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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:57:27 +0100
The Investors Release
Gold prices are rocketing and so is HPGI, UP 20%

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Gold prices are climbing twice as fast as last years predictions. Lack
of exploration in the 90's has caused a depleted gold supply and the US
dollar has pushed investors to a more secure investment.

Cutting edge technology has opened the way for advanced exploration of
new areas. Recent findings of huge deposits in Suriname have created a
literal gold rush.

Hemisphere Gold Inc. has properties sitting right in the middle of
largest mines in what is now known as the Suriname Gold Belt. Advance
stages of exploration have already show rich gold deposits as high as
3.55 ounces/ton.

5 Key Points To Consider

1. Up over two hundred an ounce since January, gold is on a steady climb
2. Demand for Gold supplies is at a n all time high. Analysts believe
these demands and not only holding but increasing in many areas.
3. Cutting edge technology and careful financial management has taken
this company far. Recent news is showing as high as 3.55 Ounces/Ton.
4. For investors interested in a Gold Belt Strategy, HPGI is a prime
target as there claim sits right in the middle of several large
producing mines.
5. Gold is traditionally a safe haven investment for investors in times
of trouble.

HPGI is launching a huge media campaign concerning the gold market and
there recent discoveries starting next week. The media already out on
this company has already pushed share prices up over 120% in the last 30
days. HPGI needs to be top on your list for your next investment.
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