FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21078 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 02:48:58 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21078 (8af24219565873d0acb2a862b15527f2366d8dbe) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

1f4442f71fa33a8ef6d3da808e32872fb23a5700 by emaste:
vidcontrol: be explicit that -p and -P are sc(4) only

89abc0fbbd47ef41b693c8bf89c27120c3d05d79 by jhb:
x86 bounce_bus_dma_tag_destroy: Silence set but unused warning.

99f65e9198c89e96f935986300b8ee3605d1349f by jhb:
iwi: Remove write-only status variable.

d31850654e2ffc318a6bb6388a30c7dceb9819d8 by jhb:
iwn: Remove write-only extra variable.

30cac8e3bbc12a5ca16f1882af23a64d493cf6ce by jhb:
ppc: Fix set but not used warnings on !i386.

546629073d4e40947a0b169a8d759d9bb12fb732 by jhb:
cmi: Mark rsp as unused.

4afc92cd6e9828aa9005f8424df6e003ac747e2f by jhb:
ac97_initmixer: Remove write-only variables.

8c3923ae2fef4c337d87705165c3eb671aab5476 by jhb:
uhci: Remove write-only variable.

92ca0e81b8a984e919a6162803ac467d06e0f28d by jhb:
pvscsi_adapter_reset: Mark val as unused.

7650d4b67e53d3916313eb23d618cac50fdec9cc by jhb:
xen netback: Remove write-only variables.

371c917b0b450d1944bf0ea18afdfc158af08f2e by jhb:
unlink_nhgrp: Remove write-only variable.

f7236dd0684e0a523f2b19b187b5ae3b558de4f2 by jhb:
change_mpath_route: Remove write-only nh variable.

8b6ccfb6c7006fb7ab5f1e6b00b67675f8ce147e by jhb:
multicast code: Quiet unused warnings for variables used for KTR traces.

6301649e0e4304eff9beeaf688e97d3b3f6fc368 by jhb:
mlx5: Remove write-only variables.

9b0eb55048e6294c00db70f8ebecf18c1c3c1dbe by jhb:
psm: Remove write-only variables.

583df2db5cf4caffbae903bbb05abeb11707838d by jhb:
bxe: Quiet set but not used warnings.

b024faffa0c7d008b2f25a8637dd017a778af815 by jhb:
hyperv storvsc: Remove unused variables.

bbfec32d156cec4c004f6f5148a074ba5f0a294d by jhb:
isci: Propagate error from bus_dma_tag_create.

d68cc5a8390f5316400181b77a195f734567abd3 by jhb:
isci: Disable set but unused warnings.

354ef278e99d5f16732c887ac6d734553ab768cd by jhb:
powernow(4): Fix unused variable warnings by using the variables.

46adc7fad3c92bbc3e9eca3b569578bc18dc6e84 by jhb:
axgbe: Remove unused variable in axgbe_msix_que.

ee28ad11b7635715ed7d2f5815ace34c433992d1 by jhb:
iavf: Quite set but not used warnings.

c0a1391aa608d87d4ae5875ef93bf75239a45d3b by jhb:
ixl: Remove unused variables.

551feba18cf3f409020ad33c611687cd55f0b958 by jhb:
sc vga: Remove unused variables.

4dab99b936920cf0c8f3fcf63754985906714a40 by jhb:
ena: Remove unused variable.

db3603ff09477cebf6a8c06ae6b467c056128413 by jhb:
ibcore: Disable set but unused warnings.

bf73b067713f71d666b3cdf0f57f0cff8c3647f7 by jhb:
ip6_mroute: Mark a variable only used in a debug trace as unused.

c1710eaf32f53d659c3908204513791e51799799 by jhb:
ix: Mark variables only used in debug traces as unused.

89293939de19896759a0ea73ec15180f99ba40e3 by jhb:
kgssapi krb5: Remove unused variables.

3f6d3f0285f505f315f4eee188a1dc152aa3381f by jhb:
alias_nbt: Move debug-only variable under #ifdef LIBALIAS_DEBUG.

6454d0c8cb5ca1771fa0826998764687add3d1f7 by jhb:
libalias: Remove unused variables.

8af24219565873d0acb2a862b15527f2366d8dbe by jhb:
lio: Quiet set but unused warnings.