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From: Hajimu UMEMOTO <>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 01:33:15 +0900

>>>>> On Tue, 22 Dec 2009 00:51:33 +0300
>>>>> Boris Samorodov <> said:

bsam> Here are my recent logs from a tinderbox (if unmark BROKEN):

bsam> Hm, the comment for BROKEN at this port should be "do not install" though.

bsam> If someone can help I'll be very glad to unbreak the port.

At last, I could reproduce the problem.  The cause is that
(save-buffer) ends up with reading stdin during building in

  Formatting Info file...done.
  Saving file /work/a/ports/mail/wanderlust-devel/work/wanderlust/doc/
  INFODIR is /usr/local/info

  Select coding system (default utf-8): Error reading from stdin

It seems that this problem is not happen under the environment where
LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8.  So, I didn't met this problem.
I tried with C, en_US.UTF-8 and so on with no success.  It seems okay
with ko_KR.UTF-8.
I'm not sure why.  But, it seems the following patch do the trick for
workaround.  Though this is for wanderlust-devel, perhaps same
workaround should work for wanderlust as well.

Index: files/patch-Makefile
diff -u files/patch-Makefile.orig files/patch-Makefile
--- files/patch-Makefile.orig	2009-10-12 22:43:38.000000000 +0900
+++ files/patch-Makefile	2009-12-23 01:03:43.990501277 +0900
_at__at_ -1,5 +1,16 _at__at_
+Index: Makefile
+diff -u Makefile.orig Makefile
 --- Makefile.orig	2008-02-19 20:29:06.000000000 +0900
-+++ Makefile	2008-08-28 19:55:07.000000000 +0900
++++ Makefile	2009-12-23 00:58:41.583920267 +0900
+_at__at_ -92,7 +92,7 _at__at_
+ info:
+-	$(EMACS) $(FLAGS) -l WL-MK -f wl-texinfo-format $(INFODIR)
++	LANG=ja $(EMACS) $(FLAGS) -l WL-MK -f wl-texinfo-format $(INFODIR)
+ install-info:
+ 	$(EMACS) $(FLAGS) -l WL-MK -f install-wl-info $(INFODIR)
 _at__at_ -110,9 +110,9 _at__at_
  clean-dvi: mostlyclean-dvi
  	rm -f doc/*.dvi


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Received on Tue Dec 22 2009 - 16:33:21 UTC