FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22562 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2022 01:21:11 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22562 (f9ce8da86434867e1e7172fb56a5504f91c98ce4) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

a8f92d247e77f97f70aada494210bf04f1f7ef39 by emaste:
Enable -Wdate-time warning

1f6db5d6b5de5e0cafcdb141a988120b0faea049 by jhb:
vmm: Remove stale comment for vm_rendezvous.

34120c0c5234a56945f9a732b05a8d8b97492916 by asomers:
[skip ci] document first appearance of fhlink et al

17276525fa1a28028f7ca423f365d5081cbe9a97 by imp:
stand: Change disk_parsedev() API

ba11bc368e612e7c5bbc195830a280f8af73ce18 by imp:
stand: Change zfs_parsedev() API

a0aad69f9556221283b8f6ddcd332329b50463e4 by imp:
stand: Introduce new dv_parsedev routine

781ca0afcd6c64ac3fbaf2a19b1880734cdfe947 by imp:
stand: Introduce devparse to parse device / path strings

ca0654bad68d521066497e708cfb56f5f3f5d1fa by imp:
stand/zfs: Connect dv_parsedev to zfs_parsedev

8337ab69ba8e065e5cfde8f09859ec1d0d47e892 by imp:
stand: For all disk drivers, connect dv_parsedev to disk_parsedev

77378d79f165b59296a0133eb910af55c8b2b600 by imp:
stand/efi: Move to using common devparse()

641a0617e8d060c3c5fb997cee9e2b7fb40d9306 by imp:
stand/i386: Move to using common devparse()

910de60a7e43c593b5126b2f1ee468c089c8116e by imp:
stand/userboot: Move to using common devparse()

d16083815caf32dd117487c709b33669cef4af6f by imp:
stand/ofw: Access the parsing routine more directly

90412431fe1bf5f4a10b68c7938b0fc9f11dc4a2 by imp:
stand: make zfs_parsedev static

bb9f61da17f66352a344e14c4d32fda83126827b by imp:
zfs: Remove devicename_stubs

daaf594e8469b1fb4fb7861c2f7129f4d61c6d4d by imp:
stand/ofw: ofw_disk isn't really a disk

66012c8fc4f92b80a61405dc7e206617e9f08920 by imp:
stand: create devinit

33bbe5ddcbbce03b6395a4948927643107b55c06 by imp:
stand: parsedev API change: devspec now points to start of full device

a07cef5a738642ae0a39fa513945d9f867a5e2f1 by imp:
stand: Add dv_match

40d340acb9316db5771fe777e279776b903336d4 by imp:
stand: Implement ofw disk print routine

ed3cc2f24829e6c5827f142cfcd9729331a1106c by imp:
stand/ofw: Add ofw_path_to_handle

b8ff248f6595067ef9a31d5d4cec5fb9b9052fc3 by imp:
stand/ofw: Subclass devnet to cope with ofw's unique needs

88a8c68298dbc86370d9a7eff06314da398829cb by imp:
ofw/disk: Add parsedev support

854001759e59172a2760d3a77f37a287f92053b3 by imp:
stand/ofw: Use devparse

f9ce8da86434867e1e7172fb56a5504f91c98ce4 by imp:
stand/ofw: Refactor ofw parsedev