Re: cvs commit: ports/databases/mysql323-server Makefile ports/databases/mysql40-server Makefile ports/databases/mysql41-server Makefile ports/databases/mysql50-server Makefile ports/databases/mysql51-server Makefile ports/databases/mysql323-scripts Makefile ...

From: Peter Jeremy <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 09:22:56 +1000
On 2008-Jul-26 13:01:07 +0300, Ion-Mihai Tetcu <> wrote:
>On Sat, 26 Jul 2008 08:36:54 +0000 (UTC)
>Alex Dupre <> wrote:
>> ale         2008-07-26 08:36:54 UTC
>>   FreeBSD ports repository
>>   Modified files:
>>     databases/mysql323-server Makefile
>Do we still need 3x?

OTOH, whilst it still works, why remove it?  I can understand removing
it if it breaks and no-one wants to put the effort into fixing it but
there doesn't seem much point in removing a port that currently works
(and still probably has active users).

Peter Jeremy
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