FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20988 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 12:37:08 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20988 (da5137abdf463bb5fee85061958a14dd12bc043e) - Still Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

ce7a5dbf4b37a0ba28dd6911e1a17f039fdd4f4e by noreply:
Linux x86 SIMD: factor out unneeded kernel dependencies

1282274f3355bcd11bdae911d9279ef1892f7061 by noreply:
Add physical device size to SIZE column in 'zpool list -v'

76bcffb7dc7ef620d186caacab266532fb293fde by noreply:
libzfs: FreeBSD doesn't resize partitions for you

ebcf12f763130d17daeac7f0065adc924eff3847 by noreply:
get_key_material_https: removed bogus free() call

56a0699e5e06242a7a134ad080aadfa13486bb59 by noreply:
ZTS: Fix send_partial_dataset.ksh

dad2b19fffda43894a005a042055e268fe6b32e3 by noreply:
module: zfs: zio_inject: zio_match_handler: don't << -1

becc717f6143caf80bad6879b6c6402538ecae89 by noreply:
Adding ZERO_PAGE detection

8bb9ecf4bf927980ff569917e137d37fe62d1f27 by noreply:
libzfs: Convert to fnvpair functions

2feba9a6d8829605cbfe8f1f2ef56ddfdfb8d4ea by noreply:
Linux 5.16 compat: META

e09762c6c20f866502767fc113d65ab5efcdf9b6 by behlendorf1:
tests: zfs_set_common: check_prop_inherit: print faulty values

85c2cce51cce1f5f01b5b3a50f5997ce0b24a189 by behlendorf1:
tests: zfs_002_pos: simplify ZFS_ABORT tests

26bbce81739dd24f31d1f23ae352c7b7b108737a by behlendorf1:
tests: replace explicit $? || log_fail with log_must

1d77d62f5a77cab85d4b98ecf72a9838f70d6bf1 by behlendorf1:
libspl: include: sys/vtoc.h: reduce to absolute barest minimum

861166b02701dfc8f63a105bd32758e806c84fd7 by behlendorf1:
Remove bcopy(), bzero(), bcmp()

d465fc584425c618f8baa13a31b70ffabe053484 by behlendorf1:
Forbid b{copy,zero,cmp}(). Don't include <strings.h> for <string.h>

a9e2b22efb5f028d4b662bc0f6dc84e5461d48ee by behlendorf1:
Integrate carcass of libspl/i/s/vtoc.h into i/s/efi_partition.h

c21819026f199869f515e9b8b74ec5cf43a324f1 by behlendorf1:

675508f608fbf10297b0060d4ee5e88d86facb90 by behlendorf1:
zpool: wait: only accept whole columns for -t, not col[=whatever]

66cd170db332f914d81c94c3515f3c0481bc34ba by behlendorf1:
zpool: get: only accept whole columns for -o, not col[=whatever]

15aca3ad5976a426b416645e6274a22bdd94c756 by behlendorf1:
zfs: wait: only accept whole activity for -t, not act[=whatever]

c79787845dfc9386d89e821963506d9c90c36677 by behlendorf1:
zpool: get: there's one fewer column than in zfs get

7c17e82cbe42d01511e86465cb9bc20d56f03325 by behlendorf1:
zfs: get: only accept whole column for -o, not col[=whatever]

7867f430b4c15b94fccac9cd4829b811bbf7383b by behlendorf1:
zfs: get: only accept whole source for -s, not src[=whatever]

46952300210647faeef391e2df2a59ec6a185591 by behlendorf1:
zfs: get: only accept whole type for -t, not tp[=whatever]

539d16c35ebb7728c2121e53c895cac62889f44f by behlendorf1:
libzfs: tokenise consistently with zfs and zpool

40f09cb0f441ffcafb421e83bdc10ce939efe2d0 by behlendorf1:
zfs: list: only accept whole type for -t, not tp[=whatever]

77cdc63d0959971f7e13cb81dad348074b4c3ff6 by behlendorf1:
zfs-list.8: mention -S after -s it calls back to

1c41d8941cb5a76d71930d2af976c376c05ed318 by behlendorf1:
tests: validate getsubopt(3) expulsion

6ef00196db1cc6bd189eeb72df26d494a2aee889 by noreply:
module: zstd: check we don't leak symbols; regenerate symbol map

bee314a798b9495bfa8368952461301fb7080a61 by noreply:
module: freebsd: avoid a taking a destroyed lock in zfs_zevent bits

a5920d24c04b64a96b4bd6be43a591a29f278b16 by noreply:
FreeBSD: add missing replay check to an assert in zfs_xvattr_set

d42979c6ef1ec10b041c3394d969643f8862f7c3 by noreply:
Fix ACL checks for NFS kernel server

515710a1e1a11c7d1aec28adac0c486eae4519f1 by noreply:
zed: Fix mpath autoreplace on Centos 7

bd0955cd8e005136ea2e58da58d39e4ff2f3b517 by behlendorf1:
config: always-arch: prune unused TARGET_CPU_*, add TARGET_CPU catch-all

4629dfe963ac6f2691689a358ce2669c6421b547 by behlendorf1:
config: always-arch: don't subst TARGET_CPU

045aeabce6e5df9c88412c479ddd073087b2d83d by noreply:
module: zfs: arc: hdr_full_crypt_dest: drop unevaulated-only variable

3ce3d305324ba5ffddfcbc90a996a2b3a8424109 by noreply:
RPM: Split out pam_zfs_key into separate package

565089f592426f4a8f0e3df1027f947700799fa6 by noreply:
Allow zfs send to exclude datasets

6b444cb9711a8c0a089612dc3ac67e45c4a4e108 by noreply:
Linux 5.16 compat: restore FSR and FSAVE

b73505c7e056417cba73dcf51b49062c84fd2b59 by noreply:
ZTS: Log test name to /dev/kmsg on Linux

460748d4aeb1ed3c78efdd562fcf3d2eaa9ff536 by noreply:
Switch from _Noreturn to  __attribute__((noreturn))

706ba5dc1d08044ef875ec5eb3882da34bf0265c by noreply:
Linux 5.17 compat: META

018937884f93e0f4ae7f560c352a138ec6b69cb4 by noreply:
zpoolconcepts.7: fix comma typo

8a2ed86001583280b4d84d1f37919ea8a34ddb79 by behlendorf1:
libzutil: zfs_resolve_shortname: don't strdup() ZPOOL_IMPORT_PATH

6322a77ce7e661facac3335721dde9eff9ceb634 by behlendorf1:
linux: libzutil: zfs_path_order: don't strdup ZPOOL_IMPORT_PATH

427fad7f247d8ef0975e6038587d954bd771fa63 by noreply:
CI: Log test name to /dev/kmsg in ZTS

d1325b4fa2ddc42beb88d00bf85041507341fdd0 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.18 compat: 4-argument bio_alloc()

86690775b0a6615003eebb73961400fa94f72a8b by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.18 compat: replace genhd.h with blkdev.h includes

063c83a853f51fe98e3fcda827929ade21d104cc by noreply:
zfs-dkms rpm: simplify scriptlets, fix uninstall

7db823bd613507679aa2bf2829538210b25f8471 by noreply:
module: zfs: dsl_bookmark: silence false-positive maybe-uninitialised

6571873f1b3866f244f4f45b680dad6d6a73ee1b by behlendorf1:
man: zpool.8: Examples: use Pa for disks and scripts

1ebe4c482dbfecd0f4005f079d9557cb59f50f7b by behlendorf1:
man: zpool.8: Examples: unmirrored -> non-redundant

a2550c9df9a9b1346f61fb1652c1c716fc492d44 by behlendorf1:
man: Examples: use subsections instead of lists

9cdb06753966f8419260114a081e8a083a680351 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-create.8: import examples from zpool.8

c34eb6f7a1ff9d1e0b22e937d629e8097d34f587 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-add.8: import examples from zpool.8

74181ca44ca0dcf36bb3a151d76d5929515f1931 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-list.8: import examples from zpool.8

4b660ffe7bf37d9df71295156e63054064126c4e by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-destroy.8: import examples from zpool.8

4849523af089b4533035696028d3d9789fc98cf6 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-export.8: import examples from zpool.8

8ccb3fd6b1b68ea889a9d2181969a6c7d7eabf45 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-import.8: import examples from zpool.8

d8dd89acd1b05788243037888cdd5091105927de by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-upgrade.8: import examples from zpool.8

b36069ab8862502760bc6edcd16c45bceb9aadc8 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-remove.8: import examples from zpool.8

69b06a77b6ed57b0a519ff3b312f6cf6a8c5cad7 by behlendorf1:
man: zpool-iostat.8: import examples from zpool.8

575e20602c78006225cf30a101318b0434eeb0bd by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-allow.8: import examples from zfs.8

c522339fd7dfcb9c79abf97fa2016b0cd93c88ad by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-set.8: import examples from zfs.8

1e164f89e582b4697e4c83bf29fa75e187e423e5 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-bookmark.8: import examples from zfs.8

b7b3f199351ab6f0fe26461be8f5d756c404249c by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-diff.8: import examples from zfs.8

2057b47b91a4c7937209f23be85608848521f284 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-send.8, zfs-receive.8: import examples from zfs.8

52f3aebdb2b4b457812fbac572df67461d7162bf by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-list.8: import examples from zfs.8

c6fd08797f69b39fc06419f824d94f9663b8943d by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-clone.8: import examples from zfs.8

9bda775bd952b1863abda57429f9c2044ae078b9 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-rollback.8: import examples from zfs.8

3b887e485ccc70b34baf02bd229f1808aa01ef14 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-destroy.8: import examples from zfs.8

d842ca3ff274581682678bd8bd6dc3f709c2b460 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-create.8: import examples from zfs.8

bc2fe49a4f7c8970d2a9175b45146a7368fcdfc2 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-promote.8: import examples from zfs.8

4d4fa5215dedaa0e6f53c61a288656362345fa79 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-snapshot.8: import examples from zfs.8

b61595ff86fb708aa6e22818f36cea3d346f8241 by behlendorf1:
man: zfs-rename.8: import examples from zfs.8

bc3f12bfac152a0c28951cec92340ba14f9ccee9 by noreply:
config: user: check for <aio.h>

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