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From: Doug Barton <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 04:43:43 +0000 (UTC)
dougb       2010-10-30 04:43:43 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    ports-mgmt/portmaster Makefile distinfo 
  Update to version 3.1. In addition to the features listed below there are
  numerous internal reorganizations of various sections of code; and several
  informative messages have been updated to be more informative. :)
  If you're interested in all the details you can review the svn logs at
  Catch Up With Ports Infrastructure
  1. Switch to using DISTINFO_FILE instead of MD5_FILE
  2. Use the SHA256 line from distinfo instead of MD5
  3. The BEFOREPORTMK trick no longer works to list MASTER_SITES for all ports
  so switch to the slightly slower but more reliable pm_make without it. This
  will solve the problem of portmaster not fetching all distfiles in the
  4. In the case statement to select the appropriate release for package
  fetching glob 9.0-CURRENT to handle snapshots as well.
  Various Improvements
  1. If we fail, offer a suggestion for a shortcut to restart
  2. In messages that refer to the INDEX file, use the variable to make it
  clear what we're working with.
  3. In dependency_check() be clear when we're using the INDEX
  4. Dramatic (9-10 times) speedup in iport_from_origin() by making an
  intelligent guess about what director{y|ies] to search in based on
  the origin directory name which means we're almost always
  looking in either exactly the right directory the first time, or
  at worst (such as the py-* ports) a dramatically smaller subset.
  5. If using --index-only and neither INDEXDIR nor PORTSDIR are set, set
  INDEXDIR to $TMPDIR so that we can proceed. That makes PACKAGES the
  only variable the user has to set to use --index-only and --packages-only
  with no $PORTSDIR and no ports directory.
  Bug Fixes
  1. For the determination of LOCALBASE:
          a. Don't try to use INDEX if PM_INDEX is not set
          b. Give a more meaningful error message
  2. Be more careful to check that there is a line for the port in the INDEX
  when working --index-only.
  3. In the package fetch routine use a better string match to see if we have
  already downloaded the directory listing. The previous one worked but would
  match too many files for net* and x11*, especially when installing a lot of
  ports. So add a '.' to differentiate these.
  4. The --clean-packages and --clean-packages-all features were added just
  a little too hastily, so overhaul them.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  2.34      +1 -1      ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster/Makefile
  2.2       +4 -6      ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster/distinfo
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