jhb:
vmm: Add vm_gpa_hold_global wrapper function.

d3956e46736ffaee5060c9baf0a40f428bc34ec3 by jhb:
vmm: Use struct vcpu in the instruction emulation code.

80cb5d845b8f4b7dc25b5dc7f4a9a653b98b0cc6 by jhb:
vmm: Pass vcpu instead of vm and vcpuid to APIs used from CPU backends.

9388bc1e3a58ac17c06e690fb9f46c9f36098f2d by jhb:
vmm: Remove vcpuid from I/O port handlers.

949f0f47a4e774fea7222923440851c612a3f6fa by jhb:
vmm: Remove support for vm_rendezvous with a cpuid of -1.

d8be3d523dd50a17f48957c1bb2e0cd7bbf02cab by jhb:
vmm: Use struct vcpu in the rendezvous code.

e42c24d56b3d949aafd0c916e30ab91a4fe1e24d by jhb:
vmm: Remove unused vcpuid argument from vioapic_process_eoi.

0cbc39d53d2270fa77255c663a0cfa5ed502ab0a by jhb:
vmm ppt: Remove unused vcpu arg from MSI setup handlers.

3f0f4b1598e0e7005bebed7ea3458e96d0fb8e2f by jhb:
vmm: Lookup vcpu pointers in vmmdev_ioctl.

58eefc67a1cf16623c23354efd089f65401c0455 by jhb:
vmm vmx: Allocate vpids on demand as each vCPU is initialized.

d5118d0fc4599f69116ec8de59052606e36e6306 by jhb:
vmm stat: Add a special nelems constant for arrays sized by vCPU count.

08ebb360764729632e1f6bc4e3f434abdd708204 by jhb:
vmm: Destroy mutexes.

67b69e76e8eecfd204f6de636d622a1d681c8d7e by jhb:
vmm: Use an sx lock to protect the memory map.

223de44c93659457e05036dec25b0af610a773a6 by jhb:
vmm devmem_mmap_single: Bump object reference under memsegs lock.

c0f35dbf19c3c8825bd2b321d8efd582807d1940 by jhb:
vmm: Use a cpuset_t for vCPUs waiting for STARTUP IPIs.

98568a005a193ce2c37702a8377ddd10c570e452 by jhb:
vmm: Allocate vCPUs on first use of a vCPU.

ee98f99d7a68b284a669fefb969cbfc31df2d0ab by jhb:
vmm: Convert VM_MAXCPU into a loader tunable hw.vmm.maxcpu.

49fd5115a9b244c599e068977324e8f6a9993066 by jhb:
vmm: Trim some pointless #ifdef KTR.

ca6b48f08034114edf1fa19cdc088021af2eddf3 by markj:
vmm: Restore the correct vm_inject_*() prototypes

1a8e52391be837bb2851065b4bad6c163db9edef by markj:
bhyve: Disable thread safety analysis

bd634fc733d4d00858174c4e7368c31f3cced3b5 by markj:
bhyve: Address an unused parameter warning in the smbios code

c127c61efa4d8414be9a7373b50c7f348b6e461e by markj:
bhyve: Let BASL compile with raised warnings

0705b7f4e64fdbad49a3a6d9131029a9734deb2c by markj:
bhyve: Avoid using a packed struct for xhci port registers

71ebd117386cda6410ca65eb487b63e5dedf3245 by markj:
bhyve: Enable the default compiler warnings

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.kern.ktls_test.ktls_receive_aes128_gcm_1_3_bad_major

Error Message:
/usr/src/tests/sys/kern/ktls_test.c:1511: errno == expected_error not met