FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21533 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 01:31:03 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21533 (dd2fd62184b3aef72d52b586c91f18858e644aaa) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

7b39a9bc1df37502e8186593f3427b7ff0e4cc71 by alc:
iommu_gas: Fix a recent regression with IOMMU_MF_CANSPLIT

e3572eb654733a94e1e765fe9e95e0579981d851 by tsoome:
Allocate event for DMC-620 and CMN-600 controllers PMU. Add events

1459a22787ea16e3798694067c8dcb20325dca4b by tsoome:
The Arm CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller PMU driver

59191f3573f6cb2ea055ac319cbcb68823ca8e17 by tsoome:
Add support of ARM CMN-600 controller, PMU access functions only. Add

dd2fd62184b3aef72d52b586c91f18858e644aaa by bz:
libpmc: attempt to fix the build

The failed test cases:

4 tests failed.

Error Message:
Test program did not exit cleanly

FAILED:  sbin.growfs.legacy_test.main

Error Message:
6 of 19 tests failed

FAILED:  sys.geom.class.eli.resize_test.resize

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  usr.sbin.makefs.makefs_ffs_tests.autocalculate_image_size

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details