FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21885 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 21:49:26 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21885 (3499df29c2a1bbd6755f4ebe4b4a0083fda7a666) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

ef8b872301c5fbeeea3b0410b369b8f36584cd65 by imp:
stand: Flesh out the zfs image creation

78b1fc05b20504ed13aeeb4a5b47443246cabaeb by glebius:
protosw: separate pr_input and pr_ctlinput out of protosw

160f01f09f4b5a50cd752fe1d55a83f5f2c9f9fc by glebius:
ip_reass: use callout(9) directly instead of pr_slowtimo

6c452841ef9b3fff4602694940c25b5c6bd077e1 by glebius:
tcp: use callout(9) directly instead of pr_slowtimo

0ce4d7ec96d06066b3b5d435606a9888a2e42f89 by glebius:
igmp: use callout(9) directly instead of pr_slowtimo, pr_fasttimo

b730de8badbc24cc2be2a5316c1a63129f387c21 by glebius:
mld6: use callout(9) directly instead of pr_slowtimo, pr_fasttimo

a0d7d2476f64b295978463e57f87f9f87b3c701f by glebius:
frag6: use callout(9) directly instead of pr_slowtimo

1922eb3e9c23522ed323d022bac8456bf08b97cf by glebius:
protosw: retire pr_slowtimo and pr_fasttimo

81a34d374ed6e5a7b14f24583bc8e3abfdc66306 by glebius:
protosw: retire pr_drain and use EVENTHANDLER(9) directly

a6b982e265fd37be58bb3a5c3345a63cecad5b57 by glebius:
tcp: move tcp_drain() verbatim before tcp_init()

aea0cd0432f0bb21f78ed7dbf44a64d0cd05c941 by glebius:
ip_reass: separate ipreass_init() into global and VIMAGE parts

f6dc5aa3422a980cd94562deaeb01722fdde71d3 by glebius:
unix: use private enum as argument for unp_connect2()

d9f6ac882a9597a660f83bac088a485b42fbba2c by glebius:
protosw: retire PRU_ flags and their char names

e7d02be19d40063783d6b8f1ff2bc4c7170fd434 by glebius:
protosw: refactor protosw and domain static declaration and load

5567d6b4419b02a2099527228b1a51cc55a5b47d by jhb:
arm64 pmap: Simplify logic around pv_chunk sizes.

3499df29c2a1bbd6755f4ebe4b4a0083fda7a666 by jhb:
arm64 pmap: Convert PC_IS_FREE into an inline function.