FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20725 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 19:29:54 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20725 (1ef441f69933dd3246c9b563c0c8f328e474b359) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

91a35e5803bef59b8ca67b0621216124cc2e42f8 by imp:
libefivar: Correct the string expression of UTF8 vendor device path

7ae5d1f00f8770b53a631d16c4be7a7cad7b477d by imp:
dtc.1: Appease mandoc -T lint

62d16ad37df7d9efb6e329c9e7ca1fc3975a1966 by imp:
dtc.1: Mention the existence of -i flag

565518046c9e721ea6ff608d44f1e89d344e5e02 by markj:
libctf: Remove checks for CTFv1

2997ab002e0c3430aff00c8b6f6b0c44c6707bd7 by markj:
fbt: Remove handling for CTFv1

1ef441f69933dd3246c9b563c0c8f328e474b359 by markj:
libdtrace: Add a missing newline to an error message

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.
FAILED:  sys.geom.class.multipath.failloop.failloop

Error Message:
dtrace didn't execute successfully