FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21566 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 15:53:48 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21566 (70b56f4b92877578741e5aba2a72d6088cb13ecb) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

3501d4f17e8cc0350b8deff671f9991cc7ac280c by mw:
ena: Add ena_ring_tx_doorbell() function

d209ffee155dd5e505f174a356c8f50c96ebf57e by mw:
ena: Move reset completion logging to the reset function

a9c39b031fe89a6414174e3db82da6548d7fff0f by mw:
ena: Extend debug prints for invalid req_id resets

90232d18ca4f7a5a3073a8279a9b9d3228df5f87 by mw:
ena: Prevent LLQ initialization when membar isn't exposed

d8aba82b5ca75f1a5bff609af141844c4fc9de70 by mw:
ena: Store ticks of last Tx cleanup

0ac122c388d9a5e189e60378f1950b82a22bbdd1 by mw:
ena: Use atomic_load/store functions for first_interrupt variable

b899a02ad7330cae3c9bb08ad7975601dc3b9551 by mw:
ena: Move ena_copy_eni_metrics into separate task

f65d7660b5e0295745da8b91635657a27e29fb6a by mw:
ena: Remove TSO refs from the documentation

755e60ca046390bdcfc097b6a8f1a032d47a7b65 by mw:
ena: Use device_set_desc in probe

82e558eacf222ac497bc11fa9f2c7778e97fbc7a by mw:
ena: Fix styling issues

d5d5ea87236d8f839cad84296f23d285a696195c by mw:
ena: Remove write-only datapath variable

8f15f8a72b5474b81c5951d4039d203b2d80e2e3 by mw:
ena: Align names of constants

79770fdad6c18d968cc122c4294820931cc542e0 by mw:
ena: Fix invalid KASSERT test in netmap code

79e1500276a993c8be857a6e32f0c05ec8f3cdc8 by mw:
ena: Update driver version to v2.6.0

61a73acd8871ca79d04e10c7ed908f2d8774636b by tuexen:
tcpsso: improve man page

21d2d29f5901ca2c5fe626ca38490d3e8bb4c14e by jhb:
libclang_rt: Trim a few more MIPSisms.

d2a3c30a511d4802412a102e9fa44f810605a872 by jhb:
gcore: Remove unused typedefs.

0288d4277faf77c37d23efce73883eb3ef1a353c by jhb:
Add register sets for NT_THRMISC and NT_PTLWPINFO.

d95657a1a758e8d993a0eb92259f8c860a309207 by jhb:

0bd73da2062eb5139db67e14ea037a8bd634cb8f by jhb:
busdma_bounce: Use PRI_ITHD scheduling class for worker thread.

c71f2370c5d480cf70f12ee276e044681c57aefc by jhb:
crypto: Fix assertions for digest-only sessions with separate output.

5afcca138f6b1f9d6413de586a0cf2baf16da764 by jhb:
vmm: Cherry pick illumos commit '13361 bhyve should mask RDT cpuid info'

b9c3e544c48e76dd01aa32e9b1f5cd4c1ad8532c by jhb:
bhyve virtio-net: Allow backend type to be explicitly specified.

91b30f7ad22642979b56a56b211843cbd9d35984 by dougm:
rb_tree: silence coverity

22f731486e80fdbf679712b2a99605ba97a50264 by jrtc27:
.github: Attempt to fix and increase robustness of macOS action

4ca6ecf100733ecd61f32257452690c56a6b6a3e by jrtc27:
Really fix cross-builds from macOS

523477f8c5881b6ae88164ab0c93e88f8d01697c by 0mp:
devfs.5: Replace Nm with Xr devfs 8 where appropriate

606cdb2ef3a2574de0934f657eeb018ca6a470cc by 0mp:
hier.7: Document /nonexistent

87f49967d3249e0b536beaa9c7fb5604d5a3919a by 0mp:
Link pwd.db.5 and spwd.db.5 to passwd.5

f0880ab791a510391a12f2ab7b01889b6774bca0 by jhb:
libvmmapi: Add vm_close()

e5ed417bb442cddece6ffbd6f2ec87d70520241a by jhb:
bhyve: Document the "type" config variable for network device models.

9aa02d5120ab02bcbbc16fddb63e575df4ed6f61 by jhb:
vmm: Fix snapshots for AMD CPUs

9921563f43a924d21c7bf43db4a34e724577db95 by jrtc27:
libicp: Fix build for powerpc64le

b0a8333a883bd3a2070c9beecc8fa209a7d5e774 by jrtc27:
libicp_rescue: Fix build for powerpc64le

ab453714fc90958e7fa3ea07274e84b7720d9fa0 by kd:
Add myself(kd) as src commiter and mw/emaste as my co-mentors

3b8d04f845b416d29a258658b8a48d1afb4a2e81 by kd:
igc: Change default duplex setting

bda5d2a45c8dcc9bbeb71cddeef930ffa6a47f23 by brooks:
installworld: improve portability of ldd use

724123b9f4d3ae7600b029ce7c81b5708c1e13b8 by brooks:
libcompat: Use WORLDTMP sysroot

711d50bd9e0716ced63ab77a5e2b7fa7c5ed10b3 by brooks:
dtrace: Remove local mips support

9f7c81eb337a04f0416dee600ce7c550c33782bd by kp:
if_ovpn: deal with v4 mapped IPv6 addresses

5fb35badc0d5e27aa2259b2fdeb83a988184faf3 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: IPv4-mapped IPv6 address test

6c77f8f0e0d8e7984c47ea4d234b724ddd56bb84 by kp:
if_ovpn: handle m_pullup() failure

2567cc419e70e2952be3423836b93de0a88c9b52 by 0mp:
ifconfig.8: Polish

86e3fb4038ac8b028b085964c1144a1bca333126 by 0mp:
boottrace.4: Document that boottrace is good at tracing one-shot events

9e337d53dee685327961b8a070d477ef97b85b86 by 0mp:
tslog.4: Document what TSLOG excels at

1323f0aa9cb0392d2946226bd76f14463e875a60 by mw:
stand/uboot: setup archsw before probing devices

42db2dbbc51bffa90dc594f728976dcdb646c2b6 by des:
Catch up with 2004 and improve markup.

ba3b6b938db71a18a93cf88979af0e57136787bd by kp:
pf: handle dummynet for non-IP packets

5d48fb3b16c1496bf415fee620c61cc944b0326d by alfredo:
loader: fix powerpc* ofw loader

17732dd8f01bae62177a55309c77b4b4f404096d by bz:
Revert "rtw88: split driver up into a core and pci part"

b72f1f4516896ad6da0ea74d146a56045de171f7 by markj:
ena: Make first_interrupt a uint8_t

8179db52c2c8692cdabf818bf1b7fdf3ad43b2db by markj:
crypto: Fix the NULL_HMAC finalizer

99df914899f56efe63afd9e0fef79148fa6ca162 by markj:
crypto: Validate return values from CRYPTODEV_PROCESS()

ea5b2d62426ff4387ab4293b977bb9f6e7212700 by imp:
MIMIMAL: add uart

c0d14b0220ae22d25462cef191f20e9f04c5e87e by rmacklem:
mount_nfs: Warn that intr, soft are not safe for NFSv4

836d47d38e0a586c9b307fd7fb46bf563acba151 by dim:
Apply llvm fix for assertion/crash building archivers/c-blosc2

b69996d1d5d08fd5009ac325ea8e8154efd01b33 by imp:
tty: Default to printing kernel stack traceback only on INVARIANT

064f00ec274fbfdcab19ed8150afb187468a0c4f by imp:
arm64: Grab the RSDP from acpi.rsdp like x86

37a3df3d6162b8f408b7d8a669245716771c309b by imp:
loader: Set preferred kenv for acpi.rsdp on arm64

26031009cf6d68d4dc51b462d0bc77472c610e1d by imp:
amd64/efi: Stop falling back to hints for RSDP

2753bbe71b5adce61a1bfb9535bc33735c35887c by imp:
amd64/efi: Remove setting hints for rsdp

8154df37a55948aca8358ade68b659d1aa71b755 by bz:
arm64: NXP add LS1088a clockgen support

cf72911158d6fdff2ee524ee62a670d1d2282204 by imp:
acpi: add sys/kernel.h

ef86876b846e523e7ccc2940c37db4279db95d05 by imp:
pselect(2): Document what a null pointer for the signalmask means

00c00c3824cb32abf732a8eb177eaba9385dab8b by gbe:
pci(4): Fix a common typo in source code comments

a4adfaf712694ce7923d5309cf87d0cd2a598953 by gbe:
pmc(3): Fix a common typo in a description

f1334ab76bab083d4e5181e1d7f1b91a533f0392 by gbe:
freescale: Fix a typo in a source code comment

9bfefcea43efceaeb18e3965af4e84827158aa40 by gbe:
aic7xxx: Fix a few common typos in source code comments

66147d138ad0c5f7c2db3bca73f47baa6ef9e813 by gbe:
aic7xxx: Fix a few common typo in source code comments

c7b9006af57e453fe5fcb37a98edf61b5c7750f2 by gbe:
snmp_hostres(3): Fix a typo in a debug message

23781068af7ae7af1fc99126f38fc97e3722633d by gbe:
ata(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

015d570cc929b7cdc45756aaeb6c870ac5f8ab22 by gbe:
jme(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

e8b7972cfe3ce645636e9939ec447ea7bc5bca50 by gbe:
if_clone: Fix a typo in a source code comment

6cea3be922110647df84a08e3a57cc395bec1d24 by gbe:
sockatmark(3): Add references to 4.4BSD IPC tutorials

3b7f365e4d1bf67d2841d02f18a998c70c27c0a0 by dim:
Apply clang fix for assertion building llvm with libc++ 15

aba7a81ab71ebef1bb20404634bc3c58ba615310 by rmacklem:
mount_nfs.8: Update BUGS section for NFSv4.1/4.2

7999a7f2a8679f73574b6704377436025601ee85 by cy:
wpa: Enable WEP by default

775611ea11db0973fd8b7aef0f5eb527308efd05 by cy:
wpa_supplicant: Resolve secondary VAP association issue

c4b98101c5b1dc34d077f078d04d777df3cf9e38 by bz:
tca6416: add support for tca9539

0084212bfdfbcd662f3e823636b40173e828509d by bz:
dwc3: fix snps,dis-del-phy-power-chg-quirk

cec0a5ec6b1074d253a7ba30226d1f99e0c18d4e by bz:
dwc3: uncondinationally enable Host IN Auto Retry

09cdf4878c621be4cd229fa88cdccdcdc8c101f7 by bz:
dwc3: add more quirks and checks

11a7d5e5d906f691558e06d4bb93b892de31b446 by bz:
dwc3: improve debugging

ba49e6371b088bc2fe0fa286104eaa6eba8074d1 by delphij:
Vendor import of file 5.42.

18db96dbfd4a09063a0abcefd51fa8d2aeb115d6 by philip:
ipmi: correctly handle ipmb requests

177f8b3294ef5717060c287fe1206c52ba3ecc53 by philip:
ipmi: do not omit lun in BMC addresses

db4b40213a084809cc062605043f5e536ee3aa92 by mjg:
routing: hide notify_add and notify_del behind ROUTE_MPATH

1cf8e6339e9add47107a6c9988a0f509225b7ef6 by karels:
mountd startup: enable NFSv4 if needed on restart

9dbacce2d48abf04b4d65d2994586e1ff44b08fb by kd:
lockstat: Fix construction of comparision predicates

66548259075788d2084e9da1c5df7b88f44c4b4d by kd:
e6000sw: Fix direct register write logic

1c799a6f29cadc7616362941c279dd0693c24645 by andrew:
Support decoding mem32 memory in the rk pcie driver

b1e9313274265645e163508ff1704ace2e0b1294 by andrew:
Fix ofw pcib when it rman_init fails

ee2324aaf6e3256ef7396ef6063ec4261486ef94 by andrew:
Add Rockchip PCIe cleanup on attach faulure

0aa150775179a4f683fade5f1d6325a47b5f695f by gallatin:
pmcstat: fix log analysis

2120d7f57aa0ee48d0be7a4309072bb332d568dd by dougm:
rb_tree: fine-tune rebalancing code

97dbd37753ae1bf9c4f6a23e46e21f0a9f408c82 by bz:
pca954x: harmonize pca9547 and pca954x and add pca9540 support

74703901d8bbc3bc7a29df648bc3c131c87393c2 by glebius:
tcp: use a TCP flag to check if connection has been close(2)d

bc7605647c7193af7eba4b4af65dc7b66a118a09 by glebius:
sockets: use positive flag for file descriptor socket reference

d8596171c5d68c8dda1853e1243ad08944812400 by glebius:
sockets: use only soref()/sorele() as socket reference count

42317e642645b36e711b5dd560d06a303a492e0f by dchagin:
linux(4): Implement __vdso_time

03473e8ec8fa8d0f1ea30f85d8796ea9bf94bf29 by dchagin:
linux(4): Use saved cpu feature bits

ec32fc2af52530e49d8a522ae29bf20b2e57603b by bz:
dwc3: fix from not working

d80d73493767111b7569e831a93061014c682274 by glebius:
arp(8): use getifaddrs(3) instead of ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)

d458eb8de12cc656b324f6094e6ed1eedc35625a by thj:
diff3: make the eflag logic easier to follow

0ed72537857bfb6ac6d19b0852a52288db79b8b0 by melifaro:
netinet6: perform out-of-bounds check for loX multicast statistics

604bc078a502fd188063d4d737763a56484d2c23 by 0mp:
rc.8: Reference the article about rc scripting

4e3dc91e4c0750cf39c0a1fefe7435b5b5532f67 by 0mp:
sesutil.8: Polish

4fffc56c6e4c97aa76b31060e806ccdafb1afacd by mhorne:
riscv: implement db_show_mdpcpu()

4f2ad6243f15ef325aa8daa680949b0ee1076c6e by mhorne:
db_command.c: style

8a0994823365740f4d92842c2d6f7f524310ba64 by mhorne:
db_command.c: use designated initializers

7ce58d4e8c0cfcb42ec404aed6185b5eb7eef8a8 by mhorne:
ddb: add _FLAGS command variants

258958b3c7e017266080ae7fc9e3d8e64b6450d4 by mhorne:
ddb: use _FLAGS command macros where appropriate

b83d53cb687e65372dd23496578c436243b11c93 by mhorne:
DB_COMMAND(9): update to mention additional macros

62bca9c4df3af8ddeb08f910959fdf6d5084679f by mhorne:
DB_COMMAND(9): fix a typo

f058359ba5e08c555d7e6f192217f890b83cd46c by thj:
xargs: terminate if line replacement cannot be constructed

1e692b938e37a9b43a43ace2739eb6b97379cac0 by thj:
xargs: fix description of strnsubst return value

f874e59ffcd8b5ecd018ad8311d78e866340f3e9 by jkim:
Import OpenSSL 1.1.1q

25fb2515923796b329329b5c1c17d200ff416e84 by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen manual pages for OpenSSL 1.1.1q

9576bca5834b3ccfbf7ff7d3b49db9c05c51d44c by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen assembly file for OpenSSSL 1.1.1q

cbb019b831ad59ead34b825bf053169ebbe81bbf by kp:
dummynet: fix ip_dn_vnet_init() / dummynet_task() race

6ba6c05cb2d4dd6510637fecb31e2b66e7495467 by kp:
if_ovpn: deal with short packets

5c19fabbe34eeeabe5b30b2d19cb86b72bcd69c0 by imp:
devinfo: xref devctl

fbb5cb66f74cd9e7c2b1491dee6f5a3df72aea7a by bz:
dwc3: add ACPI attachment

231092bb6fda75b922fc324edef6523e78e9e8ed by karels:
netstat -i: do not truncate interface names

ab5ef5fb6355489e6a960b4d107e6767e2336ea2 by kib:
ufs_rename(): do not treat ERELOOKUP specially

513e1bbc739239c9479367b15e5f863a5f891d66 by kib:
ufs_rename(): revert the bump of fvp nlink count in case of EMLINK for

3bf66365129a13933f77d1f4421d5136861cffb4 by brooks:
cddl/*: add a WITH(OUT)_DTRACE option

38d036e91a8c29bf97b86d441a9d627c5cef2aea by mw:
ena: Align req_id and qid print order

3324e304c14d121dc04338a38c7f3277cbfba58b by mw:
ena: Fix LLQ descriptor reconfiguration

25b64933a48c47baef698a302fa2dc5c6e3013ea by mw:
ena: Update driver version to v2.6.1

9d97138e2d138bcd03dc28f45e78b13c536bed84 by mhorne:
libpmc: import updated pmu-events for arm64

6f50b73ee5c11253a35bb2787f2bef627079999d by mhorne:
libpmc: add armv8 pmu-event aliases

2bfd8b5b9419b0ceb3dd0295fdf413d32969e5b2 by melifaro:
testing: provide meaningful error when pytest is not available

f3f5368dfbef4514686ba2d67f01f314b275227e by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

9e1f44d044a58fcd2caaca3f57e69cf6180db3dc by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

5bc926af9fd1c47f74356734f731c68145e31c6f by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

1b91978f6375023b00c7d2b49a778765ce4ee6b8 by glebius:
tcp: remove a condition in tcp_usr_detach() that never happens

86cdadbed44ecd36469dfbc4f1e492dfe51fcd4e by glebius:
tree(3): allow the compare function to return any signed type

7d016011f48580357245368e36e2262b0a7e8ba7 by glebius:
sockstat(1): we don't need kernel struct unpcb

a83d596f434f5f8ec771ad6b207a0d3e5252680d by glebius:
sockstat(1): use tree(3) rbtree instead of hash

c5bdcd1f10a86e8b7754ba37d4a173294b727521 by glebius:
sockstat(1): widen the FD printing format

2c436d4890c7ed7f50321725dee229834114166b by glebius:
sockstat(1): print out full connection graph for unix(4) sockets

d961ccd350b25f3b250cbc3f98dfdf57394ed83e by glebius:
sockstat(1): print PID adjusted to the right

2380f7c9781e64d137f0712a8fb185dee648ed8c by cy:
sqlite3: Vendor import of sqlite3 3.39.0

a526ec4351a07714f9d7acde27c1d02c3ec34642 by pho:
stress2: Added a mount(8) test scenario

37f604b49d4aa1d27ad8d034ec33007bc8013671 by kp:
vnet: make VNET_FOREACH() always be a loop

92f692fd249e64ed4b25199310fafe41e2d9c74d by andrew:
Only add gicv3 fdt children with a compatible property

cfc9cf9baf474618daad9f5d5f7c74e66acafbd3 by melifaro:
testing: add ability to specify multi-vnet topologies in the pytest

ce414d02c1a0b4a3a68da99348b9962700742d44 by melifaro:
netinet6: add ip6_output() tests.

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.fs.fusefs.mknod.main

Error Message:
Returned non-success exit status 1