FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21058 - Unstable

From: <>
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2022 06:42:11 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21058 (6e671ec1e64ccd11c81eabe5abef5b20745914a2) - Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

04bb568fdcd40b201395df198e3498b55377b78b by imp:
ARMADAXP: Add extres pseudo devices to some kernel

97663c8d9e898d176d0b36dcd35f30ec1b874d2f by imp:
get_cachetype_cp15: eliminate write only multilier

80f33a69a8653cb9a384cec12ad55081f8e81905 by imp:
sendsig: eliminate write only code variable

feb08ab0cf847600e64a928e55a5ae1e5fd028cf by imp:
vfp_init: eliminate fpexc write only variable

b20f0f724734b8dddde2957b39c92720a63430ac by imp:
mv_rtc_attach: eliminate write only unit variable

624f60ca034505f4274a4232817062f7f6d6570c by imp:
platform_mpp_init: eliminate write only tuples variable

e10ac1ed2cae458f25e437fb166b4f03bddcd358 by imp:
fdt_win_process_child: eliminate write only size variable

9af048a0b154685b280f21f948f693dc2971c860 by imp:
bhnd_pwrctl_attach: eliminate write only bus variable

5466363900d28e473fa9d240ba15f2d5888fd045 by imp:
bhnd_pmu_sdiod_drive_strength_init: eliminate write only intr_val

87a4328651b4e5f9114a7485cf67a3a300f668f3 by imp:
bhnd_nvram_store_export_child: eliminate num_props write only variable

a9e022d3d75e33f27c3e6bbdc2445bf7c8800994 by imp:
bwn_lo_measure_gain_values: eliminate write only trsw_rx variable

3ca3bb576b48667a694b1eab229870697586bb5d by imp:
cyapa_raw_input: elimmminate write only k variable

9a2e6ca6ef82128ed2b7b9c7e8e3a9a6c459fb45 by imp:
e6000sw_set_atustat: eliminate write only ret variable

05d3c5fd182eeb33075ee14e2802c94882dc2c41 by imp:
fd_probe: only define unit on x86, other platforms don't use this code

edcced8ab790ee677130166fa060d96c4eb31550 by imp:
mx25l_task: eliminate dev write only variable

92ec9782ac9739df8967acaaee114a68e134d8ee by imp:
hpen_battery_strenght_cb: eliminate write only data variable

6ca6b8ea523daa6f17e010711458800f30d2e1ee by imp:
pmc_save_user_callchain: eliminate write only td variable

8a46fc9a9bdc18bc559ddae155cedcdcc1365c46 by imp:
armv7_allocate_pmc: remove write only variable pac

22127c7c1b9c0f8feb73f13a829b8b757f2274eb by imp:
tca6416: remove write only sc

875145ffd48e1cad1e3aa2ee6c134d45523558b0 by imp:
rx8803_settime: remove write only variable bus

2d4ae2ed3646a22d2803972aeba625e7072857c5 by imp:
tmp461_signed_extend32 is unused, remove it

f8967810f5b5806c59fb6c8dbcc123dbc9256bb3 by imp:
mge: eliminate write only variables ifp, sc and error

498276b4b430184e7d6c578f45fe80eb774cde24 by imp:
mxge_eth_z8e_fw_modevent: eliminate write only variable parent

886bc93da861ab06f341fb2d36d9592ddfaaadb6 by imp:
mxge_ethp_z8e_fw_modevent: eliminate write only variable parent

5f136a4c01496cd05e01b39c3a19e9877d2ec8ee by imp:
mxge_rss_eth_z8e_fw_modevent: eliminate write only variable parent

273676a44ca9ea311492fcf258c347deccfad71f by imp:
mxge_rss_ethp_z8e_fw_modevent: eliminate write only variable parent

09b966ee7c6389db635f793377cc50cb2fcb4962 by imp:
Mark cfg as __unused to avoid ifdef soup

de80fb0ace15528ae86a97c97dd7b7cf7949ee83 by imp:
ppi_probe: eliminate unused variable ppi

94885fbd042b61eec97f20ea06a9e96fb05f5492 by imp:
ppc_detect_fifo: eliminate write only variable cc

c9439e23cefb918ad71f568a35f2a468ef3365c8 by imp:
sis_attach: Move waittime definition into for loop

3a7365acc813173c02c4346044615a18e29b71ac by imp:
ess_probe: eliminate write only variable r

668986eae9b5d7da35a27445c1f306604caa0429 by imp:
sb16_probe: eliminate write only variable r

635a4068d2c5a711cf6cf35d6c9be8e550b5a5d9 by imp:
sb_probe: eliminate write only variable r

0c64fe00681816ce593e58617a7b285683154dfb by imp:
cs4281: eliminate write only variable codecno

3e423419cf02c9e314b66b51c1fb0f987839de5e by imp:
midicsa_attach: eliminate write only variable func

33985865b2d8eafc9fc1d065dc06344c9c95c56c by imp:
pcmcsa_attach: eliminate write only variable unit

7387abd342a181bcf278949e22f09ebc25ed00ae by imp:
emu_midi_probe: eliminate write only variable r

451f54707a614757e2a0093876e30b68247a41da by imp:
emu10kx-pci: eliminate write only variable r

8717135d3750b3d0c80c8783c547ffffe255c04f by imp:
emu10kx: eliminate write only variables val, r and move i to loop

557627dda9b015728a478e31348808356eb75c73 by imp:
hdaa_eld_dump: eliminate write only variable len

c8fe3923d8d969efea24b7107a825de02b8a4b0d by imp:
quicc_bus_setsig: eliminate write only variable bas

ad1b7fd71429468430e379fa0a4152f23b0af90a by imp:
hdspe_dmapsetmap: eliminate write only variable sc

e73b02f66b7cf2f385457232de3ee908d695a170 by imp:
atmegadci: eliminate unused variables sc, ep_no

ab59cd6a0b3bb00ef8101180eae54982090317a2 by imp:
musb: eliminate write only variable sc

6ccdcae1b9a693ffddf724cf850424e3b291bca1 by imp:
uhci_xfer_setup: eliminate write only variable sc

12312f75838e49635909f5ad4ba9e9688a3073b7 by imp:
uss820dci: eliminate unused variables sc, ep_no

53c1f1fc609190733adc2136c98c16086266f03e by imp:
wsp_intr_callback: eliminate write only variable h

11110685fcd52aa19500f029365a8093218747c6 by imp:
cp2112iic_intr_write_callback: eliminate write only variable psc

f7097359c8660351ca162eef19db7eae28cfb327 by imp:
mgue: eliminate write only variables ret, err and error

7a1bef40f1e9bb4d3d56331e743dec79c49a8fc4 by imp:
ustorage_fs_verify: eliminate write only variables file_offset and

76e96756633e5d33f334bb48bedf981557272ead by imp:
vtpci_legacy_register_msix: eliminate write only variable dev

c972f2c065bdb7031e7935aac406365e4810df19 by imp:
xl_attach: eliminate write only variable unit

7f9c3339a4ff5fecab3f408ba86afd3c5b778bd3 by imp:
get_nhop: eliminate write only variable gateway

5de5b5a34db93a2a646e88d39a8e7718f925636f by imp:
route_ctl: eliminate write only variables ifa and nh

e606e5d1572684b978ca0572da776a597ffe0d94 by imp:
sysctl_dumpentry: move error to inner scope

c7761ca93e9f6be51db2a8632d6697253e93f6c3 by imp:
pim6_input: eliminate write only variable rc

65ee334d112e1d19425bb59628500d0ba91ab48c by imp:
smb_iod_main: eliminate write only variable error

d6f698549474982394b0d347ae72c72425cc1f32 by imp:
smb_smb_treedisconnect: eliminate write only variable mbp

b64a484592b2c053f7131edd949edb0a76eef083 by imp:
bootpc_decode_reply: eliminiate write only variable ip

5c2aad7e890d9f90b0281bb68bf07e764e0d62bd by imp:
krpc_call: eliminiate write only variable nam

77bc5890adf4aad832e1ed35f15dad8f5220a91b by imp:
clnt_vc_destroy: eliminiate write only variable stat

6e671ec1e64ccd11c81eabe5abef5b20745914a2 by imp:
svc_vc_rendezvous_stat: eliminiate write only variable stat

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.

Error Message:
Failed to set PF rules in alcatraz