FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20770 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2022 03:04:37 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20770 (f266082f113a6a110c28034c64693c2cc216fd9d) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

d1b143ee9a5c249312ffa20988d3d91830fab7eb by vangyzen:
Vendor import of expat 2.4.6

edafb5b859d44cdd2642fc6104b2e7a0131d836f by jhb:
hwpmc_arm64_md.c: Correct architecture name in assertions.

13a0d225bede5107cbf061e25cf3b85aeb18f5b6 by np:
cxgbe(4): Enable the hardware TCP Offload Module (t4_tom) on aarch64.

2753997438ae16e520a55fd2381aef3e2f35746e by jhb:
cxgbe: Move page pods KTR traces under VERBOSE_TRACES.

1ef67193badecd99a3171db3cd59e89347d3b46e by wulf:
hid: Add missed dependency on usbdevs.h for static builds

166f2cb40d55e0e0900170e7cac8a1603a18d34d by wulf:
ig4(4): Add PNP info for ACPI attachment

5f47c5a3a35de67546ce74cb01d45e62d414a179 by wulf:
hid: Add hid_ioctl method to HID interface

82e38b012cc832651ba195f5443e7f9fb64ce5d3 by wulf:
usbhid(4): Implement USB_REQUEST command in hid_ioctl method

5aa839c9e2c373275091b8bf529c1311d0b84d76 by wulf:
bcm5974: wsp(4) driver version with HID attachment.

6b1da3d223a88d544439d1be4115714f0aee75be by wulf:
iichid(4): Implement I2CRDWR command in hid_ioctl method

34e051c45cfc25f74dbfaa42e0dee45d670fecd3 by wulf:
iichid(4): Add support for ASUS C300 chromebook.

d5add41d4d8713d48cfb8f8a228660c8b95ff676 by wulf:
ietp(4): Driver for Elantech I2C touchpad

42e2a173c74e88cf0436c79291f89d76328ddc7b by wulf:
hms(4): Change probe priority to BUS_PROBE_GENERIC

f266082f113a6a110c28034c64693c2cc216fd9d by emaste:
vt_vga: fix colour in pixel blocks with more than 4 colours