FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21565 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 15:24:50 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21565 (ce414d02c1a0b4a3a68da99348b9962700742d44) - Fixed

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0817c8dc2a48efedac38d1b9b5c4747a15dbe840 by dim:
Avoid adding -d to kernel module link command lines for lld >= 14

9b2a35b3a96b44019d7884da9de92c4f92d64994 by tuexen:
sctp: improve consistency

9312ba239e05b035c965e5790f70fe71a4ed2e8c by tuexen:
sctp: improve path verification

aab6e5bd1e2b2919604eed68f76d4a7bb73ccb0c by tuexen:
sctp: improve path verification

f210e4fbc54ab78711bd5197b7097002ff3ae891 by tuexen:
sctp: cleanup, no functional change intended

3bae1cd68a2ac3e2c37d54cf550e01257dfb1a04 by dchagin:
linux(4): Implement futex_op for arm64.

0b5d5dc3767fcf2f0198f0f9549cb23983e0ee3e by dchagin:
linux(4): Retire unneeded initialization

ba279bcd6d75aa236bcb9ccf11aeb6f51a2f8514 by dchagin:
linux(4): Cleanup signal trampolines

21f246174184742ba8952aeb1dadbf58d48d54b4 by dchagin:
linux(4): Move sigframe definitions to separate headers

af557e649cf229e45a83767c3c4a7daeb92f0b01 by dchagin:
linux(4): Rework the definition of struct siginfo to match Linux actual

6e826d27c340fa29e166d06e5d8553f6c63c409e by dchagin:
linux(4): Better naming for ucontext field of struct rt_sigframe

8f9635dc99f571a0ae4e613b9a0439e68da7b160 by dchagin:
linux(4): Retire handmade DWARF annotations from signal trampolines

08e201a3b4624d84f67f4587ab21b4b4abf61e76 by dchagin:
linux(4): Retire unused include

c56480a832354aff995f9d0bc5da4ccf27dfe78a by dchagin:
linux(4): Implement signal trampoline for arm64 in a FreeBSD-way

390c9ea029fdd3fb2ce61fc6b48617f0f7cd8754 by dchagin:
linux(4): Add AT_MINSIGSTKSZ to arm64 port

0b4f2ab0e91307bd1fa6e884b0fccef9d10d5a2d by rmacklem:
krpc: Fix NFS-over-TLS for KTLS1.3

edc5b6ea881d7e196fee8df7ebcd372f8f5b4469 by tuexen:
sctp: use sb_avail() when accessing sb_acc for reading

187d7e982132d0c971c16348118381076654ec37 by mckusick:
Reduce code nesting in readsuper().

bf0aa72f1f5911912817a2d3feb4010c8239512c by kbowling:
igc: Update PCI IDs

48a1a6be1968e600235afd0f2b78bf633c065430 by kbowling:
igc: Fix typo in PCI ID define usage

05d6f4d6968a632645a5dcbedec3752098a66624 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11 add rfkill_soft_blocked()

fac1f59384114a3fe14076815fc4ede68d6bb1ba by bz:
iwlwifi: update driver from iwlwifi-next

275172b519e82e2ffd957efde6592cab7d8d7aa9 by bz:
iwlwifi: update firmware

88a15f72cf6b4e80688daf56a7ac493999f25ccd by bz:
iwlwifi: import two fixes from linux v5.18-rc7

41068268ec480e58811a86787b60914709375b3f by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Fix decoding of SCHED_ flags

3020bfe1b8f53d70aa110b72227fa64f678e7307 by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix arm64 syscalls.master layout

c1e0431c2202faa178642c8b54e545df3ed44f5f by pkubaj:
riscv: also enable includes, stats and stats_client in libclang_rt

ecdc04d006de93eb343ce3b77208abd937d4f8ac by asomers:
makefs: fix calculation of file sizes

e9072c76f832dc649d27cdb7cd739b3e73fbed37 by behlendorf1:
zpool: max_width: monomorphise subtype iteration

ca3b105cd99198e59fa6f0b74943319ad7eedcde by behlendorf1:
libzfs: pool: zpool_vdev_name: use libzfs_envvar_is_set

5ac80603bdafef9317b3a815137181667cef8947 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: constify zfs_strip_partition(), zfs_strip_path()

276b08cb0077d7f6c4fe6b735e72740e8e72d572 by behlendorf1:
linux: libzutil: zfs_strip_path: only strip known prefixes

aa9f97af93fc9df5596654fc11f2720878c81e1a by glebius:
tests/unix_dgram: account for size of sender address in the filling

9b88ecd674ac292cb6d7ab644595091edd6ec87b by kbowling:
igc: Increase rx_buffer_size local variable to 32b

f49cddbda67d6f49f1794c93270d3d923140d620 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Allow lkpi_iic driver to be a child of drm device.

29d5f0c148059806d8f0d9e55acdd072994fa450 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Convert lkpi-shrinker lock to sx.

41559beb000555770cff1e1b3ef0275157aeb608 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Fix typo in cond_resched_lock

6bcd13222215da58f17a54db1592afc36df47f83 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Add cpu_latency_qos_request_active stub to linux/pm_qos.h

1ebd7aeecace66b0a21029aedaa4776064f5b6b5 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Add some pollution required by drm-kmod to linux/sched.h

0093bc3cd17c2f657682258fae73737655b8a573 by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Implement sched_set_fifo(_low) functions

b6f87b78b5bb48e00f54b96ddea7ad5bf5e3aa1f by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Implement kthread_worker related functions

fa30bff5da319304f534aba747befe686fa2071a by wulf:

bec4576e4c194a3b3bc8fb8cce613d7088dbfb2c by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Do not use forward declaration for struct llist_node

71fe907dfb03c4d89a6370ce3d161603d0f40e5e by wulf:
LinuxKPI: Switch irq_work implementation back to standard taskqueue

386b1a033c4d7345efd378b47cb637d4fb709020 by kp:
pf: allocate krule->timestamp in pf_krule_alloc()

2e5bf7c49fd2b6440ac49dbfe80d4384d3f645f1 by glebius:
unix: fix mbuf leak on close of socket with data

eac7f0798b2837d1389ab2bfbf53d08c7f80aca2 by glebius:
unix: garbage collect unp_dispose_mbuf() for brevity

b46667c63eb7f126a56e23af1401d98d77b912e8 by glebius:
sockbuf: merge two versions of sbcreatecontrol() into one

6890b588141a8298fc8a63700aeeea4ba36ca3f9 by glebius:
sockbuf: improve sbcreatecontrol()

9bf4983f54919c38a0e3aae2bea09c04c8ee4421 by naddy:
truss: add ppoll(2) argument decoding

f5024381ac16ba43d37a8bd32d54c27f6a6afa66 by pkubaj:
powerpc: enable supported sanitizers on powerpc64*

c0cf6ed6792e545fd614c2a88cb53756db7e03f8 by noreply:
Fix compiler warnings about zero-length arrays in inline bitops

c678572e7675c8de6d19fa925284a50f58358f35 by olivier:
Prevent running sigwait tests in parallel

892b1874ace0245a08b0764a45622fbdee3668a9 by bz:
net80211: remove (optional) RSN from preobereq

12b37f8f9c789a48ea0e8cd35f403aee0e020ad9 by jhb:
cxgbe: Deactivate upper layer drivers (like TOE) during detach.

f8f1e9cd1ceeac4d3a9d2f703f937f67148bd513 by imp:
bsd-family-tree: FreeBSD 13.1

ed87ff4e95d92033d161e93ec1a35ce001638bae by grembo:
hidraw: Return string lengths for certain ioctls

182a69328da2aa081f61369540f5d674c23e277b by br:
Fix stream table entry (STE) initialization and removal.

41ce5498f8e69e6820962e813eb3b40c465079d0 by br:
Add OFW support to arm64's IOMMU framework.

f70de61e567df59bceb2d18c8bc1b54943a7466b by emaste:
loader.efi: add cross-reference to loader(8)

00ac77464ef15c56b2cffb049518b78545552a9d by noreply:
Expose zpool guids through kstats

08b32c6fa9dd68d024447979e7c9b711b9e60c56 by noreply:
zed: support subject as header in zed_notify_email()

1a0329799c6d8bfb7eca89d0c8736736b8ab446c by dim:
Apply llvm fix for "Invalid PPC CTR loop!" error on powerpcspe

7506f5af922895afe52377e2ea1e9813e3be8111 by behlendorf1:
Add make regen-tests to regenerate the test bundle

7062a956f79b264084d71e542ce74bc5144f504d by behlendorf1:
rpm: don't spec obsolete_name/version anymore

2f713390d18ff3ae8ad4fdb8e97f9fdfbf867bc7 by behlendorf1:
kmodtool: cleanup

6b575417e2bd500906ede0c82c0d29780ee26e9f by behlendorf1:
libspl/include: remove unused/empty headers

89e81bc6adf58ec442ddaa23e629bf888bc55488 by behlendorf1:
Remove final K&R definitions

ec3c01ae7233088057395aa50be2439d1abde828 by emaste:
makefs: sort cd9660 sysid entries in man page

4e2d3f26bd12610ef8672eefb02814b882a4c29b by dim:
Remove accidentally committed diff file

38f4d99f769efbb472ab3c35558700163e4f023c by behlendorf1:
linux: libzfs: simplify module-loaded check

2b4f2fc93c4298415c5bc70554514c3e8892e5d5 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: return (allocated) strings instead of filling buffers

e02d84d3a5158a942c3f09d11c973e5aabb6fa40 by noreply:
linux: libshare: smb: don't swallow net(1) errors

ad7741ff693a39bab59b75e432bd922a62f3ef0a by hselasky:
ibcore: Fix possible memory leak in ib_mad_post_receive_mads()

527762b2f776381569bd662ce236d2845234c0a7 by hselasky:
mlx4: Fix a memory leak bug.

190abf86bb455a5b423ca46d309c4492a2d41a94 by andrew:
Fix the name of Makefile.aarch64

11a6ecd4258b9108fb19420ec5db297f6d99a842 by andrew:
Handle cas failure when the compare succeeds

88ac318759f28f34aa991ecc6f336326ec00c501 by andrew:
Support LSE atomics in the arm64 casue* functions

f9ca52bab510ff97c6a3c513ddce698a0d19934c by andrew:
Use getpagesize in gcore to find the page size

7eb6a92e3f938d419d3edc0399fc4c1d1018da15 by arrowd:
jexec man: Explain how PATH is adjusted.

21add93b58189322b00421f428917759a7034736 by markj:
makefs: Remove execute permission from in-tree test scripts

47a57144af25a7bd768b29272d50a36fdf2874ba by jhibbits:
cpuset: Byte swap cpuset for compat32 on big endian architectures

2479e381cd5fe21c1f1c516ee42dfdd1fcc9abfc by dchagin:
kqueue: Trim trailing whitespace

2cd662064a0cd8d179cbb5a06378fce0ec458747 by dchagin:
linux(4): Handle cas failure on ll/sc operations

6e2caba7a1297eeda4f43e6377667d2e049f24f9 by dchagin:
arm64: Enable the floating-point exception traps

9386e18b395dd62f6d0cccad67af51e3ad1d2429 by dchagin:
linux(4): Move signal codes definitions to the appropriate header

30301975637f85172fe18b73c863dabd8ad28296 by dchagin:
linux(4): Add kernel signal code definitions

a6f85b12bbe8e50243350c77b0c5879d9e72f85b by dchagin:
linux(4): Convert the native kernel signal codes into the Linux codes

89737eb8290a10d96b77afac1b68e4740b43353b by dchagin:
Fix the build after 47a57144

b04f5d18b5faad004a10f054d9c9072fcf31c29b by dchagin:
linux(4): To improve readability use FUTEX_UNOWNED instead of 0

e343ebbfbe97104093ba1ab5d089e8363c170df5 by cy:
src.libnames: Replace redundant += with =

87c5ff0648a8e88b71a66994e1f9ca127fd4ed83 by np:
cxgbe/iw_cxgbe: c4iw_zero_addr should not use IN_ZERONET.

85eb99f9a47151f90565a1fb37395b8302c2978c by bz:
LinuxKPI: implement pcie_capability_set_word()

d296b65d899249da24a8b277554df4af93357b36 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11 updates

f2ab91608440338e5574eff098ad4f69e4541a1d by wma:
[vlan + lagg] add IFNET_EVENT_UPDATE_BAUDRATE event

f34a9180ae881dc77ea42ab38e992828b1567a5d by dchagin:
linux(4): Retire unneeded translate_traps from arm64

eca368ecb6e00e9db7e1c090e98a29439d255895 by dchagin:
Retire sv_transtrap

12c542cd0e9efc1ad9f20f1035402c0acf6d403f by kp:
dummynet: do not store struct ifnet pointers

bbec8e698b5bfbd568b840fc411b4fd125684045 by kp:
pf: call dummynet directly from the ethernet code

b3fa36efe797445cb0b4fd26d79226836db2a2b3 by kp:
pf tests: extend ethernet dummynet test

4a3e51335e86cee02569c04b9f1e95ca9abcb170 by markj:
cpuset: Fix the KASAN and KMSAN builds

bcc3148c70c72cc409881e7a25e2bb053a39a0da by markj:
libsa: Fix a bug in nvlist creation

e097436cb2bc42e74d1dc2bf188c4491eeff3ec0 by markj:
libsa: Make the nvlist implementation more self-contained

670be460e4089038aadb47917bd71fe07d2cac21 by markj:
bitstring_test: Add regression tests for bit_ff(c|s)_area_at()

6a968ad5d962ae45433d0591e1a9669a45b57d67 by brooks:
sys/dts: Remove MIPS files

7a0c23da4eaa63f00e53aa18f3ab1f2bb32f593a by jhb:
vmm: Destroy character devices synchronously.

9dfbda254c20cb04dba5038cae4ce6c0d90739ca by jhb:
Switch to GCC 9 for the GCC tinderbox.

6b715687bd441f2815ec93dad7efd156fb3b591d by mjg:
vfs: make sure truncate always calls NDFREE_*

ec3c225711ae7d5b8e71ed036aada09ef91149ec by mjg:
vfs: call vn_truncate_locked from kern_truncate

03df6bad94504b80929b332a3e5fbfbc8bdae04b by noreply:
zdb: Fix handling of nul termination in symlink targets

2cd0f98f4aae7110a48cb0623e1e3d66b9f58785 by noreply:
Verify BPs in spa_load_verify_cb() and dsl_scan_visitbp()

6cf748ad948897de636c972debf5733624f6fc20 by bz:
LinuxKPI 802.11 / iwlwifi / rtw88 : re-factor ieee802211_sta for MLO

cdb337b0970f9becdc1a4f026b73d93e50ff9e8b by mjg:
vfs: fix copy-pasto in previous

0637b12b13be442aacda808bb937d45e538dd98f by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsservd: Add an option to allow TLS version 1.2

72bf76d6b8c9e9de81661b68389e0035805b8606 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsclntd: Add an option to force use of TLS version 1.2

5af718a5927a9e078201ebc7ad1310e5b4918b7a by karels:
ping: if -S srcaddr uses a numeric address, use that protocol

a30eee517dfd238b1988ae2f0279f579abe81c95 by karels:
ping: add missing test files to Makefile

9cd45772a44f268ccb3e20caf7f3f764f6b5e1a1 by tsoome:
libsa: mark head_errlog feature supported.

0d6600b579be769b85f049ef421023316f21b5c3 by andrew:
Set mm before passing it to the UEFI firmware

8cfbeb56aa160de1ea4f492abeb3aa029e84269f by asiciliano:
bsdinstall services: Improve mouse configuration

4effc38819d9c9b410cee9e3b51f0cabeec27677 by asiciliano:
bsdinstall jail: Replace dialog with bsddialog

90943fbfeb1a3cbe2be99acddb5cae45d48e1e52 by asiciliano:
bsdinstall netconfig_ipv4: Replace dialog with bsddialog

58c63d5e37cb3a04355b63e853dfdc145e77cb09 by asiciliano:
bsdinstall netconfig_ipv6: Replace dialog with bsddialog

77649f35a7e53e3cbbd5b416e8802f70e21a99f6 by markj:
boot/zfs: Extend zfsimpl.h and make it easier to use

d94358e29d1eacab17e9992ad91decb1b84b9449 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsservd: Update the man page for the -C option

298663855015c1eba7ccf5b88168f433653eb609 by kp:
pfctl: fix out-of-bounds access

b75e0eed345d2ab047a6b1b00a9a7c3bf92e992c by khng:
pam_exec: fix segfault when authtok is null

8d098deda3786b223e44ad1bed923a6d66dfa341 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsservd: Modify the -C option to use SSL_CTX_set_ciphersuites

f5b40aa0dea690314bc70f88634a13cbaa53b6f0 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsclntd: Modify the -C option to use SSL_CTX_set_ciphersuites

0bf3f379e18f5f01af77a23163222165321a5502 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsclntd: Update the man page for the -C option

e2c72fecfc51d376600b29dfea737a3d1054e34a by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsservd: Add the -2 option to the man page

915fc1afe57e89898c4edb0b19911e2a5b27976d by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsclntd: Add the -2 option to the man page

b4fa7fde15854a7d40ca66694d6589fd45060050 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsservd: Add the -2 option to the usage line

b387a075d9db81a7bcc3adcc7c1c5ba93e8d8f66 by rmacklem:
rpc.tlsclntd: Add the -2 option to the usage line

2434137f690dabc35586ab45fc4c4ecc5b71184f by dchagin:
linux(4): Deduplicate translate_traps()

9016ec056ae3896522798ead39bb2f3ff4f68809 by dchagin:
linux(4): Deduplicate bsd_to_linux_trapcode()

53726a1f1ed75a6788f5235833597e78781fffba by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix execve() on amd64/linux32 after a125ed50

e0aef0d62d2b14e754f25ef4f3582ae5faf8579c by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix unlink() after a125ed50

26700ac0c4d0466c00f944bde9613d18625d1f91 by dchagin:
linux(4): Deduplicate execve

2b378d59a98a4eb1dab173c4db3b48f385c47728 by dchagin:
linux(4); Move vdso_selector_x86.c to the linux_common module

1bb3faed29cf1f451bcdc396eaa4f8cc476f9159 by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix unlinkat() after a125ed50

2d896da92a2a4fd27abeafe04bd2aa1ff74856b8 by olivier:
tests/unix_passfd: Prevent running them in parallel

5cebd8305afecad82f5d9628d8f7981d33559037 by tuexen:
sctp: more sb_cc related cleanups

ad52fba11e482949afa687e455d3e6f698f8d584 by andrew:
Add fdt to name of a fdt specific function

b25d7f7477316d185277e4d29da220cc742f6802 by andrew:
Fix the style of bcm_pcib_msi_attach a little

c3147104fdddb5cb358726888a0a612439d10f9e by andrew:
Error is not a bool in bcm2838_pci, check for != 0

5749fdc53517179d9922235c9a1b5e99c6ac3abc by andrew:
Use the error given in the bcm PCI driver

f16e38162c75015036b1c5e220b2f82a4bd94af1 by andrew:
Fix an indentation bug in the bcm pci driver

8a13362d49bf07dfc654e25976d057adbe0ac9c1 by erj:
ice(4): Add RDMA Client Interface

cdcd52d41e246ba1c0fcfad0769bd691487355ef by erj:
irdma: Add RDMA driver for Intel(R) Ethernet Controller E810

34978f7edd15ef5aa9c14a6eecb18ae5d6fd8842 by se:
bin/sleep: add support for units other than seconds

be038c3afcaec78d6e92c33f03ec6d2523b3c719 by se:
bin/sleep: add support for multiple delay values

81cea61f3b3a17b600364ef19498c01266c9ff1b by se:
bin/sleep: document more non-standard features

969da7c749ebf05a2a9b10e32b5d6d7c3f270dbb by andrew:
Add more Arm CPU IDs

477204e70b658c518064a02203a2050d5a0841be by andrew:
Decode all Arm GIC feature ID bits

6368dcb29228dd8e18d50c54c3ca1596262d4676 by asiciliano:
bsdinstall hostname: Replace dialog with bsddialog

af33f52b6c5d7f23575490e078b48d3052d4b622 by 0mp:
Remove remaining net.tcp.inflight* references from src

2670ea8a075ea29a0eee9d227c4cdf585a7b3b55 by markj:
devfs.rules: Do not expose "log" in the default devfs rules.

9e4cd857ac14f72d2e661acb7a1cde0daa3fee90 by 0mp:
Remove referenes to net.inet.tcp.local_slowstart_flightsize

33005c89c6bca456b57c39acd20b01346b61916c by brd:
bsdinstall: break list of scripts out to one per line to make

cc42ef5328963ee55c3305b136e9a86145f24594 by brd:
bsdinstall: allow whitelabeling the scripts

b7b40e4a38d8521a40494d868d0870dfb9d6d77d by erj:
ixl(4): Add support for I710 devices and remove non-inclusive language

cf70c0f8ae01c24699767b5ecfbe1882c009d53a by noreply:
zed: Take no action on scrub/resilver checksum errors

3c356622994f1837f42a0d4bcd6558a3b3749521 by noreply:
Modified ncompress requirement in RPM to exclude RHEL9

2e05765006913b0c381fdbbbf0370b35c0e61be4 by noreply:
FreeBSD: libspl: Add locking around statfs globals

f375b23c026aec00cc9527470084191b5071d9b2 by noreply:
Tiered early abort, zstd edition

84d0a03f3e38b1c4c9361a4b4ec613a2f46248b3 by noreply:
Refactor Log Size Limit

7919c76dbdd20161247d1bfb647110d87ca5ee0f by asomers:
bsdinstall: use gpt/efiboot0 label in /etc/fstab

f5dcfbe36e210c24800daba0db8285d269db9d46 by imp:
stty: Remove stray '-'.

daed785d6fe0a6cfdbfab92af9ee9afd7451c7aa by emaste:
Cirrus-CI: Switch to llvm14 toolchain package

b96549f057c0b7119f1c65b1bb2bfdf9e0d4b2d4 by kib:
struct ifnet: add if_capabilities2 and if_capenable2 bitmasks

051e7d78b03944d5910d4f7ad2f1fd6f2cfac382 by kib:
Kernel-side infrastructure to implement nvlist-based set/get ifcaps

883c726a39b6bdd403e0ea55856e056b670b43e9 by kib:
Document nvlist-based set/get ifcaps

f7ea19958b0313ed44c73a602708d57595f594bb by kib:
Convert mlx5_en to SIOCSIFCAPNV

6a311e6fa54d0de1860e6a3ad7cd93c14e78a674 by kib:
Add ifcap2 names for RXTLS4 and RXTLS6 interface capabilities

3a364a6b91ab68608a7f69d0e225cbf3b32d1f38 by kib:
mlx5en: formally declare supoort for RXTLS

7541a95a545157b6123a9d1bd2724ab263a85f7f by kib:
ifconfig: some style

7aecd12d9cbd9419dc07f7847055977cfbc8131f by kib:
ifconfig: use c99 designated initializers for DEF_CMD

42d5cb0927f8a2ef0be2dc0630d5520555131c95 by kib:
ifconfig: add glue for specifying functions taking static string

6ca418e4816a9d1db18f2ce55dcab6c04757be27 by kib:
ifconfig: add setifcapnv()

277b9588fde66850171e013051d79737a01c3de9 by kib:
ifconfig: add rxtls and -rxtls commands

d72ea9fb3ff7b80da8084b9423d8e58cbd621acf by kib:
ifconfig: Use SIOCGIFCAPNV if supported

4f79bd4a1a83577ddf1fd03b8692eac9cb715ad3 by kib: add more lib variables

3aaed4cb8c6a7dd3441b3d89501a79581179e288 by kib:
Fix conflict between libnvpair and libnv when building rescue binaries.

4dc1c8a0b84678a98e1c541493988b348ea0e644 by noreply:
rpm: Use the correct version-release information in dependencies

bc7512cc58af2e8bbe5bbf5ca0059b1daa1da897 by markj:
kqueue tests: Re-enable kqueue proc tests

c728c56c870abe230e45cee5c477f0d890ebacef by markj:
kqueue tests: Add file and line info to some test failure output

524dadf7a8725dea144571843e611dbdbd59d668 by markj:
kevent: Fix an off-by-one in filt_timerexpire_l()

d6d4f9b45e0be306bdaf53b2133b2cd0f7642167 by markj:
kqueue tests: Add new EVFILT_TIMER regression tests from upstream

68fe988a40ca5dedec426735f52471d9af7bddbd by markj:
kqueue tests: Simplify the test runner

e602a30bb9fc7ee041a0e629d0fd2db7933ffa32 by erj:
irdma(4): Fix compile error on powerpc64

a6e275af46644af1de365a1edf19742bfa28bb69 by erj:
irdma(4): Fix previous commit that broke build on amd64

ad51c47fb43139b49aafdde615f9e21cbc943238 by glebius:
sockbuf: fix assertion in sbcreatecontrol()

25d21a845223ffad189fd2a7831ebf5e298b628a by manu:
linuxkpi: Rework detach function

d46d907a26310881241683862e674f0f2284eb53 by 0mp:
sleep.1: Fix mdoc style

9e0716f4610158936c0b9cec1a9930c4ebe924fb by andrew:
Add arm64 CnP support

e605b87a9e75a7f693527f0aad8189ae9db20f16 by andrew:
Save only callee-saved registers in pcb

7d975c7f93f16209f0e6417ebd178d8538eb0633 by thj:
diff3: Don't perform a bitwise OR when comparing diffs

59f6408d8d61740a4c083f811de2adef8ac3b8a8 by thj:
diff3: Copy line into debug information

3ddd6eb688af37e03cd6d56be4e0400362a179f7 by thj:
diff3: Add help and version options

e26ef41f79902991c772b59927c721aa7fa5fc64 by manu:
backlight: Update cached value when getting the brightness

82aa4f6f858549ba51d8afa207b179e4a3403d95 by noreply:
Switch sed -E to -r for better portability

3bbc26097e53c472084d978dd37343b07ed17e3c by noreply:
Unbreak zstd build on sparc64

61ef68727b0b3c53e27d6e503947f6c5efd1318c by noreply:
Standardize RHEL version check in packages

b37093a188d94279e5e2faaf09e6ff754873b0a2 by noreply:
rpm: Keep debug symbols if configured with '--enable-debuginfo'

7829b465a7f736e9458257fcb9dcefd8eb882ee0 by noreply:
Cancel in-progress rebuilds when we finish removal

1d89b989c15acdc9d70878253d68162c3c5c5836 by noreply:
automake: don't install /e/d/zfs or /e/z/zfs-functions +x

6aa8c21a2ad29ddd4564cdfd4c99048c891b717a by noreply:
More speculative prefetcher improvements

23402c83f4fc2db45f0435ed106791828a6522df by glebius:
tests/unix_passfd: sending many and too many SCM_RIGHTS

d60ea9a10a79b45491cd965b6006aadf29badcf9 by glebius:
sockets: return EMSGSIZE if control part of message is too large

579b45e203287f78cfb4a91491893b2919aa9ec4 by glebius:
unix/*: check new control size in unp_internalize()

4682ac697ce9b306d11e03a628d1ac07f4b540c8 by glebius:
unix: turn check in unp_externalize() into assertion

431944fb5ffff5ad56e720b75b7beecdc4878e0e by jhb:
etcupdate: Don't rotate trees for a dry run.

f8287caae48246e34d6a7af5446df3c36127b7f0 by jhb:
etcupdate: Preserve permissions when installing a resolved file.

35dc7f8f5dcd6a061b53b7c526d200320f41c014 by jmg:
dhclient: test against a real (ISC) dhcp server

20b2b464ebb6748756e262d8a421509a2937c74b by emaste:
syscons: note incompatibility with UEFI

b62829295e9529d1c321816a1027fac5afc7d6f5 by noreply:
Silence unused-but-set-variable warning

442bf90e52842ebdc3cd9911508df5535e48a89e by dim:
Add newline after 20220524 entry in

d98a67a53a180bd88ec8d9aeea75d92e1c9968b5 by noreply:
Replace EXTRA_DIST with dist_noinst_DATA

152d6fda54e61042a70059c95c44b364aea0bbd8 by noreply:
Fix inflated quiesce time caused by lwb_tx during zil_commit()

75e7e3ce34d9782d825f7b3579afd82e3de55b5e by glebius:
unix: fix incorrect assertion in 4682ac697ce

8020c05683f266c5513cfe8ad3e58e7e06f85ffa by jhb:
cxgbei: Adjust the calculation for the maximum ISO payload.

18054d0220cfc8df9c9568c437bd6fbb59d53c3c by mav:
libpmc: Another update of x86 event definitions.

c9a5c48ae88dcd10c1a1273e028f98761887f190 by melifaro:
arp: Implement sticky ARP mode for interfaces.

4581e8e9a263d9d17ad5b21f8a453b314b9edfe2 by pho:
stress2: Added a syzkaler reproducer

caf73e58579343fc1661f43554b30115bb940535 by asomers:
bsdinstall: fix prepopulating the ZFS disk menu with ZFSBOOT_DISKS

55c8093f733242cd72341ba1126637047cf16ca3 by asomers:
Replace subversion with git in the installation DVD

d59bc188d652dfaa06bef9963120aa54c4c68875 by glebius:
sockbuf: remove unused mbuf counter and cluster counter

eca6e0f7e460bf9a4a6e1bd5198d75168280c88e by dim:
Apply clang fix for assertion failure building webkit2-gtk

076002f24d35962f0d21f44bfddd34ee4d7f015d by mckusick:
Do comprehensive UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

05882e28fbedbe0bcd35a87a55ac3913a6445b6f by cy:
tests: Fix i386 and powerpc build

425e5c739bcf190265330b79e85f89eb4d7b5f25 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Do not handle NFSERR_BADSESSION in operation code

a7bb120f8b8735bc4c417b3c8fc2308c3d2964aa by rmacklem:
nfscl: Add a diagnostic printf() for a "should never happen" case

d64f2f42c111009dade9ab7ae4d75a0256630e14 by glebius:
unix: unp_externalize() can M_WAITOK

9cb70cb4769d2ef3a2e3b6d8bae8e0e59a4689e8 by tuexen:
sctp: cleanup, no functional change except on error paths

7b6f5ebef68194c09708abeb6426ca7602b6dab1 by dim:
Add several sanitizer ignore lists under /usr/lib/clang

f21168e61404eacc6ad58a74ed9af92a8e5072df by tuexen:
sctp: cleanup of error paths

64b297e803bd8123bfef3fecaa1f8ceae9eea0e6 by tuexen:
sctp: improve handling of send() when association is shutdown

e2ceff302833ee5f90ac2437efe3670cafcbdd46 by tuexen:
sctp: ignore SCTP_SENDALL flag on 1-to-1 style sockets

2646cd085850f047eb17c7df53823b1d48deca82 by tuexen:
sctp: use a consistent view of the send parameters

31d1b816fe139f46083f8609c34b7d129a6e2ee0 by dchagin:
sysent: Get rid of bogus sys/sysent.h include.

d46174cd8838b86b9fe956b80c82bd238c302b2e by dchagin:
Finish cpuset_getaffinity() after f35093f8

77d678b7a4075a056be621b46be50377f08bfc9e by asomers:
Fix a memory leak from caf73e58579

3a99aac66f8d12386e8382aaf29d2e82e6b5353b by dchagin:
linux(4): Check the socket before any others sanity checks

e92b9a9eaa646bc1037af2a838270c43ea607d55 by dchagin:
linux(4): Add a helper to copyout getsockopt value

e8d9d8082be339d046826e543e8e835c61e2d4b0 by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix SO_LINGER l_onoff value

db48fa8319825b4428795fcef9fb5458ac34c1a9 by dchagin:
linux(4): Avoid EISCONN if addr is specified for sendto()

f409a7c5386a30edccf2b26a5612cab99fdff045 by dchagin:
linux(4): For future use move SCM definitions below socket options

b408788d6b7edf91a6c4b9e2e8d1b34fe5d41525 by dchagin:
linux(4): Improve recvmsg() readability

6335583990d8691ab01cd4fa92390f82f07e3d75 by dchagin:
linux(4): For future use replace malloc type for l_sockaddr by M_LINUX

0e26e54bdfa2859908150011a4a165e9dd3de9ac by dchagin:
linux(4): Handle 64-bit SO_TIMESTAMP for 32-bit binaries

71bc8bcf660b437b99af1e3d382f7bfdaea5fa9c by dchagin:
linux(4): Handle SO_TIMESTAMPNS socket option

0eda2ceab7820aeba79029b59b3fe9b28a66c766 by dchagin:
linux(4): Refactor linux_common_recvmsg()

53494b918d63a5b31793ce7f66569d4bd03f5817 by dchagin:
linux(4): Overwrite SO_TIMESTAMP counterpart

4f02a4f48c080ad56f0d7c745ace4d2f7dacf928 by dchagin:
linux(4): Add LINUX_RATELIMIT_MSG_OPT2 for future use

f8a6615064badb76b6cb301163697cf99ac4f180 by dchagin:
linux(4): Handle IP_ORIGDSTADDR socket option for IPPROTO_IP protocol

31d7f3e9ce2d0d69123f3d20453f4fa41ac434d7 by dchagin:
linux(4): Ratelimit message about unupported cmsg

3735f9cff1e8a7ce7079b957bc3b37f0f886caed by dchagin:
linux(4): Handle multiple mbufs in a control message chain in recvmsg

6a5eebc190ab98de98ed7977cbdee3218758376e by dim:
Apply clang fix for assertion failure building putty 0.77 on i386

7cab630ba4fb26bf85336a89d88721ed2315c46c by rmacklem:
mount_nfs: Only create a mounttab file entry is nmount(2) succeeds

d92dc803f699c76873220e3fcb87940007be7d1b by rmacklem:
nfsstat: Add an entry to output NFSPROC_APPENDWRITE count

245b056556e61792ae3cb21fd61e9b2ce362f4b9 by mav:
hwpmc: Add Intel Core register defines up to version 5.

a6a596e102be19141d042813e7411c9d931663c7 by tuexen:
sctp: improve handling of listen() call

8284799a232941c164acec425a881b5abb976751 by manu:
bhyve: use bhyve_config for SMBIOS strings

3ba952e1a2179c232402c82d5c7587159b15a8dd by manu:
vmm: add tunable to trap WBINVD

7468332f5518c1a725cd0067c35490f82ef781bd by manu:
x86/mp: don't create empty cpu groups

3719dedb91ebdfdfb7aa7d3c21f02176b21f6d29 by melifaro:
lltable: use sa_family_t instead of int for lltable.llt_af

77001f9b6dac3b8f898941287726e5a668bb5897 by melifaro:
lltable: introduce the llt_post_resolved callback

d6cd20cc5c475e8bbf257ac1474ff490ae4dcab6 by melifaro:
netinet6: fix ndp proxying

08e77283b7baa63c04373dc099cfed4fed308f92 by melifaro:
sockstat: be more verbose when reporting kernel/userland size mismatch.

efbe2af2ce5e444aa06d6d989c147ecea3f3120f by cy:
lib/libgssapi: Trailing whitespace cleanup

81ffb45f02dac470cfeddb98f2e4af2d895fea4a by mav:
hwpmc: Use hardware PMCs freezing on PMI on Intel v2+.

a3d9740825499c8a495261e09b7f9e49f6b4ac81 by mjg:
pf: make sure the rule tree is allocated in DIOCCHANGERULE

5e9c888a7ac014f81bcf369ff3d38690d51545ee by dfr:
pkgbase: Move pw to the runtime package

ef7a6f1dedb7951aa75ec13a87a3f60d410e2380 by markj:
gitignore: Ignore

227caacc918a8c9b32608cff42116e7d890b9ddc by markj:
rc: Add a zpoolreguid rc.d script

f7f387730e3fc7d6e3807c1300269cd127ad3234 by markj:
src.conf.5: Update the WITHOUT_ZFS description

4be635870459cab532be9a58137a107efbbb51fd by markj:
src.conf.5: Regenerate

8c0d1eca7834bfd5a05c86bf20a7600917057492 by melifaro:
sockbuf: retain backward compatibility with userland after d59bc188d652

2ca34847e7288fba6b2a15e64648238bc12e4960 by dchagin:
linux(4): Reduce duplication between MD parts of the Linuxulator

2ab9b59faafb68402dbebc285b424cfb06b59cf3 by dchagin:
linux(4): Avoid direct manipulation of td_sigmask

c30a767c6fd6d3f19e897fb800513e75175249b9 by dchagin:
linux(4): Microoptimize rt_sendsig(), convert signal mask once

109fd18ad96957c25cfaa78da2f825c729e33fef by dchagin:
linux(4): Properly build argument list for the signal handler

669516a1a16efe51f85ef203c3b93e6db7a3ed51 by dchagin:
linux(4): Fix the type of a constant in the signal mask macro

7a7cee558501a27e5b7437d012a1139ca77d97f2 by dchagin:
linux(4): Refactor SIGPWR mapping

5e872c279aecd169df34602669ee9c86ae9e9f18 by dchagin:
linux(4): Use the copyin_sigset() in the remaining places

5573143777dd45d77163e208dc54426ac93896af by dchagin:
linux(4): Error is not a bool, use proper comparison

2722e515ac8d0232cd80e5e8848715e27d222902 by dchagin:
linux(4): Prefer sizeof(object) vs sizeof(type)

4a6c2d075da0c5105269e6edcbe57bf6aaa0a0ae by dchagin:
linux(4): Properly restore the thread signal mask after signal delivery

51f329660f1c56f295fb13bb3a34fb0895f485a1 by mav:
Revert "libpmc: jevents: Partial style(9) pass"

62ff619dcc3540659a319be71c9a489f1659e14a by mav:
libpmc: jevents: Sync with the latest Linux kernel.

f29c9901a41fb650d46fd48f4880a894f54aa737 by hselasky:
mlx4core: Fix a memory leak when deleting slave's resources

c4a415505311e30093b6d9ee0493427a66f2b0de by hselasky:
ibcore: Fix missing ib_cm_destroy_id() in ib_cm_insert_listen()

acdfbc6cbe0a8a976d446216be84994c8ee8d5c1 by mhorne:
irdma: fix LINT-NOIP/NOINET/NOINET6 builds

c1e813d1230915e19a236ec687cadc1051841e56 by mav:
hwpmc: Correct selection of Intel fixed counters.

73b7b181e691ebbe8a0e411fd60f5003b51dc75d by mav:
libpmc:	Disable hardcoding of Intel fixed counters.

5b7adeb1845c7491a655d2b2e1ab55d7b7b96a34 by kevans:
zdiff: avoid non-conformant features

ae57fbc7ec65fcc75575a55c911e0da32ea9c20d by mav:
hwpmc: Update Intel's programmable counters restrictions.

fe109d3113166c8e3b8557f0569c4e5a3597ac93 by mav:
hwpmc: Add basic Intel Alderlake CPUs support.

f083739350fbb541b37783a23e8d7fd2aba03e07 by glebius:
soo_aio_*: use socket buffer mutexes in struct socket directly

037dd0a9677144a870a381a1bbccbe61e34628dd by mav:
libpmc: Fix INVERT flag mapping for both Intel and AMD.

7e2a451119373b7d3f2b3fd062d4ccb099dde022 by dchagin:
linprocfs: Add /proc/vm/max_map_count

452f4636c3ba1f51f2f549ccc31fd4177254fb6d by dchagin:
linux(4): Return ENOTSUP for unsupported clockid

539fadb493d34e6607f7492f018365bdc2abc23a by dchagin:
linux(4): Return EINVAL when the clockid has invalid bits are set

89e58b955cf5d2187af5f2460d11b64f4d229c8a by markj:
rc: Fix quoting in the zpoolreguid script

9f6a619a7d7ae0764374ff9949c8bfad36f4096b by vangyzen:
mandoc: workaround lack of macro parsing in list -width

4b1174e27a30f9a627586c5d45e10ba7e801d3bd by dim:
llvm MIPS target: add missed source file

9792c7d3eb41dc1e3709e00a98734c3312d1b4fe by rmacklem:
nfscl: Enable support for the Lookup+Open RPC

5f264996f4dc2d5279afe96698688a20c281c473 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.18 compat: bio_alloc()

5e4aedaca7cee981ed21ac856fd27b4682bb7888 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: bdev_max_discard_sectors()

e2c31f2bc7d190fbd8fc5c13bac23daffc5d7b56 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: bdev_max_secure_erase_sectors()

a12a5cb5b821f24f26d388094cdac79deb0e879f by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: blkdev_issue_secure_erase()

c2c2e7bb8b7c269904777b61f4b0a678f1ffb9a3 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: aops->read_folio()

d41e864181e4544eca08332b31f85318a3b0e3b3 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: bdev_start_io_acct() / bdev_end_io_acct()

91350681b8c8b3f0a9b04e6ab3b8931406e87355 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: zap_flags_t conflict

3cb9f1976c260821e43e6eae9d46e4ec97a8d4f1 by alfredo:
nfs: skip bootpc when vfs.root.mountfrom is other than nfs

6c92016aa685486f1445f632ac3f1af1385186af by mjg:
pf: fix a race against kif destruction in pf_test{,6}

d18b4bec98f1cf3c51103a22c0c041e6238c44c7 by melifaro:
netinet6: Fix mbuf leak in NDP

a70e613070a8ca96f8214ba1ff61549cbbad0a2f by noreply:
Linux 5.18 compat: META

2310dba9ebf6259515b63fda3202199831669271 by noreply:
Fix typo in zil_commit() comment block

bc8192cd5b14cf4182bd2b19a6a8ed4f0bbed12b by noreply:
Corrected parameters for zstd early abort

bc218d89200faa021def77732f3d9fde4f4dee13 by mckusick:
Two bug fixes to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

a7f20faa074d5e9ac0e83f78485fb9cfd3bbf9fd by kp:
netinet6: fix panic on kldunload pfsync

4d0adee4e678d1e1b973fd7cf0650950f609a44b by pho:
stress2: Added procctl(2) PROC_REAP_KILL regression tests

e14e0a163225e4363c08c3c954c84447f8a20c03 by pho:
stress2: Added syzkaller reproducers

368852d6723fe16ccbba00b1899ad8f828149552 by pho:
stress2: Updated the exclude list and sorted it

5acb4c862b5b22c0556545a0e3a8dc2300238aca by mav:
hwpmc: Remove always zero pc_resync field.

49c937e7040c44afdcfccede57dcecaf9ff08ed6 by emaste:
getpagesize(3): add .Xr to sysconf(3)

16901dafdfb9a457fa31e247d8f1bea952e1ef97 by markj:
dtrace: remove /dev/dtrace/dtmalloc

4544a795b281cab5bdbe27604a337e21944af3b5 by markj:
dtrace: remove /dev/dtrace/profile

2a72a1a41b146560258d6b2d9c9ec723fce54652 by markj:
dtrace: remove /dev/dtrace/fbt

42cf2ad0e4e2adfa232f42e4254693467a4cc08c by noreply:
Remove wrong assertion in log spacemap

034667f9fa16be785b53c1367c08c51d56d07e0f by markj:
dtrace: add warning for /dev/dtrace/prototype

4c6526208db0d3d5abf44664e74d1e28156a3db7 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.19 compat: asm/fpu/internal.h

b9d98453f9387c413f91d1d9cdb0cba8e04dbd95 by behlendorf1:
autoconf: AC_MSG_CHECKING consistency

cfefd16d5721f5bb89506df7d2bb9e18f60b034a by dim:
Apply compiler-rt fix for building with earlier versions of clang

47699fc265b9d966b4eba6bc0c41739ac793f52b by mav:
hwpmc: Make powerpc memory allocation alike to x86.

592e876a422960a78938caa714f2263ff38eb87b by dim:
Apply llvm fix for possible hangs with CPUTYPE=skylake-avx512

35eb9b10c265a27ce1f80a6eb74887240c7f4305 by mhorne:
Use KERNEL_PANICKED() in more places

1a4614a51ee7e3d3cd4ef30b16e13f9ef1713a56 by mav:
hwpmc: Bump Intel's IA32_PERFEVTSELx width to 64 bits.

a37e0e6de6527a7eaddea8e28f5e4b3427fba1a4 by kp:
pf: fix more syncookie memory leaks

56b64e28e11ce4f474b5d352ae3c0e218c345948 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Do not flush when a write delegation is held

e144cd92bb150b5636f97af3c1c89da49edf8ac8 by mav:
libpmc: Prefer fixed counters in Intel event aliases.

9bcded6f5d6398596d65cf4e9e9f45fe58b92321 by emaste:
Cirrus-CI: update image to FreeBSD 13.1 (latest release)

04e86ae357b21fce238a90f31198b25975d0f479 by dougm:
busdma_iommu: simplify split logic

326a8d3e085dda2b82c99cf1eb2997cb4dc99a71 by mav:
hwpmc: Skip GLOBAL_CTRL updates on stop_pmc().

1326017849ee0536e415d69f150514d410b588ff by mav:
hwpmc: Add IDs for few more Intel Atom CPUs.

28173d49dccb91e50be9c401dbad1da908a5dc75 by hselasky:
tcp: Correctly compute the retransmit length for all 64-bit platforms.

9d28e15e7bbee7a809eb4ccab558d114d4343312 by hselasky:
ng_ubt(4): Probe USB Bluetooth per USB interface and not per USB device.

99902b1c52219bae4b9f3684e3ebd83152a1add4 by manu:
linuxkpi/dmi: don't match exactly on DMI_MATCH

f5539996511eeca7dcf3c9849edda26d85306290 by bz:
iwlwifi: Update man pages with card list

645886d028c85b3cb9fb36e96b1edc661cf4c0d8 by bz:
iwlwifi: add sysctl to dump PCI IDs/ names / firmware-prefixes

70d07b20897be6febcf6d2fcbe95c2f34eae48b0 by glebius:
tests/unix_dgram: add test for event dispatchers

a8e286bb5d076686c85f10b73ec33acc133ec1ab by glebius:
sockets: use socket buffer mutexes in struct socket directly

2573e6ced99616f2edccf97fb0f9283a84148246 by glebius:
unix/dgram: rename unpdg_sendspace to unpdg_maxdgram

df4da2d6b7bc96abb1ae78bb1f2d28150124bd15 by gbe:
fstype(8): Fix two typos in source code comments

d8dd4b2fd2bdedb33978692c82fc494aa594b8b2 by gbe:
powerpc: Fix two typos in source code comments

21b923c33082b0123a7c638e8984fd313c3a6f1f by gbe:
tcp_rack: Fix two typos in sysctl descriptions

f7faa4ad4844470058b84fa35156c463cfa8bd85 by gbe:
if_bridge(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

68c0bd3e3f45e030d48b354d7444934ca381a07e by gbe:
amdsbwd(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

8cf0d094629edbafc1d6de055cef6a53d6a4addb by gbe:
linux(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

6e8ab6715d3589ad5577ad5fa408f81b4a7077e9 by gbe:
nvmw(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

2cada72c65931683121ea7f6f740a7d07420c367 by gbe:
aic79xx: Fix a typo in a source code comment

415e8d12d12808897fe23f06637e942f5a4a2d06 by gbe:
tegra: Fix a typo in a source code comment

a5c2009dd8ab562435fb7cc2ac0922668f9511a8 by tuexen:
sctp: improve handling of sctp inpcb flags

b008ab622c401ee2e705b1fe5804865982dac11c by gbe:
le(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

70311ccffc2f9233cc4c3db1bb706f0566d6818d by gbe:
sound(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

6300e58ab2d2575852e15724a74d545cea32cef5 by gbe:
make.conf: Fix a typo in the example file

7a33c6bf52b747a1725a2a3665c438cd5a9e9355 by gbe:
ipsec(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

10924c4fc3bec1a3170681e42c3a854845584a51 by gbe:
ac(8): Fix a typo in a source code comment

f77a88c855c557902e4e4c9696b08e847c413f54 by gbe:
vm_page: Fix a typo in a source code comment

faff37be462262c6ae958c93f0aa27118d4d62cf by gbe:
fpu: Fix a typo in a source code comment

bd9e23c0a96682c92472ce71ac5f34fe77da664f by gbe:
rack: Fix a typo in a source code comment

1261c01d7fa25955610936f690e237b7c308ee5b by gbe:
am335x: Fix a typo in a source code comment

bbb0ca45f8189911a35ba76000783b05188153af by gbe:
hptmv(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

947eb1449054880e65af3acb5a5c77c590aba9ce by dim:
Vendor import of llvm-project branch release/14.x

81ef217ad428c29be669aac2166d194db31817a7 by kp:
pf: Improve route-to handling of pfsync'd states

536e1da18bae91c74561498b3f484b27a89e13d7 by kp:
pf tests: pfsync and route_to test case

0b4302aa934d748503d6377f875f2972db41a092 by gbe:
acpi(4): Fix a typo in a debug statement

4f493559b0d7853c7521bd3cb5affe659914e479 by gbe:
if_llatbl: Fix a typo in a debug statement

ab9d54731f43bb6befae75e9fed64da98c9ae1b4 by dim:
Bump versions llvm-project release/14.x llvmorg-14.0.4-0-g29f1039a7285

a429d3050ec3f2a807d6e74be80b055ee636cb6f by gbe:
ufs: Fix a typo a source code comment

c93db89231fedd4afe64915cf8dcad89bfdd3c94 by gbe:
rack: Fix a typo in a source code comment

45b143d2ea5fb0389304cc918781e98696a4b48f by gbe:
al_eth: Fix a typo in a source code comment

d35e1c29a9bb5c2ed98a6d8df171b3b3c8439130 by gbe:
aic7xxx: Fix a few typos in comments and an error message

3c2ea3ca28c5e95185f57ff27148909c8f846c3e by gbe:
if_sis(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

eb3f25b413c5d8912cdb40f2040a0b678a2af2fd by gbe:
ena(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

32a01b2b8691453b59a26cf273a5a5eae7643985 by gbe:
rack: Fix a common typo in comments and a sysctl description

81cac3906eb9c14f81e03b7bcb6893b8d30e5432 by ae:
ipfw: add support radix tables and table lookup for MAC addresses

75c779fb279c2bea90c08e275af5937213bdca81 by bz:
iwlwifi: disable more MEI (Management Engine) code

9b15c51b0551fe09d589d06e654ce61584e3f61c by gbe:
usbhid(3): Fix a typo in the manual page

23615a3e4e41f55693980fdcb6842a25754741c9 by gbe:
powerpc: Fix a typo in a comment

a7f5cf2096346076ef16bed9c40b21d3d7a7bd8f by gbe:
kthread(9): Add a missing space

bb0e21032bf61a93489f8b964b6707038cc4d1c3 by gbe:
sed(1): Fix a typo in a source code comment

e2dfabb5895122ce46e627e53347f0e81019c95f by gbe:
nvmecontrol(8): Fix a typo in an error message

00b0158d2ca6f0405468c2338d823091963c18ed by gbe:
mpt(4): Fix two typos in debug statements

5cacfa7092f851ce31d75cd5dde73d26ea734497 by gbe:
libkern: Fix a typo in a source code comment

f207bdd2cc4fb43fed13a20dc7f892021e8a9b42 by gbe:
if_age(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

a87f167c41c5fc9240987a09a98379680c910c51 by gbe:
qlnxe(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

c44b5e090d84f911551d038f61e7cf798a843b8c by gbe:
stand: Fix a common typo in source code comments

c2a249ad8f29e326e9c18b076eadd8730e43af0b by gbe:
geom(4): Fix a common typo in a source code comment

565405095b88a00df786614cdaabfdd3de1148ec by gbe:
nlist(3): Fix a common typo in a source code comment

860740ae0f0f247b2dabd15fcfa0c215f77e5858 by gbe:
vm: Fix a common typo in a source code comment

9e75b06f93d001fc961b6e839e59977f826b6c2f by gbe:
libgssapi: Fix a common typo in a source code comment

9ae6b386ab33a701c8df281f1dbf07a1659aab90 by gbe:
mlx(4): Fix a common typo in a source code comment

d3e0919b564d0f0267758d33c5de8008526f61a5 by gbe:
ffec: Fix a common typo in a source code comment

508a46c745b34c1e520b0c00ad3e0b727967f5ae by gbe:
twe(4): Fix a common typo in a source code comment

f1294737023fbb5748d6e572b0ac042281361bf7 by gbe:
qlxgbe(4): Fix a common typo in a source code comment

809922b01004daf627ad4b8d92c7f98eb579043c by dim:
Update rest of llvm-project build glue for 14.0.4

966e279052f33b1665480e0327c177013cb8205a by eugen:
if_glxgb: fix stand-alone module build

32467e47b7b7d224ca51889bbb9233af0462d87f by eugen:
if_glxgbe: fix stand-alone module build

20634f026179ac73d4ea780138789195e335f275 by eugen:
if_qlxge: fix stand-alone module build

dbc06dd98ae9940377a9ef31a594c17566334977 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11 plug mbuf leak in error cases

728afa885f04f6316bc9ecf6498f4a635ced1e21 by bz:
rtw88: plug various skb leaks in error cases

5e383e360314c875fee648b386493b0dcde5c5f3 by dim:
Add more old clang files to (Optional)

71df58aefcf8be21b32e2a7b83da6d0facb8b326 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: plug a ni leak in lkpi_sta_assoc_to_run()

3bcd261265e1187a4dbed64104727022edb9e85b by brd:
bsdinstall: allow overriding DISTRIBUTIONS in the normal auto mode

eabfcbbfe1a4bee09d1dab659116ccbb8e36f88f by ygy:
firewire.4: Fix typo

cd7e11f78dedad810273ae71d791027e75aa16c9 by gbe:
ixgbe(4): Fix common typos in source code comments

85d7875d42913c2cb10a007a1be05b210dc6aab2 by hselasky:
LinuxKPI: Fix dmi_matches() function

45ef6b4b5db14eaadb1c8c2eda48353c112fd2ae by blackend:
bsdinstall/scripts/docsinstall: Add Indonesian Documentation

139ba152c9c91fad9b63ccd2382a80f753f217b9 by jhibbits:
arm64: Print per-CPU cache summary

8d95f500521128c2b40270bdd703a54b56dbccf2 by markj:
smp: Use local copies of the setup function pointer and argument

d97922c6c63202fc19c22c0f821c951f85fb9840 by glebius:
unix/*: rewrite unp_internalize() cmsg parsing cycle

ad52a7bb0393163eb4e749005be0f6ca3c2c51c0 by jhb:
gcore: Remove unused elf_note_arm_vfp function.

559de8eedbc5cc18982bb254527ed7fe2f8655b2 by asiciliano:
bsddialog(3): Fix text wrapping

156745b42d9e6dfa3d9c6dc480db7836683850cf by kib:
fdescfs: allow chown/utime etc on fdescfs fd for underlying files opened

b831865fe3b8f66281b39a9cb567c92dc285a1da by dougm:
iommu_gas: restrict tree search to promising paths

81c857dd7e6a83924a8e45684fb94024fc3c929b by jhb:
gcore: Don't hardcode VM write permissions.

8cdb6b2dd78793628d7c36198598c85741e44119 by kevans:
alc: force maximum payload size to 128 bytes for AR816X/AR817x

eff9ee7c0c8e1fe782d6c01a29bb23224b02a847 by mav:
hwpmc: Increase thread priority while iterating CPUs.

91d6afe6e2a912fd5059fc11dbeffc85474897af by rscheff:
tcp: Sanity check of SACK holes on retransmissions

f3d54ded282ce992d168052d2c428e9df2a41e28 by royger:
xenbus: improve device tracking

137381ca606ca38a5a24949b9966ee461e155788 by royger:
xen/blkback: fix tear-down issues

1d528f95e8ce4f2b11f63a3e3aa4bca14df1eb51 by royger:
xen/blkback: remove bounce buffering mode

1967e313795f40c8c5076af66a914132af71b85d by hselasky:
lagg(4): Add support for allocating TLS receive tags.

892eded5b8b0723043577b971ac7be7edeb8df7a by hselasky:
vlan(4): Add support for allocating TLS receive tags.

4d88d81c3166a80df8098d23a3cc26c2463da33d by hselasky:
mbuf(9): Implement a leaf network interface field in the mbuf packet

cb27627968e34be72b6b65e4d09c1ece348ad78c by hselasky:
mlx5en(4): Set the leaf network interface field in the mbuf packet

f0fca64618045bba23f4d61a377b64f9acb96220 by hselasky:
ktls: Refer send tag pointer once.

fe8c78f0d20285cacb0695aa96a4ae302429429a by hselasky:
ktls: Add full support for TLS RX offloading via network interface.

dd2a8c8f72d369440c36f10512324d42ecedb5c7 by hselasky:
mlx4core: Use-after-free causes a resource leak in flow-steering detach

92fc5822a8301d0c20d292e97d1661b25f5035bc by emaste:
Clarify WITHOUT_KERNEL_SYMBOLS description

231e0dd5d1fb7778b1cb285e5ebee5502d5ad253 by rscheff:
tcp: skip sackhole checks on NULL

5d7c65ff36da1c9d57c030ff124ef420af44704e by schweikh:
Correct a typo in a string literal.

b8394039dc252698711ded30045af20481db79e0 by hselasky:
mbuf(9): Fix size of mbuf for all 32-bit platforms (i386, ARM, PowerPC

30c85a085ed65d080ad971e5f591935fd31dab1d by hselasky:
mbuf(9): Update comment about pkthdr structure size.

0a9541d9f34498dfbb0913916652275076198964 by bapt:
pw: reinitialize struct tm before every call to strptime

c4c5981c14d5bd69e9df9ae691069ec4c2e92174 by hselasky:
Bump the FreeBSD version after recent mbuf(9) structure changes.

ce2525c8108a830d08d75771621d1bc580edd82c by rscheff:
tcp: remove goto and address another NULL deref in SACK

d5d6949031ccf19318b03d479605d54c55762453 by hselasky:
mlx5en(4): Allow RX TLS to be enabled and disabled by ifconfig(8).

57317c8971df76bd6faeb7dfdc4379097d004caf by rscheff:
tcp: exclude KASSERTS when rescue retransmissions are in play.

5f9f82264b91e041df7cba2406625146e7268ce4 by cy:
unbound: Vendor import 1.16.0

9f009e066f088e2c31442db31d2a85001040abfe by emaste:
sshd_config: clarify password authentication options

ad6ae52d1c2144b6bb6bca8edc485f3a97de2f4b by tuexen:
sctp: cleanup, no functional change

e3709cfe6a2a1f7d345db2870be175c9cf2a8979 by emaste:

330b7dccd873ed53c27acebfd0e1dcf6056c864e by emaste:
src.conf.5: regen for SPLIT_KERNEL_DEBUG knob

ee9ee699d6b5ee7613c6a166d2db5dbb59389cfc by tuexen:
sctp: remove book keeping not needed anymore

1d2e46d40861aff2e4f3147e7a242e7bc808978e by cperciva:
EC2: Enable ephemeral swap by default

985c33b132f6c23a69bd808e008ae0f46131a31e by noreply:
Introduce BLAKE3 checksums as an OpenZFS feature

30031172534c22695ab7b26a9420bda7b20b0824 by dougm:
iommu_gas: Change find_space lower search order

e7d34aeda4e6fba68343dfcaf5e4aeed83a0ec87 by markj:
vmm: move bumping VMEXIT_USERSPACE stat to the right place

c6c22ebb38e7371191e2f8c411b81011ecbe096a by hselasky:
urtw(4): Adjust all pause calls to use milliseconds instead of ticks.

bc2e447338b7ade8d800d1f24913bb3873c65f99 by hselasky:
upgt(4): Adjust all pause calls to use milliseconds instead of ticks.

6f73d02168ea4d4c27e95d3f23df7221c7321e07 by noreply:
zvol: Support blk-mq for better performance

a7bd57de86372d834cf9312fcc4c39070653e009 by emaste:
Sort SPLIT_KERNEL_DEBUG correctly in

49335eda0f5d80e9c86754b5ed95a285b49ef166 by jhb:
.github: Update compilers used for cross-build testing.

3491ed652e0af484b8357ba67e45af17a0e54173 by jhb:
.github: Cross-build aarch64 as well as amd64 kernels.

1c44d2bf86834a7214e0cc7bde7c956b5b02fd21 by jhb:
usr.bin/dtc: Include <limits> for std::numeric_limits<>.

74536fca79facf0e4fdbaf833b94d82e92bb9f77 by jhb:
.github: Add a build on Ubuntu 22.04 using llvm 14.

ca341f3cf52f8cb036d93cd611d8f3f5b552ea8e by jhb:
hwpmc: Permit the minimum sampling count to be set as a sysctl.

e50e40684aa61526327be713de512e0f9934477f by tsoome:
loader: add support for gzip compression

d68a2bfa994d3d064924e8c303a9a7e8e6e02682 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: Define the defecto standard errbuf size

cdeb98a116a3b31558d6d7cb861b0cbd992a27cc by behlendorf1:
libzfs: Rename msg bufs to errbuf for consistency

fc5200aa9b345972fc1b99869b03a373090b84c7 by noreply:
AVL: Remove obsolete branching optimizations

60408c23c9505de0366aa21ce61eb57bd528d1ad by bapt:
pci_vendors: udpate to 2022-05-18

0e981d79b19da8fc550ea0dbe46e8658be988db4 by bz:
LinuxKPI: move pm_message_t from kernel.h to pm.h

796d48ec416863ab2826a1205365710635244023 by eugen:
ftpd(8): do not refer to now unused libxo(3)

d0d2911035192473e8bd3f6b99ed5ca9b1b29e47 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: rework handling of the special IEEE80211_NUM_TIDS

a1aa8f14c864b6851649f9c3e74e9f12e6518edd by behlendorf1:
Revert parts of 938cfeb0f27303721081223816d4f251ffeb1767

4ed5e25074ffec266df38556d9b3a928c5e0dee9 by behlendorf1:
Add Linux namespace delegation support

87b46d63b283d9e2c3b10945f37233d1dedef02a by noreply:
Improve sorted scan memory accounting

1d7c4b7d86d9931e097b51f72085e62879b94623 by bofh:
Update with new CORE.12 members

19bb5a7244ff0374f44068a20df9393a1c88de5d by dougm:
iommu_gas: pass size to iommu_map without rounding

36447829aee545ad9eafbfff3a783ee58cfb28fd by dougm:
rb_tree: drop needless tests from rb_next, rb_prev

482505fd4219a4c3a91f2857199436df27ad687e by noreply:
Add weekly and monthly systemd timers for trimming

5bdd626528a2bb3e341e283b2eb279235997b8f4 by se:
vendor/bc: import of version 5.3.0

bd54318046bfee055b140705a5cfd4148e78da07 by se:
vendor/bc: import of version 5.3.1

013e516dc9b1b32e9422ab02a875a05fc2d32f39 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: fix iwlwifi fw assert with older chipsets

fb6eaf74e9ead477be1f25cba88273ab65ece0d1 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: fix compiling with DEBUG

800a53b445e7eb113ba193b1ac98631299178529 by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

9fd0d9b16e93ff2a3bd375a98763dca0150dcee0 by hselasky:
ktls: Remove the KERN_TLS option from the i386 and amd64 LINT-NOIP

95db9ef5657b1a3164f4fb4f9506c3da05f86443 by bapt:
rc.d/wpa_supplicant: remove support for NDIS

695052e240c7c4291707a55358fe79de9ef79767 by delphij:
Fix mtree for usr/

1d25053e9365e99a2d16f2ee64d3416f14f7f167 by delphij:
Account for missing `..' in BSD.usr.dist for clang 14.0.3.

f71b232f319d9b1639d12f3de8e582b395ab86f1 by pho:
stress2: Added an explanation to failure mode

9374e9ebbc9b95cbd8217d2a14a4584d9a876978 by dim:
Vendor import of llvm-project branch release/14.x

f25a0a0f21183a52eeb4a860a88114aebec5f249 by hselasky:
uchcom(4): Add new USB ID.

987d26ee3f7a1685f7070db834478964170b6f62 by dim:
Remove yet another incorrect .. level from BSD.usr.dist

0f7b9777f8f39fbc230b3e1de2f844d9f839adea by bz:
rtw88: split driver up into a core and pci part

5dd1f6f14416220e74c9a866389eaf921a53ba91 by jilles:
utimensat(2): Remove description of compatibility code

9c951734c28914f51b2fe2f2028272b572ade1ee by bz:
rtw88: update Realtek's rtw88 driver

6468cd8e0ef9d1d3331e9de26cd2be59bc778494 by ambrisko:
mount: add vnode usage per file system with mount -v

e4d178d093281419c5ad9dea1c497bceb54d0018 by hselasky:
mlx5ib: Fix memory leak in clean_mr() error path

66a0bc2105e43e54abfaa9f48b76c28371fa2d62 by hselasky:
ibcore: Fix use-after-free access in ucma_close()

43c72c45a1856c6cdf25a22d259528d5a4040973 by gallatin:
lacp: Remove racy kassert

a09ea2bbc3053d3b2afdb2f7444e5e57a96bb891 by brooks:
amd64: add an i386 include directory

d07600c563039f252becc29ac7d9a454b6b0600d by brooks:
amd64: symlink i386 includes into build dir

24983043bf7948e274b2b00d634ae509a292b976 by brooks:
x86: cleanup in machine/cpufunc.h

cca19272611dac7ac1ac3ae4c457ce5cb6c38cff by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/cpufunc.h

68049f6da84a620246b24c04da09db03564fa18c by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/profile.h

92a98611ca2019c1cbc432617c130355108890cd by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/asm(macros).h

08f16287a540896fbf14ed7c28c9ec99819a8df5 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/atomic.h

c2c8157ebed76ee174b052a82b422e60b2d49b62 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/segments.h

3cd1b382c6641f7e04e243dec46ee71744c7630e by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/pmap.h

b3120c0aeba73edf0d42718802e221062d097dd1 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/proc.h

a69511db186e3576ab144be31539d3986cdc8a51 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/vmparam.h

a29263b6565145c3596356dce2e743ae13461fa7 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/sb_buf.h

f6fada5eed38a8ee2338c1747b9fef587c3ae3da by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/pcpu.h

9f7588dd93e55b7b361c949dd91da8aba9d99ac1 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/pcpu_aux.h

8dc3fdfe69d588851237cc9e2e8cdc90a4a6aa0f by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/counter.h

5ea3094e6a755b931d144f30a824e2fed10a8a33 by brooks:
amd64: -m32 support for machine/md_var.h

9f48eea36607cd89a88a38d4efa9f3b81d5e6e54 by vangyzen:
rpcbind: get contact addr from xprt members

f92e0d6acda3abd16c6d411bf90ef26c4e3c40c4 by emaste:
pkg-bootstrap: use latest package set on arm64 stable branches

6a02539959cb36c4777f962d3d7ef4a76fbe0c24 by asomers:
bsdinstall: allow an install script to access packages on the DVD

d3000939c7b94fc887f23dd8946861cf0fa1b73b by kib:
P2_WEXIT: avoid thread_single() for exiting process earlier

02a2aacbe2c81be455811fa9d4200101f70a86d2 by kib:
issignal(): ignore signals when process is single-threading for exit

d7a9e6e74067f70eeec74dcd64a9bcc851503a6e by kib:
thread_single: wait for P_STOPPED_SINGLE to pass

b9893b353312cc3c75a0ab2ff7ca69dc55864bea by kib:
weed_inhib(): do not double-suspend already suspended thread if the loop

dd883e9a7e8045d86774fa3f944b53a4f78d0fd0 by kib:
weed_inhib(): correct the condition to re-suspend a thread

4493a13e3bfbbdf8488993843281ec688057ee0f by kib:
Do not single-thread itself when the process single-threaded some

b9009b1789b4641f5dbc9537eb0ca4759e22668e by kib:
thread_single(): remove already checked conditional expression

1b4701fe1e840f9ce5dae557b4dd99bda8a85735 by kib:
thread_unsuspend(): do not unuspend the suspended leader thread doing

2d5ef216b679e0a8d9958f8ce2e2bfc021f5d252 by kib:
thread_single_end(): consistently maintain p_boundary_count for ALLPROC

008b2e65442a0d65bc5be9ca625616ddfa6f9ce2 by kib:
Make stop_all_proc_block interruptible to avoid deadlock with parallel

addf103ce6b38583762bcb066f6ac3b160e826bb by kib:
reap_kill_proc: do not retry on thread_single() failure

1d4abf2cfa6e71f4e29ab1f1a6d366d11f3d6027 by kib:
reap_kill_subtree_once(): handle proctree_lock unlock in

e0343eacf36588bf503c7a59c0cc436294223839 by kib:
reap_kill_subtree(): hold the reaper when entering it into the queue to

1575804961d2ba1768c9a6b28438d364421718f3 by kib:
reap_kill_proc(): avoid singlethreading any other process if we are

1a2ff852e342d9a864814aac1baa43bfb6657435 by brooks:
include/i386: fix release builds

41c029d506a5acb5be2a4892379cca6bf00f9923 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

c7f14adfda21dfacab1895015b4c78bf7c2febb6 by jkim:
ACPICA: Revert an upstream patch to appease useless warnings

d7814015125ea2e223f99aa6e50918beda3a62de by cy:
kern_thread.c: Fix i386 build

3b0e3e8d2a6fab953a0ce537b6131330ccf36170 by mav:
CTL: Fix double command completions on HA failover.

2d4b1f4b8cf0d3262d1d7b969711081c50134888 by pho:
stress2: Added a syzkaller reproducer.  Enable all reaper tests

975715b78819c6de68df15a6dd78157c6dba0fcb by dougm:
iommu_gas: use to first-fit search for lowermatch

7fd37611b92b5f365f33435bb725b335c2f10ba8 by kib:
null_vptocnp(): busy nullfs mp instead of refing it

ec1a13df0302f1577368a36453542dc1ca915863 by mhorne:
Remove mips-specific Makefiles for /sbin and /usr/sbin

116679b39cb94fdb94c02dceb1c2cae719bd3f42 by cy:
rc.d/wpa_supplicant: Remove the sleep to improve boot time

def1a401f44abce71196949feaecbd66ebcddf0b by behlendorf1:
libzfs: zfs_userns: Don't leak the namespace fd

9e605cf155040f76f3971f056a4410ac8f500fe3 by behlendorf1:
spl: Use a clearer name for the user namespace fd

e8955bd643ee852d70a0b065f2a0d1bb3fa99df2 by markj:
pipe: Use a distinct wait channel for I/O serialization

a14465e1b9a53d6abf58f42e113c1888ffeebe42 by markj:
rip6: Fix a lock order reversal in rip6_bind()

4b0c6fa0dceac797f43dffd5642c1aed727c6ea6 by markj:
truss: Make control message header parsing more robust

630f633f2a7618e7726ceb6ff4bff1c442919250 by markj:
vm_object: Use the vm_object_(set|clear)_flag() helpers

7565431f30909e67b1fd811155eb8788421e51d9 by markj:
mount: Fix an incorrect assertion in kernel_mount()

648a47b85476ed0f8e3c61800b134bd3bb6001ee by mhorne:
modules: Only build MAC modules if options MAC is set

4ef7db5a7e5c06cd8788e6f653ee955ace44b6c9 by mhorne:
ddb: namespacing of struct command

2c1052053340af562e3121a41545419fa71e65f7 by jhb:
ktls_test: Add a helper function to close sockets.

2400a7b18f984664638cbf978687e6d2c00da2e7 by jhb:
ktls_test: Permit connecting to a remote echo server for tests.

ea4ebdcb4da94a30fae53da74eda302aaa4ff1f3 by jhb:
ktls_test: Permit an option to skip tests not using ifnet TLS.

1442fed7e25e9856464a0b0ce522ffc8cb473593 by jhb:
rc.d/ntpd: Restart ntpd when resuming from sleep.

628a4156a761d3daac8a4adc0e675c6e6064fd5a by jhb:
firmware: Map '@' in filenames to '_' in symbols.

6ab35c78fb5af66d586d4846e2d81e020331ad3f by jhb: Don't use return to exit.

73702c398046d8e01e6a0f5860b7e75cd37a9518 by jhb:
pmcannotate: Don't increment end address passed to objdump -d.

4ff7a8fa2f1e66c4a10ecd4fd74c9381db24fb02 by noreply:
Replace ZPROP_INVAL with ZPROP_USERPROP where it means a user property

6982f79963fcee7cb6a68799eb83f6a4a53165a2 by se:
vendor/bc: import version 5.3.2

1c665e95d4498f78bfd02939f9777f0ff23ed2be by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

d0443e2b9832f01319bcaaece8102d998bf81f01 by markj:
vm_fault: Fix a racy copy of page valid bits

1f88394b7f35a50507b1faade9e8854f104b563d by markj:
vm_fault: Avoid unnecessary object relocking in vm_fault_copy_entry()

3f739b0595b7d6ac4bac9aaa1cae0910f11f92e2 by se:
vendor/bc: import version 5.3.3

d87fad36330b6faf657e7ee8faaa52feeaaff68a by manu:
linuxkpi: Acquire giant when adding/removing i2c adapters

ce00b11940aba80f0bd5fd712d77263194290d57 by ambrisko:
mount: revert the active vnode reporting feature

c6d092b5107d1a3acefa977828b8130c0505fe7b by markj:
pmap: Keep PTI page table pages busy

f6b799a86b8fb69013c10b072baed4ee6c8db2f9 by markj:
Fix the test used to wait for AP startup on x86, arm64, riscv

756bc3adc578077d530e7f64683d4fc8383030ce by markj:
kasan: Create a shadow for the bootstack prior to hammer_time()

9a964ad56182740ea09b87f7e6db4197c6756e48 by markj:
loader: Relax the check in is_kernphys_relocatable()

918505d0a084d18ad8e440c12c24b58231b33626 by mav:
hwpmc: Correct sysctl description.

f9e62419f6daf226a7116be2601842f8f07b1928 by mav:
hwpmc: Reenable PME before reenabling counters.

f979ad00306508f0c9fc925ec05b2413b70ab5f1 by dougm:
iommu_gas: make iommu_gas_lowermatch non-recursive

030f3ee99583bc367b37c43c921cd9220667185e by brooks:
ifconfig.8: reflect removal of FDDI and Token Ring

da47c186ac321693984f4ad91915b951887ff70f by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

799051e2caa8fff3359a3bb90e0896b71b6e25be by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: ieee80211_start_tx_ba_session()

447c418da03454a2a00bc115a69c62055a6d5272 by bz:
USB: add quirks to XHCI

8f892e9bee33fda1e2a2efca4b3e8a1949264cac by bz:
XHCI: clear warm and port reset

988431966639d791ac269011d136e85f3602df75 by noreply:
Fix clang 13 compilation errors

bc00d2c711c5bd930fe63deae3946ed3fb2463b4 by noreply:
Add support for ARCH=um for x86 sub-architectures

dd8671459f59484b1c20fc1b5e1c3acaa2a290c1 by noreply:
Reduce ZIO io_lock contention on sorted scrub

10891b37fa8f2cbf71ec529fc3808113d94d52ef by noreply:
libzfs: Prevent overridding of error code

bf6c6162c7631b361f81e89b8539154dd738e828 by tuexen:
tcp: fix TCPPCAP for kernels enabling VNET

8cb42d6918cb705327d50d9143a60b349fb754a4 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

841433148101aafcec8c24ae02efb042c7dfb34b by markj:
debugnet: Handle batches of packets from if_input

c262d5e877121eb8c89e01ca7f20ecfb01246bd1 by markj:
debugnet: Fix an error handling bug in the DDB command tokenizer

f6379f7fdec030e2ede75454cb61d25517606eaa by markj:
socket: Fix a race between kevent(2) and listen(2)

6210ac95a19416832601b571409a3e08b76d107f by mav:
amd64: Stop using REP MOVSB for backward memmove()s.

f22068d91bf53696ee13a69685e809d35776ec3f by mav:
amd64: Stop using REP MOVSB for backward memmove()s.

e16b709e2dcc45f01cf96b5e7f6d48474feff8d7 by jhb:
bhyve: Report an error for invalid UUIDs.

af6665e0aa7290f26a3a6be0b49dcb75b4d54722 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

c692ea4026598b6869393c8379ba941348e74cbe by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

608c97bff921c8936eb71f4b1a177625cfa60250 by pho:
stress2: Remove bsdlabel(8) from tests

fc2e4f15a9047bbf546cd675ed590b88e54362bd by alc:
iommu_gas: Eliminate unnecessary wrappers

5575d5a5486d6065099fb4c25d27fec01df3dc35 by kp:
dhclient: fix pcp:pcp cleanup failure

0b040a48096aa1ead3076810bdb4818cff47c6ac by andrew:
Fix the random source descriptions

d843dd0e1addd2aa69a78be99e251147aafcfd80 by andrew:
Clean up in the pci host generic driver

ea578b34cb35505e7253c4d8f279fed1d38380ee by andrew:
Remove PAGE_SIZE from hastd

2ff6e4ee9762526ed1e924da838a760423271978 by andrew:
Remove PAGE_SIZE from the kcov tests

ad0a7ea65084e997f21fdb4724120e850b20659b by otis:
kldload: Bring functionality in line with manual page

e6775534aee1963a39e5ee762b8eab1d7dfb1b6b by alc:
iommu_gas: Correct a broken KASSERT

f60973998593c37f55beea05e74528c1992b7849 by noreply:
expose snapshot count via stat(2) of .zfs/snapshot (#13559)

b0bcedef1a8c1abf4bd2328560ae1c6182cdef61 by brooks:
ncurses: add SRCHDRS (ncurses_dll.h) to tinfo SRCS

1e70163c50847f0b48659ab006b70b33e2fcd926 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

d51f4ea5f9575847a271f2c99253b072a6ede07e by noreply:
FreeBSD: Improve crypto_dispatch() handling

4c3684ef5cf239efeae8675787ac30247e70be8a by bz:
net80211 / LinuxKPI: 802.11: add Control Trigger Subframe information

3c4266eda1a3bbf525821f8c0a33f6b035edc123 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing unused arguments

11bd40d04af59daa7ae7feea0518081a35f07053 by emaste:
rc.d/hostid: remove useless cat

4014365e421991814703249d4748d6dcac6686b6 by kevans:
mixer: remove volume backwards compat, add % interpretation

8ae769491303715c68e79aaf0e4e2f5c639151f9 by kib:
KERN_LOCKF: report kl_file_fsid consistently with stat(2)

8c309d48aabf1cb469334c7716033f177a2715c0 by kib:
struct kinfo_file changes needed for lsof to work using only usermode

6d25ea6d964165fd9a1859a645dedc35ce2606cc by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing #if(n)def APPLE

a2e02d9d8e100bc41cf99b8fd04738954e48a94e by tsoome:
loader.efi: fix panic() after BS off

942e52f776e6bbe016a3e920c96a1cd4dbddf7e3 by tsoome:
test_diskread(): detect end of the disk

a8380d272ae791e5de1bc56c761d15ba9b00899f by dougm:
tree.3: document RB_AUGMENT

e368fb6eb6eb3041fa9f4c608377ddf90d33f11e by tsoome:
userboot is missing vdisk_dev

dc68997328ec6cec41ad3b818c1846c8217e0c68 by fernape:
getnetent(3): Add missing reentrant functions

9acb1d7b2c932c48c64345c589c0e0733c7918fd by fernape:
getnetent(3): Add documentation for missing reentrant functions

e417249016efcca73c9edad21b94b1315bc44601 by tsoome:
loader: GELI encrypted disk should still use device name disk

1f61367f8d61fd6963a47296a86f553c403b5f91 by kp:
pf: support matching on tags for Ethernet rules

7b271afd62777ea81e96914d143905fc047e9a08 by kp:
pf tests: basic 'tagged' test for Ethernet rules

3fccdfab6430e8c415dfa6d0be04d5ebcd121429 by kp:
pf tests: basic 'tagged' test for Ethernet rules

e2c59d8dff4b3e57fed56410194c8959647b98d8 by pho:
stress2: Fix process handling error

f2c88ed6ba92a0074d6effbba9b0233936fbc603 by pho:
stress2: Added a timeout to the test

3b2956781048f300c081952150d515573a274620 by cy:
wpa: Restore missing patch

a932a5a649823fda05e89f7757cc59339da8e2aa by markj:
uma: Mark zeroed slabs as initialized for KMSAN

540da48d83fc148c1d34136da34ca8a2985a2a27 by markj:
vm_kern: Update KMSAN shadow maps when allocating kmem memory

c88f6908b40ce1bc0450db71f7fde141951d4c44 by markj:
bpf: Correct a comment

60b4ad4b6b561ac2d9129a3576a74db3607ad90c by markj:
bpf: Zero pad bytes preceding BPF headers

9553bc89dbc38a861a750ddc605cec0381788c5d by markj:
aio: Improve UMA usage

e123264e4dc394602f9fed2f0376204b5998d815 by markj:
vm: Fix racy checks for swap objects

6405997f45974bf6d25412f03c069ae048d74d51 by markj:
kevent.2: Add an xref to listen.2

164491fb038724405b9e38355b569ef8dd4ad068 by alc:
iommu_gas: Eliminate a stale comment

0586a12904461c3d99eb76e1d66706782c0d14be by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by removing vfs_flags() macro

70b5d8fa0f9457833027e4a1c57b4e68a9351cac by dougm:
iommu_gas: Drop needless bound check in lowermatch

32e82bcc152783dfe0d03ffdd864cedfddbc80d7 by alc:
busdma_iommu: Eliminate a redundant trunc_page()

0ba1d8608234eee767b475627da6e5903ce7536a by alc:
iommu_gas: Add a missing error-case unlock

f2deb5e40c92e0747a0e29c2869cef8a6863be0e by pho:
stress2: Added a timeout

55d183367104e3efcdaa936f65e4f82303871271 by hselasky:
ibcore: Fix sysfs registration error flow

9fc6a635220fdd8a0a29de0a985a4a0c3a6890fd by hselasky:
ibcore: Fix a race with disassociate and exit_mmap()

b256d2dc0c2f00ce41a7b9c43d180a28bef4bb86 by lwhsu:
Temporarily skip flaky test case: sys.netpfil.common.dummynet.ipfw_queue

3cbf6518d6eea08e0fbe6d7c609debac5ab31992 by manu:
fb: Add a default getinfo method

54ae8e38f717f22963c2a87f48af6ecefc6b3e9b by jkim:
Import OpenSSL 1.1.1p

8870cb573f4ad7bbb6b0293f20f1dd463ffba310 by manu:
LinuxKPI: add asm/neon.h

b17663f571bfa1ef5e77d3c72f1610bacfc0c6ad by noreply:
Remove install of zfs-load-module.service for dracut

ec4d9b059ededda578be479c1d043c921907ed11 by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen assembly file for OpenSSSL 1.1.1p

b4bdc8f9253d9db46f598f17cc546c2fe0f8038d by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen manual pages for OpenSSL 1.1.1p

048ce0876f5421f70a6d348479bdeacdd8472bed by eugen:
adjkerntz(8):	detect extra jailed invokation to keep logs clean

df51e63eb5d7e34e7a79da144e962dbf5e7cdb4c by emaste:
Retire snd_ad1816 ISA sound card driver

aa83e9b189d67c8aa772fed4f9dd26cbcbff4e3f by emaste:
Retire snd_ess ISA sound card driver

754decef384a1ab30b39704264742fa33bfa365e by emaste:
Retire snd_gusc ISA sound card driver

5126e5eeeb5e07ceef3c809452a8c9f508b2d4d1 by emaste:
Retire snd_mss ISA sound card driver

716924cb4832ea0a440daf09913a06f3166f243e by emaste:
Retire snd_sbc ISA sound card driver

a4d55999dc929833d6c1450d95657b72a36e281a by emaste:
Remove ISA sound cards from NOTES

deb1213098e2dc10e6eee5e5c57bb40584e096a6 by noreply:
Fix memory allocation issue for BLAKE3 context

82817f26f8ecf5a3c43a8ad51737731a9b9764de by chs:
ffs: fix vn_io_fault_pgmove() offset for PAGE_SIZE > block size

5bd21cbbd1df837ccc9fe7834f43636fd20d8792 by chs:
vfs: fix vfs_bio_clrbuf() for PAGE_SIZE > block size

4f1d91e413d7e05f13f12d43a48178c023150dde by nc:
if_ix: Reset on an ECC error

9dac609629d4e0ba813df6169f8bd8383fca024f by dchagin:
libsysdecode: For future use extract common code to a separate files

b69ae1a34c6f918118693490f18a81ecd7163f83 by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Add preliminary support for decoding Linux syscalls

f85848fc61752c3823825cdee34104a640d7f6e0 by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Add method for decoding Linux signal names

8b8e2e8f4154e02670123caf9a1dd1c5188463cc by dchagin:
kdump: For future use extract common code to a separate files

8a0f6d8cfdb75a9484c456984ff55192f8b16886 by dchagin:
kdump: Add preliminary support for decoding Linux syscalls

9310737333eb9e1a15340c10ea3fd68e0ccdcfa9 by dchagin:
linux(4): Trace Linux l_sigset_t.

3606a213bfa42e1970197ba9b3494c88d5827259 by dchagin:
kdump: Decode Linux l_sigset_t.

2fc3a51db14f2be7fd1f5515c6adfc60d4880207 by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Decode setitimer, getitimer which argument

b9b86b6742ad589e5ad1077c000bfdb2ce9ac198 by dchagin:
kdump: Decode getitimer, setitimer which argument

f587a2a765fb3bac352bedf6ef8b322eb3363339 by dchagin:
kdump: Decode Linux sigprocmask how argument

39de84b619b0d8bb27aa77e49b6134ca06370e1a by dchagin:
kdump: Decode Linux clock_nanosleep syscall

d2b3237eebdfd46d54a9539acf13e3f24dc935b2 by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Decode Linux *at() flags

fde775bc53de5b5abecdf8679f47bb3aa236e546 by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Decode Linux open() flags

ed2f123a217ff23800e97dde9801b6732310c57c by dchagin:
kdump: For future use made decode_filemode() public

d416ee86c73bef55ba29c25cd594156441f1daa9 by dchagin:
linux(4): To reuse MD linux.h hide kernel dependencies unde _KERNEL

4d496ab44a09a3a20dbec8968d1b4ef837ab10bb by dchagin:
kdump: Decode Linux *at() syscalls

ef1976ccf5420d0912afcb49733c7a88643069da by dchagin:
linprocfs: Skip printing of the guard page in the /proc/self/maps

8db679af66b023802139d41e275e41a77da1c515 by kib:
UFS: make mkdir() and link() reliable when using SU and reaching nlink

c8f34118ac8207660385f99b78e8daa03ec2408f by melifaro:
netstat: print path weight when showing routes in structured output.

f6ed05f1233043eb30a7e5a1efcb7247ad2add90 by se:
vendor/bc: update to upstream commit ca53adf83b7a

5d6894bd66e15bb7cf7c6ee2337ce86dfd0b2f7e by melifaro:
routing: improve debug logging

2f3a961487c97dc879f07bb97bc62d7bd70b3f8d by emaste:
Add RELRO build knob, default to enabled

a8af3aee4b45c619f4638789af518d068d5de682 by emaste:
src.conf.5: regen after RELRO knob addition

cf83038cec6874aafacf56a1cac531d079af016b by gjb:
release: arm - increase IMAGE_SIZE

5d3fe02c5a7649d35b9eaae1357376a643addb70 by rmacklem:
nfsd: Clean up the code by not using the vnode_vtype() macro

f1b4324b81a5b09094111c378ed5cef3b5f8b299 by chs:
ffs: fix vn_read_from_obj() usage for PAGE_SIZE > block size

3e8eb5c7f4909209c042403ddee340b2ee7003a5 by cy:
wpa: Disable P2P in WPS

488626e55384e253326b92f7aab1cc62add2f7e7 by kp:
pf: copy out rather than m_pullup() in pf_test_eth_rule()

ed366c37d85a7ac7c58fcf3a0e8db980d099285c by dchagin:
libsysdecode: Fix a typo in my email

26b5deef22ae316646b6bd173414826a9598b666 by thj:
diff3: Add man page description for version and help

95144583f70b91c33270c3eee7d682e39e210cae by eugen:
adjkerntz(8): revert "detect extra jailed invokation to keep logs clean"

97453e5e7258158042795740f2736cfca972269d by thj:
Unlock inp when handling TCP_MD5SIG socket options

795888971628db9cffbbd88cf3a7883897ff657d by thj:
Add tests for TCP_MD5 getsockopt

a320e9dd51e6e58715a1390f2e00790a94017dfb by brd:
bsdinstall: improve zfsboots ability to handle datasets under a BE

5f438dd3acba47e54e63b13bfff31a49bcc6ddea by asomers:
ses: don't panic if disk elements have really weird descriptors

d1aefbc04c84476fba06ff40e30464e0948b5ccf by mm:
zfs: fix static module build broken in 1f1e2261e

b076d8d54c2fd91a35aad6931d0bfa2aa0122036 by jhb:
mptable_hostb: Use legacy_get_pcibus() to fetch PCI bus number.

ca01879004d4fe49c2617f15048a52281963d0ac by mhorne:
if_dwc: consistently use if.c helper methods

27b39e58b39edb76a4bffdfe730edfe6bc22f329 by mhorne:
if_dwc: add detach method

3428997cb398767655a5651b76eb177a56e4b00a by mhorne:
if_dwc: recognize additional rgmii phy-modes

35c9edab4169f99de7e8fcada6d9b499c8405f87 by mhorne:
if_dwc: enable RX checksum offload feature

9718759043ec2ef36f12b15963194b866d731b5b by mhorne:
if_dwc: avoid duplicate packet counts

b93985c11a6e7c7dd5fcaca8db6f4847a0126991 by mhorne:
if_ffec: fix some misleading indentation

8757d0fca9e6a9e174bc87728e296e5338d30eb7 by mhorne:
if_ffec: free the dmamem allocation in detach

36a8572ee8f5db7ecb64bedc5738a363ec7cad36 by mhorne:
bus_if: provide a default null rescan method

8701571df9fad787f5833310cd696fe51e0cde6d by mhorne:
set_cputicker: use a bool

715276a08b08c1f30ee3313758a936a417939ef4 by mhorne:
riscv timer: cleanup

b82f4170fca86e9b41b613715852d4f225b26e3a by mhorne:
riscv timer: remove intermediate helper

33734a1f765f8d0ca6214918c3051d88b7b98764 by mhorne:
riscv timer: provide a function for cpu_ticks

3a4256dd86f01a35b076892841042bac0054fd64 by mhorne:
riscv timer: implement riscv_timer_et_stop()

cd9618bdb274375139080ee4e33ccbdc980513f3 by jhb:
bhyve: Snapshot impovements for 'blockif' backend

a85bbbea91bddbd27d080fb2ad55a9f5c316adad by jhb:
bhyve: Enable suspend/resume support for virtio-blk.

29afffb942b159511ad7d5ea5d086851f65ef4a0 by mhorne:
subr_bus: restore bus_null_rescan()

f5766992c0d0491d571cb6d1c47f373314f527a8 by hselasky:
tcp: Correctly compute the TCP goodput in bits per second by using

b6f615255d8bcdf40604005b11998eee86872364 by hselasky:
uhid(4): Don't read-ahead from the USB IN endpoint.

15a6642da6b0b97de580e06349706cf7e660986c by jhb:
x86 mptable: Include <x86/legacvar.h> for legacy_get_pcibus().

746974c0617cbdba650c8e04c378778d2e4935f8 by rmacklem:
nfscl: Clean up the code by not using the vnode_vtype() macro

50dc4c7df4156863148e6a9609c03e852e2aeb35 by mckusick:
When a superblock integrity check fails, report the cause of the

ce6296caa37086d52ab413744ed1d6a61caa2197 by mckusick:
Fix build break in 50dc4c7.

1df96b4f4b7e850bb7a0e6d020c7f8e4b0770356 by carlavilla:
Drop atheros dead link from uath manual page

356913f5d8e91d8d17c382bce1ca7c64a6bf9bcd by 0mp:
rc.conf.5: Add missing Ns macros

78d4bd87539a53b1b7ea9539ce05b1dfc0285bc6 by 0mp:
ifconfig.8: Document -g all and -G all

52f6e63ab3656b417d8dd2b905569707c90c9ecf by andrew:
Fix the zfs build for arm64

ffa5bf8b600a77838be8fbf383382a2e7bafedc6 by andrew:
Trap SVE instructions until we have SVE support

2f317e7312971812bde8b8b0d9da21a2c1d378a3 by andrew:
Add the SVE reigster definitions

bc6d0d72f4f4e96b24d0ad558b271cb6f483801e by kib:
UFS rename: make it reliable when using SU and reaching nlink limit

3464958246273971a7f1e8e56773a589032c3ee4 by glebius:
unix/dgram: add a specific send method - uipc_sosend_dgram()

7e5b6b391e77e5a78da40af64dec171a92a00b60 by glebius:
unix/dgram: cleanup uipc_send of PF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM, step 1

f384a97c839ac6f8a51785a0e394154b320eca9b by glebius:
unix/dgram: cleanup uipc_send of PF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM, step 2

e3fbbf965e943119ebaac698fd2f8838acbc8b52 by glebius:
unix/dgram: add a specific receive method - uipc_soreceive_dgram

5dc8dd5f3ac564518b391ecd3e8ad9f4f3c786df by glebius:
unix/dgram: inline sbappendaddr_locked() into uipc_sosend_dgram()

315167c0de1a066614a936aa2c8954acb1a909eb by glebius:
unix: provide an option to return locked from unp_connectat()

a4fc41423f7d6e43287822212f0e9db7aab83d39 by glebius:
sockets: enable protocol specific socket buffers

a7444f807ec44ec5dc4db59b155982ae5b2970b0 by glebius:
unix/dgram: use minimal possible socket buffer for PF_UNIX/SOCK_DGRAM

9b841b0e239027a4966005cad4d32cbefb52e906 by glebius:
m_uiotombuf: write total memory length of the allocated chain in pkthdr

1093f16487a93c3ecdea910ca7249375873969da by glebius:
unix/dgram: reduce mbuf chain traversals in send(2) and recv(2)

458f475df8e5912609c14208c189414a8255c738 by glebius:
unix/dgram: smart socket buffers for one-to-many sockets

f9e62cbacc33987506332133bb076c8fe4fbe82d by glebius:
libc/syslog: fully deprecate and don't try to open "/dev/log"

ddc689051917e739a90d1335ff40591c7601397c by glebius:
libc/syslog: deprecate use of "/var/run/logpriv"

235d960aae754b1e4ace559050e94ae99c3a9a91 by glebius:
tests/unix_passfd: compile SOCK_STREAM and SOCK_DGRAM versions

1ebc14c900eb182ce238030b5d0db20b1815d431 by rmacklem:
nfscommon: Clean up the code by not using the vnode_vtype() macro

c11e64ce513083ab1841c6ff88544e839fa37a82 by rmacklem:
nfscommon: Clean up the code by removing the vnode_vtype() macro

eeb46578c21ad37866f49f3bbb3ac738b44abbf6 by alc:
busdma_iommu: Fine-grained locking for the dmamap's map list

25a1b1f30c85670b6d970df426b97c07d4e0e61d by pho:
stress2: Added reagression tests

e3b31e23ffdf009d41a7f74ba76271f1307f44e2 by pho:
stress2: Added two syzkaller reproducers

61c74fb66f1bef776923cbd5b2a62fb06b003f0c by dougm:
rb_tree: optimize tree rotation

6c4b6f55f77d8d7cee1b277bd6579a77d6890ef9 by hselasky:
busdma: Protect ARM busdma bounce page counters using the bounce page

2c28cd09d9f7ac266a8c7b283384712aba0af93a by hselasky:
cuse(3): Remove PAGE_SIZE from libcuse.

c38da70c28a886cc31a2f009baa79deb7fceec88 by melifaro:
routing: fix RTM_CHANGE nhgroup updates.

8eb2bee6c0f4957c6c1cea826e59cda4d18a2a64 by melifaro:
testing: Add basic atf support to pytest.

bd03f10a6018a68cb1800f6db01b7552c39784bb by melifaro:
routing: add multipath pytest tests

c260d5cd8e364ad448ba714d9f851976c6f8da51 by melifaro:
routing: fix crash when RTM_CHANGE results in no-op for the multipath

6fa8ed43ee0ca43cf170f52b57fcad562f97baba by melifaro:
routing: improve debugging.

9a75209d2bdcdc040a865c48d555f95740568373 by melifaro:
routing: add tests/sys/net/routing to mtree

76179e400a035e3981a30908997430713a90903c by melifaro:
routing: fix syslog include for rtsock.c

0e87bab6b44b6cc12d25fd46954ee10121ee38fc by melifaro:
routing: fix debug headers added in 6fa8ed43ee0c.

da33f6d76b9d0c00649c692f6cb2b3b33bf5af30 by alc:
iommu_gas: Tidy up

33a0803f000fc52a50465a65d3e8b64168557ecf by melifaro:
routing: fix debug headers added in 6fa8ed43ee0c #2.

b6e28991bf3aadb74c54c7e6dfc2992b29abae5a by tsoome:
System wide and NUMA domain wide counters support. PMC classes for ARM

fdfeaa66b58a49ee1bb40f9d447c610402231f20 by tsoome:
Support of optional PMC classes.

924226fba12cc9a228c73b956e1b7fa24c60b055 by melifaro:
testing: move atf-pytest-wrapper to /usr/libexec

942e234d868ddc64a11b6af0ee78d47ccb44de1f by fernape:
Remove references to named(8)

9597f7cb99b03ecb457b160de621ce3a90bb3e5b by bz:
Revert "LinuxKPI: 802.11: fix iwlwifi fw assert with older chipsets"

ed3ef56b29fd194a5ac0b820fd09bf01a4922bb7 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: sync sta->addr in lkpi_iv_update_bss()

e24e8103e0e2140751a1b2baf7b68725ca20aaa2 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: cleanup lsta better

841719c08fd3635a396f62a58aa017ae0bf563e0 by bz:
LinuxKPI: 802.11: remove an early bandaid to make sure queues are

7b39a9bc1df37502e8186593f3427b7ff0e4cc71 by alc:
iommu_gas: Fix a recent regression with IOMMU_MF_CANSPLIT

e3572eb654733a94e1e765fe9e95e0579981d851 by tsoome:
Allocate event for DMC-620 and CMN-600 controllers PMU. Add events

1459a22787ea16e3798694067c8dcb20325dca4b by tsoome:
The Arm CoreLink DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller PMU driver

59191f3573f6cb2ea055ac319cbcb68823ca8e17 by tsoome:
Add support of ARM CMN-600 controller, PMU access functions only. Add

dd2fd62184b3aef72d52b586c91f18858e644aaa by bz:
libpmc: attempt to fix the build

af8317c31a20211514f584182ef3452ce9a1f040 by bz:
pmc: unhide struct pmc_md_dmc620_pmu_op_pmcallocate

d78bef0ebefdcd231f6583b6fafc03d4dda39525 by bz:
hwpmc: further fix build (__diagused/debug/missing files entries)

7388fb714a88ed151c26efd737fd5b0779b4ee0d by mjg:
cache: drop the vfs.cache_rename_add tunable

5fe0a82501cb86278b9aa426c4bf11d992e95aaa by hselasky:
vt: Fix contents of paste buffer for newcons.

9971e6aff1bef3d456172c41a3df3ce7266517cf by hselasky:
vt: Improve multi lingual word separation.

1865ebfb12ddaf3d0ff1458e6152b3cb1f1bdee8 by kp:
if_bridge: change MTU for new members

1e824ee84f46b4a086bc3c7c528c0762e388bc66 by kp:
if_bridge tests: test adding interfaces with different MTU

7927452ac4e98309bd832d55526cc98438fba8a5 by emaste:
Fix cross-builds from macOS

4a3c598f352064cc4d2de588bf0058a7417f2402 by fernape:
Bump .Dd for recently modified manual pages

bafe71fd27201523ae91ef8320f551a609cda1a1 by glebius:
sctp: do not clobber listening socket with sockbuf operations

121ecca0d82b4a5ccee1a8bb01e50b026a22bb3f by tuexen:
sctp: add KASSERTs to ensure correct handling of listeners

f4497b9f77795ece4d2f2fad4c0329d82d53bc63 by imp:
smartpqi: Allocate DMA memory NOWAIT

76f1ab8eff9ede509906e539c10373db44528690 by melifaro:
routing: actually sort nexthops in nhgs by their index

8010b7a78a3af66dda1c74373499794af9ffd35f by melifaro:
routing: simplify decompose_change_notification().

9c42645a1e4d6695730187aef0f1494394503624 by melifaro:
testing: workaround pytest parser bug in pytest-atf-wrapper.

f25727898ae791088e75b338b52a15fe0bc3a696 by glebius:
ObsoleteFiles: flowtable header deleted in 2017

e6ba4cda739c555e341460a5d3279890206c9b3c by imp:
devmatch: Properly ignore commented fields

ce3e4a3a96d951b4fcf231e8680935c01f1cc3e6 by imp:
kboot: Sort system calls alphabetically

43ad112b936c5516e0a9b968930a6d3387e7d86b by imp:
kboot: use SYS_kexec_load insteaed of __NR_kexec_load

201c1d0d25ee5ac50092a7334b7ebfa238ce2c0f by imp:
kboot: sort system calls

d8f3ef8f544e0c22c09cfa4f7b51ccac2666b59f by imp:
kboot: rename kexec_load to host_kexec_load

ad3ad06477d013371b95af673a9776c62f49a97f by glebius:
blackhole(4): fix operator precedence

9fcac31db4602518e1337b1455581ffcae9348a5 by kevans:
date: attempt to more accurately describe year limitations with -v

78dfcf256a443df2a43bdfcce6b7d7af143d964f by mckusick:
Eliminate set but not used variable.

2049cc3218151f8d4108d878196905c34bbf15bc by mckusick:
Correctly update fs_dsize in growfs(8)

091febc04a5d5065fe633fe29c11f008dc392ab8 by royger:
xen/blkback: do not use x86 CPUID in generic code

881c145431b7aa956b93f6d2e7b861fe00ecc892 by royger:
elfnote: place note in a PT_NOTE program header

6f16d78c0da68f1e72bc6fe4c44446dbcc47a001 by kp:
pf: add missing maximum length check for DIOCADDETHRULE

fd72bfa626bcb9950eb2b057f224a7236e85e0af by kp:
pf: ensure mbufs are long enough before we copy out IP(v6) headers

07ffa50ba075d450287e22385f110e3c319470e9 by kp:
pf tests: test short packets

8e6465887373fd62d0f28c09b70272e48ae5ee2e by pho:
stress2: Update the exclude list

a25818eb2869ccc56bd711eca14cd7bbbaddd676 by pho:
stress2: Added comment about problem found

ab91feabcc6f9da21d5c75028153af16d06e679a by kp:
ovpn: Introduce OpenVPN DCO support

067acae2f3a459537001b21c28ce7311da85a1e3 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: basic test case

08926ae328d59f18a0b9674260c0f054cb3ff262 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: timeout on clients

b33308db391d74271bc3c44c31c6e4ff8f1594d0 by kp:
if_ovpn: static probe points

3d4f61350d99f2e345ff85e202c8a38c3eff957a by kp:
if_ovpn tests: tunnel over IPv6

85a15e4704e4f0a7ef6808ef8569f1458371102b by kp:
if_ovpn tests: IPv6 in IPv4 and IPv4 in IPv6 tunnels

c09e62cd910efc52dcaa25bebf1412bd1aba0b79 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: test pf's route-to

f8b1ddbfb1c0cd37b1b835cedc646deceebe0c28 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: tunnel with CHACHA20-POLY1305

2fc1fc66c7b44060246b32030aad767f9a01a49f by kp:
if_ovpn tests: Test if_ovpn when there's no route

a7a273546e389af8fab3b7d9cc6c449a2ab4f84e by kp:
if_ovpn tests: test multiple simultaneous clients

1e5ef2a7e11d5b3a4b87c34c60c414f894ccb2ce by kp:
if_ovpn tests: extend multi_client test with an iroute test

8e1c23341c0c1b161f7fe9aa76ca2e399ada9f45 by kp:
pf: reduce the risk of src/dst mis-use

513ce835b55831d343185e03a51efa2901405ac8 by melifaro:
testing: pass ATF vars to pytest via env instead of arguments.

945eaca155fc0d48da8d11fc41b8b00f17254d90 by bz:
ACPI: change arguments to internal acpi_find_dsd()

b11f52f4db4420f69da537e5ed9b54b7c4fef093 by bz:
USB: dwc3: use device_{has,get}_property()

ecd3759719fcf5d37dd44896ebae0534db0dedd5 by 0mp:
hier.7: Refer to build(7) for details about /usr/obj

bad2f716f4d3453fb9156b603cfaca44ea30fa31 by 0mp:
ftp: Use /var/spool/ftp as ftp's home consistently

c618ee727712900105212af29b3ebf16b1076875 by 0mp:
hier.7: Add some missing Xr's

454adf0fa4d787bf6e6ff7be0aa6c27a91d2be8e by 0mp:
rc.conf.5: Fix example of how rc.conf.d works

ccc48995c2cffd70256237e6f2d478c4c878db76 by 0mp:
ifconfig.8: Prefer consistent terminologies

8da00a514e699e4fa788109cf36f3b02168b39d7 by dchagin:
linprocfs: Decode constant_tsc CPU feature

050f5a8405c63dadaf522d27c3d4f2a2ae522bf6 by dchagin:
amd64: Reload CPU ext features after resume or cr4 changes

7ab03740ae87f23250f2a0f0d5991e9989ddddfe by dchagin:
linprocfs: Decode more CPU flags in cpuinfo

c8e7070ce3d98c3aa0b08249afe1d6d887f37f31 by dchagin:
linprocfs: Decode SGX CPU feature in cpuinfo

7674baeb37870b05539a0214c99ce55d9f199fb0 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add circ_buf.h

57c9ec539cbae4239390b8877e38b1e1f82710ae by manu:
linuxkpi: Add console.h

088b746cbda664602f9cee0d1415ae8d98389f38 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add kfifo.h

8730ba418e050f622c32766562366729b4d775ad by manu:
linuxkpi: Add kmemleak.h

7e4f9ebeaab420b16a8041194c687e624be5b3f9 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add media-bus-format.h

a95f28800a0169d7cfbfb9aabc5ae9410c20ecd1 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add mmu_context.h

cfe72b9f09f36c38702bf56388fa3e1b49da218a by manu:
linuxkpi: Add mmu_notifier.h

456a92d5d38b498340c2ce5a0c40c84063948c33 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add pm_runtime.h

631bf94fe9dffb48377061e5b95812990f687b3d by manu:
linuxkpi: Add typecheck.h

137e91dbf68969ffb1762286889e2e22dd8d1118 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add asm/iosfmbi.h

0e45856f9a2d4f136cbfb4091ad254d0461f4614 by manu:
linuxkpi: Add asm/set_memory.h

2b743f65f1c9352686ba0396f8ca3914a8025c4a by manu:
linuxkpi: Add pwm.h

8cff8e6e13a6d3ccff40fc0d8d97f5aef22a8f4d by manu:
Bump __FreeBSD_version after linuxkpi changes.

15c362aeb7784385cb464fa364cbdd7a1e64e787 by wma:
mac_veriexec: Authorize reads of secured sysctls

e6ef5042e485f74e7233a9974010b16a7316167e by wma:
libsecureboot: Do not propagate empty string

b439f64ac1b953936a89167f0201d0d53cc90197 by wma:
Improve parameters handling in veriexec

026502d9edd84c0e18110c4c35d03852a1146c8e by kib:
UFS quotaoff: start write before unbusying

bc49526a561c4ed8dd2678fbaed44cbd97142753 by pho:
stress2: Fix broken random number generation

cf337fcd7413486d6c7fc0529d76fefb63597d0e by lwhsu:
Remove store-only variable and unnecessary bzero()

baf8f20a4af43283a1fbee49b0c2ad906074f20f by andrew:
Split out vfp_new_thread

48a55bbfe95bc7b32d37673839edc2f365ffc028 by glebius:
unix: change error code for recvmsg() failed due to RLIMIT_NOFILE

66ba742d2e6c950611fa3d557512133b0216daa7 by andrew:
Allow use of the arm64 unnamed register form

cb91f112a3dc6cb68fe618623f59cee576ce4d14 by andrew:
Decode the arm64 SVE ID register

a9f7455c38c19438d1061227b1fa11d40c5407a6 by jamie:
jail: add prison_cleanup() to release resources held by a dying jail

7060da62ff18e8e52c5e41f0794cc4f10dadfc6e by jamie:
jail: Remove a prison's shared memory when it dies

1e54362824f62a9d43585e94422d1d3d5f0268f9 by kib:
vfs_op_exit(): assert that mnt_vfs_ops stays non-zero for unmount or

61ae7a355ce787aecd84dc35a047f458a5b5b1fb by kib:
Add MPASSERT() and MPPASS() macros

ad175a107b4e0fdc0128c98c3ca9d6cf8006aba7 by kib:
vfs_mount.c: convert explicit panics and KASSERTs to MPASSERT/MPPASS

038405f32f71ad8ba0280ae066417f986ede79db by des:
Enable CRC64 checksums in xz.

77cb05db0cee0b052cc1a75da0741eb404eed473 by royger:
x86/xen: stop assuming kernel memory loading order in PVH

ec8c9e7ac3fd82fc7f94847a1c97da38e3306acf by pho:
stress2: Rework test to improve error reporting

7963c02c9bc222e8ac8c1a3acb87451bd74b9733 by 0mp:
rescure.8: Do not recommend release artifact disc2

c21cbaca2b0db4eb6988da5c470cb520d82b17eb by kp:
dummynet: handle IPV6 layer 2 traffic

383ccaa4050e3cbbd8ce8163c8aebd07c3d94ab1 by 0mp:
sysctl.conf.5: Document rc.d/sysctl and rc.d/sysctl_lastload

0438e9beb552b5e33c5d54748395429c6f9b8075 by 0mp:
sysctl.8: Reference sysctl(9)

3beedc3840c29f3f728ed28cbc1450e1b9999f61 by 0mp:
pkg.7: Clean up mdoc

d5a381f8c7bcf9ec391540158a3859d8bcd1d007 by 0mp:
hier.7: Remove a.out lib directories

bc83b3592241a6bcb18e1537fcd27a8eb342a701 by markj:
pf: Ensure that pfiio_name is always nul terminated

333670372ffe2f1c562e1088a7779eb709006ba2 by markj:
pf: Make sure that pfi_update_status() always zeros counters

ec014502eee7a7d3a7e4d71e41a1e1dbc8a69dce by markj:
libsysdecode: Grab some more ioctl definitions from CAM

b8ec0ce5b4845f74fb230651dfc031afccbcab81 by markj:
wait.2: Remove sys/types.h from the list of required headers

a765ac11c50bb20a64905e365b05b010533f26d3 by emaste:
Remove "All Rights Reserved" from Foundation copyrights

66c8e3fccf0c426865a917f7b1945558b12017e4 by glebius:
socket: fix listen(2) on an already listening socket

7fde0187cc443468561f0a30d589ff0cfe45eef5 by emaste:
Remove "All Rights Reserved" from Foundation copyrights

3501d4f17e8cc0350b8deff671f9991cc7ac280c by mw:
ena: Add ena_ring_tx_doorbell() function

d209ffee155dd5e505f174a356c8f50c96ebf57e by mw:
ena: Move reset completion logging to the reset function

a9c39b031fe89a6414174e3db82da6548d7fff0f by mw:
ena: Extend debug prints for invalid req_id resets

90232d18ca4f7a5a3073a8279a9b9d3228df5f87 by mw:
ena: Prevent LLQ initialization when membar isn't exposed

d8aba82b5ca75f1a5bff609af141844c4fc9de70 by mw:
ena: Store ticks of last Tx cleanup

0ac122c388d9a5e189e60378f1950b82a22bbdd1 by mw:
ena: Use atomic_load/store functions for first_interrupt variable

b899a02ad7330cae3c9bb08ad7975601dc3b9551 by mw:
ena: Move ena_copy_eni_metrics into separate task

f65d7660b5e0295745da8b91635657a27e29fb6a by mw:
ena: Remove TSO refs from the documentation

755e60ca046390bdcfc097b6a8f1a032d47a7b65 by mw:
ena: Use device_set_desc in probe

82e558eacf222ac497bc11fa9f2c7778e97fbc7a by mw:
ena: Fix styling issues

d5d5ea87236d8f839cad84296f23d285a696195c by mw:
ena: Remove write-only datapath variable

8f15f8a72b5474b81c5951d4039d203b2d80e2e3 by mw:
ena: Align names of constants

79770fdad6c18d968cc122c4294820931cc542e0 by mw:
ena: Fix invalid KASSERT test in netmap code

79e1500276a993c8be857a6e32f0c05ec8f3cdc8 by mw:
ena: Update driver version to v2.6.0

61a73acd8871ca79d04e10c7ed908f2d8774636b by tuexen:
tcpsso: improve man page

21d2d29f5901ca2c5fe626ca38490d3e8bb4c14e by jhb:
libclang_rt: Trim a few more MIPSisms.

d2a3c30a511d4802412a102e9fa44f810605a872 by jhb:
gcore: Remove unused typedefs.

0288d4277faf77c37d23efce73883eb3ef1a353c by jhb:
Add register sets for NT_THRMISC and NT_PTLWPINFO.

d95657a1a758e8d993a0eb92259f8c860a309207 by jhb:

0bd73da2062eb5139db67e14ea037a8bd634cb8f by jhb:
busdma_bounce: Use PRI_ITHD scheduling class for worker thread.

c71f2370c5d480cf70f12ee276e044681c57aefc by jhb:
crypto: Fix assertions for digest-only sessions with separate output.

5afcca138f6b1f9d6413de586a0cf2baf16da764 by jhb:
vmm: Cherry pick illumos commit '13361 bhyve should mask RDT cpuid info'

b9c3e544c48e76dd01aa32e9b1f5cd4c1ad8532c by jhb:
bhyve virtio-net: Allow backend type to be explicitly specified.

91b30f7ad22642979b56a56b211843cbd9d35984 by dougm:
rb_tree: silence coverity

22f731486e80fdbf679712b2a99605ba97a50264 by jrtc27:
.github: Attempt to fix and increase robustness of macOS action

4ca6ecf100733ecd61f32257452690c56a6b6a3e by jrtc27:
Really fix cross-builds from macOS

523477f8c5881b6ae88164ab0c93e88f8d01697c by 0mp:
devfs.5: Replace Nm with Xr devfs 8 where appropriate

606cdb2ef3a2574de0934f657eeb018ca6a470cc by 0mp:
hier.7: Document /nonexistent

87f49967d3249e0b536beaa9c7fb5604d5a3919a by 0mp:
Link pwd.db.5 and spwd.db.5 to passwd.5

f0880ab791a510391a12f2ab7b01889b6774bca0 by jhb:
libvmmapi: Add vm_close()

e5ed417bb442cddece6ffbd6f2ec87d70520241a by jhb:
bhyve: Document the "type" config variable for network device models.

9aa02d5120ab02bcbbc16fddb63e575df4ed6f61 by jhb:
vmm: Fix snapshots for AMD CPUs

9921563f43a924d21c7bf43db4a34e724577db95 by jrtc27:
libicp: Fix build for powerpc64le

b0a8333a883bd3a2070c9beecc8fa209a7d5e774 by jrtc27:
libicp_rescue: Fix build for powerpc64le

ab453714fc90958e7fa3ea07274e84b7720d9fa0 by kd:
Add myself(kd) as src commiter and mw/emaste as my co-mentors

3b8d04f845b416d29a258658b8a48d1afb4a2e81 by kd:
igc: Change default duplex setting

bda5d2a45c8dcc9bbeb71cddeef930ffa6a47f23 by brooks:
installworld: improve portability of ldd use

724123b9f4d3ae7600b029ce7c81b5708c1e13b8 by brooks:
libcompat: Use WORLDTMP sysroot

711d50bd9e0716ced63ab77a5e2b7fa7c5ed10b3 by brooks:
dtrace: Remove local mips support

9f7c81eb337a04f0416dee600ce7c550c33782bd by kp:
if_ovpn: deal with v4 mapped IPv6 addresses

5fb35badc0d5e27aa2259b2fdeb83a988184faf3 by kp:
if_ovpn tests: IPv4-mapped IPv6 address test

6c77f8f0e0d8e7984c47ea4d234b724ddd56bb84 by kp:
if_ovpn: handle m_pullup() failure

2567cc419e70e2952be3423836b93de0a88c9b52 by 0mp:
ifconfig.8: Polish

86e3fb4038ac8b028b085964c1144a1bca333126 by 0mp:
boottrace.4: Document that boottrace is good at tracing one-shot events

9e337d53dee685327961b8a070d477ef97b85b86 by 0mp:
tslog.4: Document what TSLOG excels at

1323f0aa9cb0392d2946226bd76f14463e875a60 by mw:
stand/uboot: setup archsw before probing devices

42db2dbbc51bffa90dc594f728976dcdb646c2b6 by des:
Catch up with 2004 and improve markup.

ba3b6b938db71a18a93cf88979af0e57136787bd by kp:
pf: handle dummynet for non-IP packets

5d48fb3b16c1496bf415fee620c61cc944b0326d by alfredo:
loader: fix powerpc* ofw loader

17732dd8f01bae62177a55309c77b4b4f404096d by bz:
Revert "rtw88: split driver up into a core and pci part"

b72f1f4516896ad6da0ea74d146a56045de171f7 by markj:
ena: Make first_interrupt a uint8_t

8179db52c2c8692cdabf818bf1b7fdf3ad43b2db by markj:
crypto: Fix the NULL_HMAC finalizer

99df914899f56efe63afd9e0fef79148fa6ca162 by markj:
crypto: Validate return values from CRYPTODEV_PROCESS()

ea5b2d62426ff4387ab4293b977bb9f6e7212700 by imp:
MIMIMAL: add uart

c0d14b0220ae22d25462cef191f20e9f04c5e87e by rmacklem:
mount_nfs: Warn that intr, soft are not safe for NFSv4

836d47d38e0a586c9b307fd7fb46bf563acba151 by dim:
Apply llvm fix for assertion/crash building archivers/c-blosc2

b69996d1d5d08fd5009ac325ea8e8154efd01b33 by imp:
tty: Default to printing kernel stack traceback only on INVARIANT

064f00ec274fbfdcab19ed8150afb187468a0c4f by imp:
arm64: Grab the RSDP from acpi.rsdp like x86

37a3df3d6162b8f408b7d8a669245716771c309b by imp:
loader: Set preferred kenv for acpi.rsdp on arm64

26031009cf6d68d4dc51b462d0bc77472c610e1d by imp:
amd64/efi: Stop falling back to hints for RSDP

2753bbe71b5adce61a1bfb9535bc33735c35887c by imp:
amd64/efi: Remove setting hints for rsdp

8154df37a55948aca8358ade68b659d1aa71b755 by bz:
arm64: NXP add LS1088a clockgen support

cf72911158d6fdff2ee524ee62a670d1d2282204 by imp:
acpi: add sys/kernel.h

ef86876b846e523e7ccc2940c37db4279db95d05 by imp:
pselect(2): Document what a null pointer for the signalmask means

00c00c3824cb32abf732a8eb177eaba9385dab8b by gbe:
pci(4): Fix a common typo in source code comments

a4adfaf712694ce7923d5309cf87d0cd2a598953 by gbe:
pmc(3): Fix a common typo in a description

f1334ab76bab083d4e5181e1d7f1b91a533f0392 by gbe:
freescale: Fix a typo in a source code comment

9bfefcea43efceaeb18e3965af4e84827158aa40 by gbe:
aic7xxx: Fix a few common typos in source code comments

66147d138ad0c5f7c2db3bca73f47baa6ef9e813 by gbe:
aic7xxx: Fix a few common typo in source code comments

c7b9006af57e453fe5fcb37a98edf61b5c7750f2 by gbe:
snmp_hostres(3): Fix a typo in a debug message

23781068af7ae7af1fc99126f38fc97e3722633d by gbe:
ata(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

015d570cc929b7cdc45756aaeb6c870ac5f8ab22 by gbe:
jme(4): Fix a typo in a source code comment

e8b7972cfe3ce645636e9939ec447ea7bc5bca50 by gbe:
if_clone: Fix a typo in a source code comment

6cea3be922110647df84a08e3a57cc395bec1d24 by gbe:
sockatmark(3): Add references to 4.4BSD IPC tutorials

3b7f365e4d1bf67d2841d02f18a998c70c27c0a0 by dim:
Apply clang fix for assertion building llvm with libc++ 15

aba7a81ab71ebef1bb20404634bc3c58ba615310 by rmacklem:
mount_nfs.8: Update BUGS section for NFSv4.1/4.2

7999a7f2a8679f73574b6704377436025601ee85 by cy:
wpa: Enable WEP by default

775611ea11db0973fd8b7aef0f5eb527308efd05 by cy:
wpa_supplicant: Resolve secondary VAP association issue

c4b98101c5b1dc34d077f078d04d777df3cf9e38 by bz:
tca6416: add support for tca9539

0084212bfdfbcd662f3e823636b40173e828509d by bz:
dwc3: fix snps,dis-del-phy-power-chg-quirk

cec0a5ec6b1074d253a7ba30226d1f99e0c18d4e by bz:
dwc3: uncondinationally enable Host IN Auto Retry

09cdf4878c621be4cd229fa88cdccdcdc8c101f7 by bz:
dwc3: add more quirks and checks

11a7d5e5d906f691558e06d4bb93b892de31b446 by bz:
dwc3: improve debugging

ba49e6371b088bc2fe0fa286104eaa6eba8074d1 by delphij:
Vendor import of file 5.42.

18db96dbfd4a09063a0abcefd51fa8d2aeb115d6 by philip:
ipmi: correctly handle ipmb requests

177f8b3294ef5717060c287fe1206c52ba3ecc53 by philip:
ipmi: do not omit lun in BMC addresses

db4b40213a084809cc062605043f5e536ee3aa92 by mjg:
routing: hide notify_add and notify_del behind ROUTE_MPATH

1cf8e6339e9add47107a6c9988a0f509225b7ef6 by karels:
mountd startup: enable NFSv4 if needed on restart

9dbacce2d48abf04b4d65d2994586e1ff44b08fb by kd:
lockstat: Fix construction of comparision predicates

66548259075788d2084e9da1c5df7b88f44c4b4d by kd:
e6000sw: Fix direct register write logic

1c799a6f29cadc7616362941c279dd0693c24645 by andrew:
Support decoding mem32 memory in the rk pcie driver

b1e9313274265645e163508ff1704ace2e0b1294 by andrew:
Fix ofw pcib when it rman_init fails

ee2324aaf6e3256ef7396ef6063ec4261486ef94 by andrew:
Add Rockchip PCIe cleanup on attach faulure

0aa150775179a4f683fade5f1d6325a47b5f695f by gallatin:
pmcstat: fix log analysis

2120d7f57aa0ee48d0be7a4309072bb332d568dd by dougm:
rb_tree: fine-tune rebalancing code

97dbd37753ae1bf9c4f6a23e46e21f0a9f408c82 by bz:
pca954x: harmonize pca9547 and pca954x and add pca9540 support

74703901d8bbc3bc7a29df648bc3c131c87393c2 by glebius:
tcp: use a TCP flag to check if connection has been close(2)d

bc7605647c7193af7eba4b4af65dc7b66a118a09 by glebius:
sockets: use positive flag for file descriptor socket reference

d8596171c5d68c8dda1853e1243ad08944812400 by glebius:
sockets: use only soref()/sorele() as socket reference count

42317e642645b36e711b5dd560d06a303a492e0f by dchagin:
linux(4): Implement __vdso_time

03473e8ec8fa8d0f1ea30f85d8796ea9bf94bf29 by dchagin:
linux(4): Use saved cpu feature bits

ec32fc2af52530e49d8a522ae29bf20b2e57603b by bz:
dwc3: fix from not working

d80d73493767111b7569e831a93061014c682274 by glebius:
arp(8): use getifaddrs(3) instead of ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)

d458eb8de12cc656b324f6094e6ed1eedc35625a by thj:
diff3: make the eflag logic easier to follow

0ed72537857bfb6ac6d19b0852a52288db79b8b0 by melifaro:
netinet6: perform out-of-bounds check for loX multicast statistics

604bc078a502fd188063d4d737763a56484d2c23 by 0mp:
rc.8: Reference the article about rc scripting

4e3dc91e4c0750cf39c0a1fefe7435b5b5532f67 by 0mp:
sesutil.8: Polish

4fffc56c6e4c97aa76b31060e806ccdafb1afacd by mhorne:
riscv: implement db_show_mdpcpu()

4f2ad6243f15ef325aa8daa680949b0ee1076c6e by mhorne:
db_command.c: style

8a0994823365740f4d92842c2d6f7f524310ba64 by mhorne:
db_command.c: use designated initializers

7ce58d4e8c0cfcb42ec404aed6185b5eb7eef8a8 by mhorne:
ddb: add _FLAGS command variants

258958b3c7e017266080ae7fc9e3d8e64b6450d4 by mhorne:
ddb: use _FLAGS command macros where appropriate

b83d53cb687e65372dd23496578c436243b11c93 by mhorne:
DB_COMMAND(9): update to mention additional macros

62bca9c4df3af8ddeb08f910959fdf6d5084679f by mhorne:
DB_COMMAND(9): fix a typo

f058359ba5e08c555d7e6f192217f890b83cd46c by thj:
xargs: terminate if line replacement cannot be constructed

1e692b938e37a9b43a43ace2739eb6b97379cac0 by thj:
xargs: fix description of strnsubst return value

f874e59ffcd8b5ecd018ad8311d78e866340f3e9 by jkim:
Import OpenSSL 1.1.1q

25fb2515923796b329329b5c1c17d200ff416e84 by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen manual pages for OpenSSL 1.1.1q

9576bca5834b3ccfbf7ff7d3b49db9c05c51d44c by jkim:
OpenSSL: Regen assembly file for OpenSSSL 1.1.1q

cbb019b831ad59ead34b825bf053169ebbe81bbf by kp:
dummynet: fix ip_dn_vnet_init() / dummynet_task() race

6ba6c05cb2d4dd6510637fecb31e2b66e7495467 by kp:
if_ovpn: deal with short packets

5c19fabbe34eeeabe5b30b2d19cb86b72bcd69c0 by imp:
devinfo: xref devctl

fbb5cb66f74cd9e7c2b1491dee6f5a3df72aea7a by bz:
dwc3: add ACPI attachment

231092bb6fda75b922fc324edef6523e78e9e8ed by karels:
netstat -i: do not truncate interface names

ab5ef5fb6355489e6a960b4d107e6767e2336ea2 by kib:
ufs_rename(): do not treat ERELOOKUP specially

513e1bbc739239c9479367b15e5f863a5f891d66 by kib:
ufs_rename(): revert the bump of fvp nlink count in case of EMLINK for

3bf66365129a13933f77d1f4421d5136861cffb4 by brooks:
cddl/*: add a WITH(OUT)_DTRACE option

38d036e91a8c29bf97b86d441a9d627c5cef2aea by mw:
ena: Align req_id and qid print order

3324e304c14d121dc04338a38c7f3277cbfba58b by mw:
ena: Fix LLQ descriptor reconfiguration

25b64933a48c47baef698a302fa2dc5c6e3013ea by mw:
ena: Update driver version to v2.6.1

9d97138e2d138bcd03dc28f45e78b13c536bed84 by mhorne:
libpmc: import updated pmu-events for arm64

6f50b73ee5c11253a35bb2787f2bef627079999d by mhorne:
libpmc: add armv8 pmu-event aliases

2bfd8b5b9419b0ceb3dd0295fdf413d32969e5b2 by melifaro:
testing: provide meaningful error when pytest is not available

f3f5368dfbef4514686ba2d67f01f314b275227e by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

9e1f44d044a58fcd2caaca3f57e69cf6180db3dc by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

5bc926af9fd1c47f74356734f731c68145e31c6f by mckusick:
Bug fix to UFS/FFS superblock integrity checks when reading a

1b91978f6375023b00c7d2b49a778765ce4ee6b8 by glebius:
tcp: remove a condition in tcp_usr_detach() that never happens

86cdadbed44ecd36469dfbc4f1e492dfe51fcd4e by glebius:
tree(3): allow the compare function to return any signed type

7d016011f48580357245368e36e2262b0a7e8ba7 by glebius:
sockstat(1): we don't need kernel struct unpcb

a83d596f434f5f8ec771ad6b207a0d3e5252680d by glebius:
sockstat(1): use tree(3) rbtree instead of hash

c5bdcd1f10a86e8b7754ba37d4a173294b727521 by glebius:
sockstat(1): widen the FD printing format

2c436d4890c7ed7f50321725dee229834114166b by glebius:
sockstat(1): print out full connection graph for unix(4) sockets

d961ccd350b25f3b250cbc3f98dfdf57394ed83e by glebius:
sockstat(1): print PID adjusted to the right

a526ec4351a07714f9d7acde27c1d02c3ec34642 by pho:
stress2: Added a mount(8) test scenario

37f604b49d4aa1d27ad8d034ec33007bc8013671 by kp:
vnet: make VNET_FOREACH() always be a loop

92f692fd249e64ed4b25199310fafe41e2d9c74d by andrew:
Only add gicv3 fdt children with a compatible property

cfc9cf9baf474618daad9f5d5f7c74e66acafbd3 by melifaro:
testing: add ability to specify multi-vnet topologies in the pytest

ce414d02c1a0b4a3a68da99348b9962700742d44 by melifaro:
netinet6: add ip6_output() tests.