FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21022 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2022 08:33:31 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #21022 (4fc5a607fdf47ce5148e01d62ea474a4b6b0b238) - Fixed

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(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

a70b5660f379d6400d8238cbdec6309d2990a0f9 by imp:
nvme: MPS is a power of two, not a size / 8k

6af6a52ee47bbe1b6148006bd33377f419f9643a by imp:
nvme: Save cap_lo and cap_hi

161fcf79941bd219b335b1aef4f8027944320d09 by imp:
nvme: Publish the drive's capabilities

58e6bbc5acb2d8c623cfbec37bfdda8b03d15a1f by imp:
bsd-family-tree: Add FreeBSD 12.3

754cf44d99f624d9e7888f6e074ae39e2eb26d8f by imp:
bsd-family-tree: Add OpenBSD 7.0

d2cc7bff4d8874937a97f8b74024cce6aaa9a750 by imp:
bsd-family-tree: Dragonfly 6.2.1 release

4fc5a607fdf47ce5148e01d62ea474a4b6b0b238 by imp:
bsd-family-tree: macOS 11 and macOS 12