FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20112 - Unstable

From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 17:09:02 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #20112 (4a61d8ef42cb44c337dfdc17424cc2e2f1d67fd5) - Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

f9e39f98a0f649c90b47dc547ed65072daec79f6 by noreply:
Add notes to system_taskq

ded851b2e09b86553152bddd1d00d0ff75a8caeb by noreply:
Fix several bugs in the FreeBSD rename VOP implementation

c0fb44c50609c973bb06d0ec24e9e659ce6c9446 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: wait_on_page_bit() no longer available to modules

75b309a9384c05a0e8ab8d63aef73a6b69c0a49a by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16 compat: asm/fpu/xcr.h is new location for xgetbv/xsetbv

5f64bf7fdeebfbad50e98c6cd0c3a361a9aecabc by noreply:
Fix typo in zpool.8

2a673e76a928cca4df7794cdcaa02e0be149c4da by noreply:
Vdev Properties Feature

4325de09cd2993837bc32a83d61872b57e58298e by noreply:
etc/systemd/zfs-mount-generator: serialise, handle

34eef3e9a7a74d24a59d016051d547afc55dbaa0 by noreply:
Pass `--enable=all` to shellcheck within contrib/

c5ccbbdcf6526b3cd2101269f896f3dcd8cd4c1d by noreply:
Allow printing special vdev metaslab groups

cfc62062ae1455e4679bd386e2a140a64e6e62ab by noreply:
Replace wrong occurrences of `affect` by `effect` in the man pages

547df816418f67ddef958bc0f44ae956e45014f1 by noreply:
Code cleanups

5dc6fc2b73bffd9876374260e7840cc1177bf726 by noreply:
Stop segfaulting on unmount error case

05b3eb6d232009db247882a39d518e7282630753 by noreply:
Default to zfs_dmu_offset_next_sync=1

b5c16861e9fa91871540a101e92013e05182fc2f by noreply:

307db9282309ed202f7346637d1113eb8fabbbd7 by behlendorf1:
pam_zfs_key: tests: clean up the generated pam service config file

4234812d1a202e3463400f495e84f63d806ec953 by behlendorf1:
pam_zfs_key: tests: check if zfs load-key works on short passphrases

85638aa87003ed9bbb35cead91d99bf409e571e4 by behlendorf1:
get_key_material: skip passphrase validation when loading keys

861dca065e3b76c7586fbe207f02e66b640d5a12 by behlendorf1:
get_key_material: fix style

2320e6eb4302fbcf715f9e42e2fb8bb1af4ade56 by noreply:
Add zfs-test facility to automatically rerun failing tests

31d2f42b2a55485b017f428b8f7c1836750ecde9 by noreply:
Temporarily remove tests from sanity runfile

77e2756de08ccd4e8ce755f78bdcda1e3e0c55e5 by noreply:
Linux 5.13 compat: retry zvol_open() when contended

ddc026f59ba38ae6a33fa7b6874eaa8105ad7df3 by noreply:
Strip colons from all test result filenames

df42e20ac68ed642c42d1b131391bf46452dadb0 by noreply:
Corrected a case where we could read uninited ABD memory

14ba514af6110bcc3772db7c7cde787861588316 by noreply:
ZTS: import_rewind_device_replaced reliably fails

795075e63803db70793079c2176dc419df3788c5 by noreply:
Add `const` to nvlist functions to properly expose their real behavior

b6fc42b5e1ae6fbbb62b108eea626371c68e6ea5 by noreply:
Update "tests/"

376027331d7edaf0bb7bd146f2f087108b7eeac5 by noreply:
ZFS send/recv with ashift 9->12 leads to data corruption

435a451e5c5ecb7cc773ea68f7f05b1e0a9659c3 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: block_device_operations->submit_bio now returns void

f6e22561d21af6700a1180ecaedc93049614b307 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: type member of iov_iter renamed iter_type

d08b99aca04d7fa16b0c40170a219c21343ee658 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: bio_set_dev is no longer a helper macro

1e767532f20030385897fea2cf84fb59b69bd13c by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: The blk-cgroup.h header is where struct blkcg_gq is defined

a78f19d3ec8e5c0f82c860870f1ddc442ca45e25 by behlendorf1:
Linux 5.16: Resolve ZSTD_isError symbol collision in Linux kernel

5ece420f031bd693fc44e1ce423c7e67fd7b8a09 by noreply:
contrib/bash_completion.d: fix error spew from __zfs_match_snapshot()

9699e45d57789457608459741f23635eb46f55f6 by noreply:
Linux 5.15 compat: META (#12824)

510885a84ce85a484cc228066e97d8c61717d414 by noreply:
FreeBSD supports edonr follow up

d172264d1cedc9649cbf4d9dc8e10bd6482d9008 by behlendorf1:
FreeBSD: Catch up with more VFS changes

cdf74673bc7993a02264210b796a77193357966c by behlendorf1:
zfs: Fix a deadlock between page busy and the teardown lock

23cee221b7e089541b70142d34f4cb802bde74c5 by behlendorf1:
FreeBSD: Add vop_standard_writecount_nomsync

4a5b6ced41996016e26fe03dff084ded69a69393 by noreply:
zfs-dkms rpm: Fix scriptlets dependencies

f04b97620059d08b37d9e80ada397e742bb2f311 by noreply:
Add init script to load keys

344bbc82e7054f61d5e7b3610b119820285fd2cb by behlendorf1:
zfs, libzfs: diff: accept -h/ZFS_DIFF_NO_MANGLE, disabling path escaping

9e184b7c35e5b7520275060996236805625fc184 by behlendorf1:
linux: libspl: getmntany: remove unused argument

1cfb6ef36eb71b9001fb2bd3d509c711cb5d1621 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: zpool_set_vdev_prop: remove unused vprop

a72129edcb7353f5301096ea9541e8e345f052d4 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: diff: stream_bytes: use fputc, %hho formats chars

9bdf0c592b7ed1ddefd87949e5b733fe6b5bc7c4 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: diff: print_what() can return the symbol => get_what()

b7ef2340c20e56964b2da22e86687b8792177362 by behlendorf1:
libzfs: diff: simplify superfluous stdio

f291fa658efd146540b03ce386133632bde237bf by behlendorf1:
t/z_diff/socket, zfs: main: fix unused argument warnings, ARGSUSED tags

858ed097c4cd66ffab8657623286f688f59f88af by mjg:
ida: plug set-but-not-used vars

014f98b119920d70db774b6c288d1f68a70cc5e0 by markj:
udp: Fix a use-after-free in udp_multi_input()

4a61d8ef42cb44c337dfdc17424cc2e2f1d67fd5 by markj:
aesni: Fix an out-of-bounds read in AES_GCM_decrypt()

The failed test cases:

1 tests failed.
FAILED:  lib.libnv.nvlist_send_recv_test.nvlist_send_recv__send_many_fds__dgram

Error Message:
/usr/src/lib/libnv/tests/nvlist_send_recv_test.c:457: nvl != NULL not met