Re: cvs commit: ports/www/perlbal Makefile ports/www/perlbal/files

From: Doug Barton <>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 09:51:09 -0700
[Meta-note, please don't obfuscate e-mail addresses in commit logs. It 
makes no difference to the spammers since there is no human-readable 
obfuscation that they can't parse out already, and it makes it more 
difficult to copy and paste e-mail addresses, as well as to search for 
contributions made by individuals who are not committers.]

The rc.d script looks good overall. I've attached a patch to make a 
couple of small changes. For future reference, _configuration is usually 
spelled _conf by convention, although there is nothing special about 
that variable, so no point in changing it now.

Since you allow the user to specify the configuration file location, and 
I am assuming that the configuration file is mandatory, I'm suggesting 
the changes in the patch (adding it to required_files, and using 
command_args instead of _flags). At minimum the argument to daemonize 
the service should always be in command_args, and is traditionally 
listed last. And first but not least, unless there is a reason to run it 
earlier we prefer local scripts to REQUIRE: LOGIN.

If someone decides to commit these changes, please don't forget the 



On 04/23/2011 00:32, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> bapt        2011-04-23 07:32:55 UTC
>    FreeBSD ports repository
>    Modified files:
>      www/perlbal          Makefile
>      www/perlbal/files
>    Log:
>    - fix rc script: use --config instead of -f and --daemon instead of&  [1]
>    while here:
>    - move configuration to perlbal subdirectory (as upstream recommands)
>    - s,/etc/perlbal,${PREFIX}/etc/perlbal,g in doc and code for consistency
>    - add a new dependency on p5-IO-AIO
>    PR:             ports/156559
>    Submitted by:   Dean Matzkov<bapabooiee _at_>
>    Revision  Changes    Path
>    1.24      +16 -5     ports/www/perlbal/Makefile
>    1.3       +4 -2      ports/www/perlbal/files/


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