Re: cvs commit: www/share/sgml templates.usergroups.xsl

From: Pav Lucistnik <>
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 11:30:30 +0100
Hiroki Sato pÝ╣e v Ŕt 01. 12. 2005 v 19:23 +0900:
> Pav Lucistnik <> wrote
>   in <>:
> pa> Right, haven't noticed this. Do we have a language-dependent place for
> pa> this? Does xsltproc have commandline argument to specify encoding
> pa> perhaps? Or do we have to copy the .xsl around?
>  Please put en/share/sgml/templates.usergroups.xsl.  See:

This looks to me as an unneeded duplication of code. Plus we hardcode
iso8859-1 in share/sgml/ already (see includes.header.xsl) so why bother

> pa> >  And your commits seem inconsistent; changes for www/89380 replace
> pa> >  &#xxx; with &foo;, but entities.dtd adds such entities in &#xxx; form.
> pa> >  Which one do you think better?
> pa>
> pa> Whatever is easier to read and write by humans. &foo;s clearly wins.
>  This is not only a style issue.  What we must consider is that
>  the &#xxx; form can depend on a specific encoding (this is always
>  UTF-8 in the XML spec, though) and some web browsers do not handle
>  them correctly.  The entity references should be &foo; form
>  in the *resulting* HTML files wherever possible.

That would be best, agreed. But I wasn't able to achieve this with our
existing xsltproc infrastructure.

>  I think a concept of "sdata-as-pis" used in osx(1) is a good
>  idea for XML files in our www and doc tree.  Redefining all
>  of ISO 8859 entities in the SDATA PI form and adding a template
>  for that, we can put them in the resulting HTML files
>  in the &foo; form.

That would be best. I have no idea what "sdata-as-pis" or osx(1) is, so,
would you please prepare this infrastructure?

Pav Lucistnik <>

Maybe I should go ask that elvish wizard standing over there
he should be able to tell me.

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